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  1. What Google isn't telling us about its AI demo ... us about its AI demo Illustration: Rebecca...questions about the demos, which purported to... Cache
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  2. Google just gave a stunning demo of Assistant m...

    just gave a stunning demo of Assistant making...just gave a stunning demo of Assistant making...and not some staged demo. “The amazing thing... Cache
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  3. Intel: We 'Forgot' to Mention 28-Core, 5-GHz CP...

    setup to pull off the demo. You definitely won't...Gregory Bryant began the demo by explaining that...At the end of the demo, which focused heavily... Cache
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  4. Intel: We 'Forgot' To Mention 28-Core, 5GHz CPU...

    28-Core, 5GHz CPU Demo Was Overclocked More...28-Core, 5GHz CPU Demo Was Overclocked Comments...this impressive 5GHz demo. Re: ( Score: 2 )... Cache
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  5. A 1997 Pokémon Demo Leaked — Here Are The Weird...

    Footage from a 1997 demo of "Pokémon Gold/Silver"...the code. Having the demo means we can look...spaceworld 97 Pokemon gold demo has leaked and is... Cache
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  6. YouTube Bans Firearms Demo Videos, Entering the...

    YouTube Bans Firearms Demo Videos, Entering the...YouTube Bans Firearms Demo Videos, Entering the...Kickok45. Those all show demos of firearms almost... Cache
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  7. Google Won't Confirm If Its Human-Like AI Actua...

    story The headline demo at Google's I/O conference...industry. The remarkable demo, which saw Appointment As Demoed at I/O More | Reply... Cache
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  8. Microsoft Engineer Installs Google Chrome Durin...

    in the middle of a demo . In just a few words... "I love it when demos break," he said. "So...linkedin The best DEMO fail is this one (... Cache
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  9. Sonos is adding AirPlay 2 support to its speake...

    Sonos gave a quick demo showing off what AirPlay...AirPlay 2 can do. The demo started with music...basic controls. The demo also showed how Siri... Cache
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  10. New Lawsuit Accuses Tesla of Knowingly Selling ...

    "used," or labeled as "demo/loaner" clear, Tesla had demo and/or loaner vehicles...then sold them as demo and/or loaner vehicles... Cache
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