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Townsends He does videos on 18th century way of life and cooking for the early United States and colonies. His channel is very interesting and informative.

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I love his videos! I sub'd to his channel years ago and I always look forward to what he uploads.

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I subscribed to him and enjoy his videos . I found him in my reccomended . It was him making a bark canoe . Then i went on a video spree

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HE IS AMAZING anytime in really sad I just watch his videos and feel instantly better he's awesome

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Hell yeah, townsends!

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He did a tutorial for baked onions.

Recipe list:

  • 1 Onion

The comment section is gold too.

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Captain Disillusion debunks hoax videos and his production is incredible.

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Remember kids, love with your heart and use your head for everything else

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that sentence is actually great, can I steal it ?

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10/10 would recommend

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The production quality of his videos is outstanding. Probably my favorite youtube channel. Others I like:

Wendover Productions


Half as Interesting (made by Wendover Productions)

Smarter Every Day

Tom Scoot

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My favorite channel to be honest. Such a shame it has way less subs the he deserves.

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He isn't much active TBH. Captain D posts once in two months or something, probably over is the reasons why his channel has far too few subscribers despite being on youtube for more than a decade

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He used to be underrated. Now he's finally getting the recognition he deserves.

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> Underrated.
> 2.000.000 subscriptions

Pick one.

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Oh man, you guys gotta check out Jim Can't Swim if haven't already. It's an incredibly interesting channel about Criminal and forensic psychology. A video is typically a true story about some serious criminal act that was commited and the suspects are interrogated by some usually very talented detectives whils't giving some commentary along the video to describe what's going on and the psychology behind it. Super interesting stuff! I like this video and this is also a really good made in the more standard format. He also has a subreddit: r/jimcantswim/

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Just finished watching the Jussie Smollett video.

Succinct. Detailed. Very thorough. Makes me keen to watch more.


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Jussie Smuyay you mean? /s

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???? Sorry. I don't get it.

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Dave Chappelle did a bit on that story in his latest special, sticks and stones, and that's how he pronounced his name

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Jim's a legend, was nice to see Russel Williams get absolutely deconstructed by that interrogator and learn how it was done.

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This should be at the top of the page.

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Internet comment etiquette with Erik.

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God I wish I could post a picture of a shirtless old man right now

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just looked it up that guy's amazing

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I think he's more popular than he used to be but I love Internet Comment Etiquette, which is a satire show that makes fun of how people behave online.

Usually he finds a weird topic or current issue and films himself posting deranged comments on youtube or social media, interspersed with other characters that are just him doing a voice or using a sockpuppet (Curious Betsy or Todd Clorox, or that Robot he ruined), along with recurring, tangentially related side stuff ("now for a tweet to Ted Cruz", team killing guys in Rainbow Six, etc).

He's also one of those rare dark/weird comedy guys who's like actually funny and not just a Schrodinger's racist. That shits like a fucking unicorn in current year argument.

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I don't see many people talk about LEMMINO, takes a long time to put out videos but he makes fascinating and beautiful videos about a large array of topics, lately unsolved mysteries, all of which have been very interesting.

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Hands down my favourite youtuber. The amount of work he puts into a single video and the production value is insane

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If you like his videos, check out Ahoy’s videos. He also takes a long amount of time to make a video, but they’re all super high quality.

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Cicada 3301, and recently D. B. Cooper.

Interesting, stayed for the quality presented in their videos.

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Half As Interesting, Wendover Productions, Reallifelore

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Northernlion, if you are interested in videogames at all. One of the better communities on the whole internet

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i feckin love Kevin

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All of these are cooking channels :

Great Depression Cooking (1930's on a budget)

De mi Rancho a Tu Cocina (old school and great if you're learning Spanish)

Cowboy Kent Rollins (Cowpoke food, great for people who camp)

Sauce Stache (Creative vegan substitutes. Host is low key annoying but kinda cute)

How to Drink (most popular of these. Cocktails and their history, modern interpretations, and versions of fake drinks from TV shows)

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If you like cooking videos check out Guga foods. Dude loves beef and cooks it in some rather interesting ways (all grill based)

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Great Depression Cooking is one of my favorites. I was heart broken when Clara died.

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Lindsay Ellis. She does film analysis. She's really good at it and she's really funny.

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Her videos on Star Wars' use of Fascism, My Monster Boyfriend, and Death of the Author are great standalone videos, her Hobbit postmortem is fantastic, and The Whole Plate series on various film theories using Michael Bay's Transformers films are all just top tier.

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Came here to say this!

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SHE'S SO WONDERFUL I found her channel last night and binge a ton of her videos, I love her historical, informative, and interesting stuff

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The Proper People.

