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Coins from whatever her favorite empire was.

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I’ve received framed maps of my city and puzzles of maps as Christmas gifts. I enjoy them.

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Do you live close to any historical site?

If so, maybe you could visit and take some nice photographs to print on tablemats

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Last year I got the official White House Christmas ornament from the year I was born. It was a thoughtful gift and it comes in a nice box and a pamphlet about the subject of the ornament. They only started releasing them in the 1980s, but it’s a good gift for younger to millennial family/friends.

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Fiverr has a lot of interesting artists that could draw her in one of her favorite places or times.

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It might be a better choice for a guy, but check out “The Endurance; Shackleton’s Legendary Antarctic Expedition” by Caroline Alexander. It was the last great Antarctic expedition at the onset of WWI. Truly one of the great stories of the era. Lots of high quality pictures taken with glass plate technology.

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I really like history posters and I have posters of ancient maps and some that are paintings depicting historical moments like the signing of the Constitution.

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Make her a family tree and put it in a nice frame or a book.