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Nothing went better in high school like blue Bawls.

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Whenever I see a bawls at a grocery store I always gotta grab one. I always get hit by a nostalgia train every time....

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Doesn't hurt that the stuff is actually tasty.

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Oh man, can't disagree more, glad you like it though but man, seeing this made me want to vomit.

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We used to buy cases of this stuff for LAN parties, forgot how much I used to love it.

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I have a feeling it's about to make a comeback. I'm only saying this because this is the 3rd or fourth time the algorithm showed me bawls content in the past week and I haven't seen or thought of this beverage since 2007.

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I think bawls have a place in 2022

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Throwing out the feeler huh? Bawls corporation inc!

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Except Bawls actually taste good

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I’ve only had a few different flavors of g-Fuel (made me feel like shit) and to be fair it was either amazing or tasted like dog shit, no in between. They had their own take on raspberry tea themed after Resident Evil and I want a mix of it without the caffine that’s how good it is.

Unless that was a joke then good on you sir

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Balls do taste really good. And bawls is pretty good too.

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Bawls cherry is the best

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I prefer the flesh version

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Then just tell that nice European fella you've a hankering for some Swedish meat Bawls.

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Pop that cherry

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Deez bawls?

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I grab some Bawls every time I go to Micro Center.

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One of the few places I've seen it in the wild.

I have a mom and pop grocery store that sells it too.

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My Kroger keeps a small stock in the soda isle and they sell pretty fast. glad my community is helping keep Bawls alive.

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Yeah my local Kroger keeps an endcap rack of it still.

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Wish Frys Electronics was still around, they were the source in my area.

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Just got hit with nostalgia

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I still have some in my fridge; in 2009 I worked at target and found a stash in the back. But in 2004-6 we chugged those things for counter strike matches

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The energy potion of LAN centers everywhere lol.

More partial to the Monster BFCs tho lmao

All night LANs and Halo Thursdays 🤘😁

Can't believe I used to be able to stay up all night gaming as a teenager. If I did that today I'd probably die rofl.

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They still alive and kickin’: https://www.bawls.com

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I remember that drink being advertised like crazy in Run like Hell lol.

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Came here to say that, first time I ever heard of this drink honestly was playing this game back in my early teens. Loved that game. Had no clue Bawls was a real drink until like a few years after playing Run Like Hell and anytime I see the drink now I just associate it with that game.

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I had no clue bawls was that old

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Yep came out in the 90s.

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I miss bawls! That shit smelled so good and tasted ok...

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I have a story about my first time drinking bawls when I was 18.

I was starting a new job on Saturday morning, but Friday I got invited to a LAN party(Halo 3). They had a case of bawls and I drank a few of them throughout the night.

After staying up all night I got dropped off at work 10 minutes before my shift at 4AM. The last 15 minutes of work I started falling asleep standing up because I was crashing.

I get home and fall asleep around 5pm and woke up at 7pm refresh and felt amazing.

I come down stairs and my mom says "good morning sleepy head" I say, " I only slept for 2 hours". She's like "no, you were asleep for 27 hours I thought you were dead."

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Pretty sure you stole that off of the man vs snake nibbler movie, but it's pretty funny nonetheless

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Bawls root beer was my favorite. I LOVE BAWLS

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Whenever I see a bawls at a grocery store I always gotta grab one. I always get hit by a nostalgia train every time.

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I don't know what g-fuel is, but could you pass me a Josta?

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It still bums me out that they no longer make it.

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Same. About 10 years ago I bought my sister a couple cases of Josta off eBay for Christmas. She gave me a couple. So good.

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Stop, I can’t handle this

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I just died from nostalgia and I wasn’t even there

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You were always there Chief, you just didn’t know it.

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I used to go to LAN parties at my friend's uncle's mexican disco club when they were closed for renovations. It had a big ass projection tv, an awesome sound system and the girls used to use the bawls empty bottles to stick christmas icicle lights in, to give the whole place a nice ambiance when we dimmed the lights to play CS 1.5 and Worms World Party into the night.

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fuck i miss bawls in my mouth

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Oof. I'm suddenly reminded of going through cases of the stuff while writing MySpace background scripts as a side gig in high school and early college...

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Every time I see this in the store I just have to make a balls joke

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fueled by balls

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I love chugging BAWLS

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"Fueled by balls"

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Can't tell you guys how many jokes were made about this drink b between me and my friends growing up and gaming

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What's crazy i didn't know about this drink til i was with my ex. guarana is fruit popular in Brazil and they have a soda called "guarana" which tastes kinda like apple soda.

Then i saw this drink at my local electronics store so i decided to buy one because I love the Brazilian soda. This one tasted like shit and nothing like the Brazilian version.

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Did Xbox say #nohomo afterwards?

Edit: oh c'mon, fueled by balls? Where's the sense of humor

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Pictures like this make me realize how old I've gotten.

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Nostalgia unlocked. guess I'm off to Amazon to buy Bawls and Surge.

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I was hyped to find out this morning they even still exist.

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Same, I just googled it because of this and found them. Haven't had one in over 15 years.

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They sell them at microcenter.

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Too bad Vault didn't survive :(

We need a movement to bring back Vault! It worked for Surge.

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The real ones drank Vault. People gave me shit and told me to just drink Mt.Dew but I argued Vault was much better.

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Never had it since none of my local stores sold it, and I don't know if I feel like buying an entire 12-pack online of something I have no idea how it tastes. I do remember the hype behind it, though.

I might try it one day...but if I want energy, I'll just take my pre-workout, get my workout done, and ride the caffeine and dopamine high to hop on and game.

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Bawls... that's a name I haven't heard since before you were born.

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I was once a bawls drinker just as your father was.

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I remember an old Xbox game that actually had bawls advertisements. There were posters in game and the game book had a full page ad that said "grab your bawls and run like hell"

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I haven’t seen Bawls in about 20 years.

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I remember that drink! I bought my first Xbox when I was 18 in 2003. Bought it used for $200.

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While hilariously overpriced, it was actually delicious, I was waiting for the day they'd get rid of the glass gimmick and start putting it in cans.

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I actually have some in my fridge currently. I order a couple cases every year for nostalgia. Reminds me of the simpler times. It's a little pricey for what you get but I don't mind supporting a good product that I like.

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I won a case of bawls at a halo tournament lmao. 4th place or something dumb

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I really need to try bawls one of these days. I know where to get some.

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I didn't even know that was a thing back in the day, but honestly I think my dad would've been mad if I told him I wanted some bawls.....