They are an awesome channel that explores abandoned places without destroying it. They are very respectful of the places they visit

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Their videos are so high quality too.

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Yep! And they dont have nonsense clickbait either like "snuck into abandoned apartment buildings, got arrested!!!"

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check out the brothers of decay if you haven’t already! :)

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How to cook that

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The Plain Bagel covers various investing topics

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Girlfriend Reviews Meet Shelby and Matt. They review Games from the perspective of a Girlfriend and what it’s like to live with someone who plays game xy. It’s hilarious and I haven’t missed a video since they started the channel with the release of Read Dead Redemption 2.

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Yeah there great. I subscribed and started watching them with red dead Redemption too.

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DestructiveCreativity is a great science channel!

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Joueur du grenier, basically the french AVGN but with their own style

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I mean, I love them, but you have to speak French (they are great though)

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Adam Ragusea

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For anyone wondering he's a home-cook that makes videos showing his recipes and food science.

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Bam Blows

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Northernlion. Has been my favourite channel for ages, still dunno how more people don’t watch him

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Puffin Forest, Dingo Doodles, Mann Shorts, Vive La Dirt League

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Datpags, NotTheExpert, and SovietWomble

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"Welcome back to the UGF pandas!"

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Welcome back yea dingos

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Tiffany Ferg has this whole series called “internet analysis” where she dives into really interesting topics like hustle culture and fast fashion. Long talking style videos but super interesting and she’s a really interesting personality

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Yes I love her!

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Defunct land. In-depth documentaries about closed amusement park attractions and so much more. Gives great perspective on capitalism, pop culture, American history, the story of the American dream. Fantastic production value.

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Pompberry is such an amazing makeup artist/body painter and I’ve never quite understood how she doesn’t have more followers. Her 31 days of October are incredible.

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Gingerpale. He's one of the funniest animators out their. Plus his animation style is actually really beautiful.

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Nexpo and Night Mind, if you like creepy stuff

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Oh, I love Nexpo and Night Mind! I tend to find myself watching their videos late at night and creeping myself out.

[–]ItStillIsntLupus 1 point2 points  (3 children)

Ugh, I do too!!! I wish there were more channels out there like that. Especially loved the Polybius and Disturbing Things from Around the Internet videos

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Yeah, I love those videos as well. ScareTheater does some pretty creepy videos similar to the other two.

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Love that channel too haha. Just another weird and creepy in general tbh

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I'm a fan of weird and creepy youtube channels, I always seem to gravitate towards them.

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You suck at cooking

For a mix of good editing, weird language, good jokes, and some crazy story lines.

Oh and a little bit of cooking

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Scott the Woz

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I'd say he was underrated before but he has a decent amount of subs and support these days. Of course it would be cooler if he was more popular but I wouldn't say he's underrated

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Underrated in the sense of him appealing to the masses. His videos are funny to everyone and the work he puts in is A+

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I'm not really a true crime "enthusiast" but I find myself watching everything That Chapter puts out. Informative, well-researched and frequent uploads, plus Mike has a certain charming wit to him.

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Very addictive, when I first found him, binged all of his videos.

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Check out Criminally Listed. I love true crime videos and this channel always seems to talk about cases I've never heard and are very detailed.

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Kitboga This dude trolls scammers for hours on end, will explain to the viewers what the scam is and how it works, then will often call the scammers out at the end... provided they don't hang up first out of pure frustration

Definitely worth watching a few of his videos

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TheNeoCubest... he's an awesome lad who's been making Minecraft vids for ages.

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J.J McCullough, Sam Collins, and Ally Hills.

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LadyKnightTheBrave is one of my favorite movie/show analysis. Her videos are calm, informative and entertaining. She never talks shit about movies she doesn't necessarily enjoy.

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I know BeatEmUps has like 916k subs on YT, but I still feel like he’s underrated, considering he makes entertaining gaming content

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I got a little high last night and stumbled onto the Hornet King channel. This exterminator takes videos of himself removing massive wasp and hornet nests from people's property. He throws the nest into a container and takes it home. Then he tweezes the larva out of the cells and feeds them to his pet chickens.

I highly recommend it.

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D’angelo wallace was pretty underrated until the whole shallon lester thing. He’s really entertaining

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Every frame a painting, not active now but probably the best explanations of film magic, explanation of jacky chans genius was the best.

Red Letter Media

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I clapped I clapped when I saw it! I clapped when I saw the thing that I know!

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Great Idea. This guy restores things, like old Soviet era chainsaw you'd never think would run again, but by the time he's done it's like new.

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captain disillusion

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captain disillusion

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Danny Mullen and Penguinz0/Moistcritikal.

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Captain Disillusion he's been creating great content for most of youtube's lifespan.

