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Cool but I wouldn't wanna put effort into this and then have the website disappear a few months later. It's usually how it goes with these things.

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It's possible that youtube will remove the ability to make playlists with URL requests in the future, but other than that the site will stay up.

You can also export the playlists as a bookmark file so you don't have to rely on the website: https://playlists.at/youtube/bookmarks/

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the site will stay up

Famous last words

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IT infra is a living entity, requires resources to keep online, interest will fade, costs will no longer be justifiable and you end up with archive link to look back on.

People need to respect the effort it takes to keep such things online, I admire the independent ones that have kept up but it’s not easy or sustainable.

Vendors like Google will tempt you to use their free services but they also can arbitrarily shut them down when they get the data they’re really after.

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Tip: you can simply make a playlist with comma separated urls:

https://www.youtube.com/embed/D_mdfAY7ifw?playlist=D_mdfAY7ifw,60jcjXlM5iw,FM7EVcM0WgE ,...

There is a way to make it work like a normal playlist without being embedded... but I forgot how to do it :P

EDIT: found it: https://www.youtube.com/watch_videos?video_ids=D_mdfAY7ifw,60jcjXlM5iw,FM7EVcM0WgE ,etc...

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This should be a post on its own.

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This is neat af

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If this works it's a godsend, I must have around 2000-2500 links in YT playlists.

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Yeah, the playlist management in youtube is really bad if you have a lot of playlists, so I made this site so I can categorize them in different folders.

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Neat. I tried pasting a playlist link from youtube on my android, but the software said "Image can't be displayed" and a red X. I will try from a desktop comp.

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JDownloader can save youtube videos/playlists locally. If you copy the url of a video it will give you the option to download it in mkv, mp4 or webm in the highest resolution the video is available in all the way down to 144p. You can also just download the audio. If the url is part of a playlist, it will ask if you want to do the video or the whole playlist. It also works for tons of other things you might want to download, not just youtube.

Not intended to disparage this post, just a suggestion for people who prefer to do things locally rather than use web apps.

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youtube-dl is good for this too

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How does this work on mobile? I’m trying to copy & paste the playlist link but it doesn’t seem to work for me

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It only works if you copy & paste the individual video links (for mobile it's really inconvenient)

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Worth a try

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Wow I've been looking for something like this ever since Google banned me.

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Google banned you? Are you even allowed to exist as a human?

I can just see it now. You get a new job. They use Google's hosting for their email and collaboration. Sorry, you can't work here. You're banned by Google.

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What makes this better than YT’s playlists?

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As the creator states, no need to log into youtube to make a playlist.

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Cool. Except i want nothing to do with youtube at this point.

Fuck that corporate media propaganda.