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  1. Why do Rabbits like IPAs? Because they're hoppy...

    75-80% of the space in every store's craft/microbrew beer section,...75-80% of the space in every store's craft/microbrew beer section,...
    2024-04-13 00:43
      35.6K bytes
  2. You can opt out any time you like. But you can ...

    partial transactions would be stored on the local browser rather...
    2024-04-09 00:45
      47.4K bytes
  3. Welcome the new Overlords | MetaFilter

    were destroyed and big-box stores thrived as distributors of...arguments about why your "just so story" extrapolations are inevitable?...
    2024-04-12 00:42
      56.9K bytes
  4. Popular Favorites | MetaFilter

    " a new kind of corner store ," that company's futuristic...described his experience with the store , and how it wasn't nearly as...
    2024-04-24 00:53
      63.3K bytes
  5. Death, Lonely Death | MetaFilter

    where really stoned panhumans and other aliens...if they ever "finished" the story, but the one I've been checking...
    2024-04-23 00:40
      109.1K bytes
  6. 'Broken is better than new' | MetaFilter

    filled with interesting stones and driftwood. I fit the driftwood...disfigurement, I hold them to be a brave story of endurance and experience....
    2024-04-08 00:49
      48.8K bytes
  7. Magic Advice in D&D 5E for Players and DMs | Me...

    allowing the dice to tell the story is how he ended up with a level...
    2024-04-09 00:45
      45.9K bytes
  8. CareFREE drumming | MetaFilter

    "the body keeps the score" is that I've stored up a bunch of . I am on board with the story and what the professor/director/writer...
    2024-04-24 00:54
      50.7K bytes
  9. Shops by MeFites | MetaFilter

    you want but don't see in the store, let me know. ancillary : It's...can purchase at many ebook stores , as a bundle with epub, mobi,...
    2024-04-25 00:54
      55.5K bytes
  10. The long night had come again. | MetaFilter

    " a short story that appeared in the September...had already written over 30 stories, but this was the first to...
    2024-04-09 00:50
      45.9K bytes
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