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MXR plays

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Caramel - good old fashioned shitposting

Lofty Pursuits - Confection history and whatever the equivalent of "asmr for eyes" is

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Nick Crowley. He does a lot of creepy videos like talking about paranormal mysteries, conspiracy theories, and debunking ghost videos. And he talks about true crime cases and basically just a lot of interesting stuff. If you like Mr.Nightmare, scare theatre, blameitonjorge, or even shane Dawson you might like his channel!

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zanny or greystillplays they're hillarious

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I feel like this is the rare thread where the more downvoted the answer, the more it actually answers the question being posed.

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Emily Universe. She does live-streams, song covers, and she used to do Steven x Connie videos like a lot

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Mr. Fruit

One of the best gaming youtube channels out there imo. He is super charming and hilarious and yeah he does have a good follower base but I do believe he deserves more love for all the hard work and dedication he has put into his channel over the years. If you go back and watch his first Destiny videos to now its a crazy good change. If you see this some how Fruit, love you, love the locke, keep going strong buddy <3

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Dream and gorge not found

They make me happy and they are pretty funny

Also they play minecraft

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Practical engineering.

Sure the topics are esoteric, but damn does he make you think about the things that make the modern world possible that you just never really take notice of.

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Jesse Tribble does really amazing analysis videos on various movies and tv shows. If you like Every Frame a Painting, Breadsword, the Cosmonaut Variety Hour, Now You See It, etc. you'll love this guy's stuff.

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Pppeter ...extremely underrated

Amazing humour and sometimes he is making travel vlogs

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Civvie 11 is my go to guy lately. Funny as fuck

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Terorisor, he's genuinely funny and deserves more.

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VlogCreations. He makes Danny Duncan type videos and does pranks (prank videos usually aren’t even funny but his are). Very few things can actually make me laugh out loud and his videos are one of them.

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You will be afraid. Dude has the best zombie audiobooks and some other shit hands down. Not really sure what’s he doing atm since he’s been mia for a lil bit

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Yea he is a great youtuber.

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If you like comic books dannymalt is pretty awesome.

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CommentEtiquette. A real funny dude

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Tempex he is a beat saber channel he really good at beat saber

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Behind the Titantron.

I don't know if this is a youtube channel, I just watch them on youtube because their interesting. I haven't watched wrestling since like 1999-2000 so I only watch the videos about guys I remember watching (ovbiously), but wow some of those videos are crazy.

One was this plane trip. Apparently WWE has its own plane which all the wrestlers and others doing other jobs fly on, and this one time you have Curt Hennig wrestling Brock Lesnar on it and they slammed into the emergency door. Meanwhile a bunch are snorting coke and doing painkillers and Ric Flair is walking around in only his flashy robe, no other clothes, swinging his dick around trying to sexually assault the flight attendants. I think it was The Flight from Hell, or something.

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I believe those are one the channel Wrestlelamia.

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He is currently making the perfect Pontiac Fiero and it has been really entertaining and educational.

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Trey the explainer

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Brandon James Greer. Way too high quality for only 27k subs

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Distant Mirrors

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pikka grapesnake, check it out if you wanna know more about mid-70s psychotherapy (the vid is pretty vintage, btw)

edit: it's now "vintage medical cases"

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Kathy Loves Physics! No fancy editing, but super-enthusiastic and wildly informative stories about the history of physics and the lives of famous scientists.

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LoveLiveServe thank me later!

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GameHut. The founder of Traveller's Tales talks about programming old video games. The titles and thumbnails are kind of obnoxious, but the videos are still entertaining.

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He has like 2mil subs

[–]AwesomeSnowmanYT 0 points1 point  (0 children)

He deserves more

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He teaches about physics and some sciences while making it fun.

A lot of his electrical circuits blow up. Other stuff he makes catches on fire.

An example: How NOT to build a guitar


For the last one, skip until about 3 minutes in.

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Boro Draws https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGgpthBWDbFX2GSljMw-MdQ

I don't paint, but I find his videos very entertaining. He just has a great personality.

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Geriatric1927. Old British man named Peter who is an old school youtuber. He is a widower and tells great stories of living in the east coast of England during WW2.

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Lol mine. 4 O’ClockMoon

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Walt they do funny baseball complications.

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I'm a cyborg but that's ok "Music Videos" set to older, foreign, and some current films. A lot of the music is indie and he does an incredible job pairing the songs with the films.

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Au5 great music channel, but definitely underrated

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ScareTheater! Creepy videos to lose hours watching. I know I have!

