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Doesn't seem to like cloudflare, I get "Ack! PrintFriendly is unable to access this page due to captcha/site security settings" on most of the websites I use.

I'm guessing they automatically return errors to bots and crawlers.

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Yes, this goes against CloudFlare's entire business model. They HATE bots

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I gave up trying to view the site after deselecting the first 80 or so 3rd party cookie spammers. If it's that much work to decline ad networks monitoring me, whatever they're peddling isn't worth it.

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It's better to allow, then block & remove the cookies, then just click allow next time cause it can't set any cookies. If they start their pish, disabling javascript will usually allow you to read the article.

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Which site? PrintFriendly? I didn't get anything about cookies at all...

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In Europe we have the GDPR law that makes sites ask if you want certain tracking features on or off.

Some sites are good and just Disable/Object all.

Others, well, you have to press 100 or more sliders for each company that tracks.

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And these days you can't just decline, you also have to go into the "Legitimate Interest" section and decline those too. Absolute dickheads everywhere.

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Yea, that is just blatant way to get around taking the data when you said no.

The worst ones are the ones that want you to email them! Like WTF, everyone has the buttons to just disable and some sites want you to email them.

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Can't say I've ever been asked to email however there is special place in hell for the designers of the ones with ambiguously coloured sliders so you can't tell whether they're enabled or disabled by default.

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The worst ones are the ones that want you to email them

The worst ones I had are the ones who (after you declined) say it might not have worked because you have to allow 3rd party cookies to decline cookies...

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lmao imagine having no privacy laws

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I think it's my ad-blocker.

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I just have a cookie blocker and deleter. And I hit allow.

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youtube doesnt work.

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Same for pornhub

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You joke, but you absolutely can print movies. It's called a flip book.

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So ... the ability to print or save any webpage as a pdf that is native to every modern web browser is so insufficient that you felt the need to create a website to replicate that capability?

Are you unaware of the Ctrl+P shortcut?

Specifically: Ctrl+P -> Drop-down Menu -> Save As pdf

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Yeah, I'm so confused by this website and some of the comments. We can already save webpages as pdf natively on any modern device. What in the world am I missing here?

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Some websites don’t allow you to save content as pdfs I don’t know how but the content becomes basically blank except headers

I presume this would bypass that.

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But ... that wouldn't make this company any money. That's what you're missing 😀

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It's true utility seems to be to bypass gated content.

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I sent this argument to a client just today.

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Although I like the idea.... it goes terrible wrong here, tested some sites.

In one case I did got an cookie wall as page....

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They also have a great chrome extension.

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But chrome can already convert any page in to a pdf... I'm so confused.

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A replacement for Clearly!

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I use pdf Mage.

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pdf Mage

Shall look it up thanks.

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I don't know if boomers need more options to print out webpages to show their kids asking for help.

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Eventually, you’ll be old and asking your kids for help on using the latest gadgets. It may seem odd to think that this will come true but I’m sure it’ll happen and when it does you’ll remember that you should’ve been nicer to “the boomers” for making fun of them.

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Very cool wish I knew of a pdf conversion library

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Aren't there mods? Why is this here?

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i tried pasting this reddit page itself in there - the arrows take up half the page?

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No Microsoft Print to pdf?