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Did you know gaming. They do amazing videos but only have 2 million subscribers. That might seem like a lot but they have been on that platform for years

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Pizo he reviews all fortnite new skins so you can be sure if you want to buy that new skin

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Not mine LOL

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-Cold Case Detective (by the people who make Top5s)

-Scary Mysteries

-Dave Simpson (guitar stuff)

-Voyager’s Revenge (cinematic video game edits, mainly Red Dead 2)

-Noel Miller Live (Noel Miller is really popular himself, but these are clips from his live streams)

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Rocket sledge

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Gulleyboy. He focuses on Reality TV shows and Hood movies. He also makes videos about Hip Hop music.

He has another channel, GEE BEE, that focuses on Horror movies and Horror TV shows. His commentary is hilarious.

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Eddy Burback has some solid, funny commentary. I enjoy his stuff, though he doesn't really have a set upload schedule, so there's a lot of time between videos.

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Cannibal Crab is a great youtuber and I wish people will enjoy his videos if u go by the link

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I know CoryxKenshin is pretty big, but I feel like he doesn’t get as much attention than he deserves.

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Sam Sadler, Really good original content.

[–]jumpydoo5000 [score hidden]  (0 children)


He just makes top-teir jokes and cool stuff

[–]Bespacito1738 [score hidden]  (0 children)

Rickraptor105. It’s paleontology related media but it’s fucking hilarious

[–]Blue_Pikmin25 [score hidden]  (0 children)

Hevesh5 and pretty much the entire Domino community

[–]boring_guy_3324 [score hidden]  (0 children)

Kurzgesagt and ozzy man reviews

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All Gas No Brakes

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Gus Johnson

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Danna Alquati and Loulogio. They speak spanish tho

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Poketips is one that I really like

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Bald And Bankrupt. He’s basically if you took a guy with nothing left to lose, gave him 100 charisma and threw him into some of the poorest places on the planet.

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J's Reviews does reviews that are pretty good.

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Scissormon, has lays obscure and indie horror games with no commentary. Honestly when u just wanna watch someone play a puppet combo game with out screaming like they’re Pewdiepie playing Amnesia then this is the channel for you.

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I think it would be fortnine, he's videos are just in a extreme good quality, and he talks and shows things about motorcycles that I love, completely recommended

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The Corbett Report

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Nolifeshaq, horrorbabble

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Auto Europa Naples

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Etra Games, the guy looks into the design in popular games, and explains how to learn how to play video games. It’s really interesting

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Paul Herrell does hilarious and informative firearms content. When he was testing the "A 22 isn't much, but it's better than nothing" saying, he literally attacked the targets with nothing.

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Reactistan - a channel about tribal villagers from Pakistan reacting to things like doughnuts, super mario bros and mexican food

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I really enjoy watching his daily videos. As someone who watches almost exclusively gaming videos his videos are a break from the action. He makes his own music, he used to do covers he does commentary, there's alot he does well.

Can be a bit cringy but we call it pitchy for reasons unknown.

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Tiffany ferg, amaizing commentary videos on actual topics

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Pongfinity. They do amazing ping pong tricks and cool matches

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Tu le sais très bien connard. Arrête de me faire chier. Je m'installe ici dans ce corps et je reste, tout le monde et elle la première verra que tes méthodes ne fonctionnent pas; poudre de perlimpinpin. Et qui te dit que tu sortiras de la matrix quand tu casseras ta pipe, hein? Tu peux le leur assurer à tes internautes? Donne des preuves de ce que tu avances. Moi je peux faire bouger la matière. Et toi tu te trimballes cette cochonne inepte qui me laisse revenir. Elle n'est qu'une sombre coquille vide. Tu vas faire quoi, la traîner comme ça encore longtemps? T'as pas mieux à faire? Et comment tu vas payer tes charges? Je vais te hanter toi aussi, elle sait que j'utilise son pouvoir et n'est pas capable de le garder. Elle sait qu'elle sera responsable de ça. Je vais prendre mon pied. Cela va bien me faire marrer de vous voir tous les deux finir en enfer. Tu veux d'autres vidéos? Je peux t'en faire plein. C'est ma jolie poupée de cire, elle ne me refuse rien. J'en ai fait ce que je veux jusqu'ici et ça continuera. Fais moi confiance, je sais m'y prendre avec elle, elle n'attend que ça, c'est une salope, une bonne à rien, et elle aime souffrir. Elle a du métier. J'en ai marre que vous me coupiez. Allez vous faire foutre!

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ThunderStruck 115 is a really good youtuber for Call of Duty Zombies content though he's not very big at the moment.

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Dubfunk plays

This definitely isn’t my yt channel

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Georgia Productions

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Nick Crowley

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Check out SomeOrdinaryGamers, he basically talks about Viruses, media events, games, etc...

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Mr. Happy Junior does surreal Geometry Dash content and it’s funny as hell. Also ShyGuyMask does PvZ and tower defense content