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I’m boring so I watch a lot of “how to” vids. But what I do with my newfound knowledge is anyone’s guess. Don’t cross me, fools!

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I'm like you.

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Where ever the rabbit hole takes me

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Ask Reddit vids, Compilations from my favorite tv shows, Let's Play's, Science/Study material.

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Recently it's been chess content... I suck at chess. But the chess world is actually pretty entertaining.

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Maybe it's because you've bad luck.

you know, chess is mostly about luck, it all depends on what pieces you get.

Edit: I found it funny that no one has noticed the joke xD

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Yeah... that and all my opponents are cheaters... they use computers for sure.

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Where do you play? Because I mainly use Chess online app when I play online, I consider myself pretty good at chess( not a pro tho, I sometimes lose focus) and luckily I never encountered cheaters. I recommend using that app if u want fair matches

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I use lichess.org and the lichess app... no membership fees and unlimited puzzles...

Much better than chess.com

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You just liven it up a little more. I give you...chessboxing:


They actually played a few on the Ocho network at the start of the pandemic in 2020 when all sports had ceased for a while.

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Or if you want to give yourself a stroke, check out 5D Chess with Multiverse Time Travel

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Don't suppose you watched the Trash Taste chess tournament? That and r/hobbydrama posts are the only chess content I've consumed in years, but it is highly entertaining.

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I legit fall asleep every night watching Agadmator. Something about the Croatian mofo makes me realize that everything is alright in the world.

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Eric Rosen is similarly chill and very easy to fall asleep to.

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Discgolf in the U.S. and Finland

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Finnish discgolf is a youtube rabbit hole I have not experienced yet.

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Cooking channels.

During the height of COVID I went from being a pretty good home cook to being S-tier and able to cook very good food for lots of people.

Cooking is a super underrated life skill. It can help you make friends, impress acquaintances, stay healthy, and you get to eat good food.

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Love this.

Oh, and while I’m here…

PSA: Fried food isn’t so bad for you if you make it at home people. Fried food is bad when you go out because you also get all the other fried and greasy side things. Make fried food “not the best, not the worst” (so long as you cook at home) again

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It depends on how you do it, though. If you have one of those countertop deep fryers it's functionally the same, although arguably you're eating less preservatives than at, say, a fast food joint.

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Any channels you'd recommend?

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Binging with Babish, Sam the Cooking Guy, and Cowboy Kent Rollins are my go-to's, but honestly anytime you get a craving, just look up the dish and you'll come across a bunch of channels you'll want to follow.

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vtubers & game youtubers: Mostly for people laughing as the background noise, or for gameplay videos for games I am skeptical about it being fun.

Sometimes coding tutorials, fictional media reviews, news, and clips of comedy shows.

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Let's Game it Out is hilarious

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I laugh like a moron watching his videos

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Y'all Vtuber people....are a weird bunch.

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Adverts mostly, unless I can be bothered to get my laptop out, then it’s Adblock all the way .

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My fiance made an adblock out of a raspberry pi that hooks into the router.

Have to actually use cell data for some of my games so I can get the ads for power ups lol

But I do pay for youtube Premium. It's kinda a 3 in 1. Get ad free youtube, youtube music and just recently learned that if one of paid for an app the other gets it too.

I paid for an unlock for a podcast player years ago (can download multiple items at once instead of waiting for each one to finish then downloading individually) He downloaded it and got the unlock as well.

We noticed it because he got a battery app and used his google survey money to buy the ad free version. I downloaded it and I instantly got the premium version too. Thought that was a nice little benefit.

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I love Ask a Mortician, Videos that analyse interrogation rooms videos, Fascinating Horror, This is not happening, I look at yoga and tabata routines, 4 levels of cooking, Vice short documentaries as well.

I'm open to suggestions if anyone shares similar interests!

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"The behavior panel" on youtube analyzes people's body language, etc and offers their opinions on if they're telling the truth during their interrogation. It's interesting.

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Documentaries, internet mysteries, some let's plays, and camping/survival gear reviews.

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What are some fun documentaries/documentary channels?

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Anomaly Documentary is one, but it's more on the internet mystery side.

Defunctland for the history of pop culture, television, and theme parks.

For more common things like dinosaurs, insects, tech, etc. I just search those terms, or something specific, and click whichever videos that look good with a decent length.

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I recommend Lemmino. Great little videos about mysteries with pretty good quality

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Markiplier and whatever the fuck is on my recommended

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That Chapter & Kendall Rae true crime stories. iilluminaughtii MLM info. Farket videos from the game The Forest. Karens in the Wild.

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Mostly Edutainment. You know, educational entertainment. Sciency-learny stuff that's still fun to watch.

Generic Edutainment

  • CGP Grey
  • VSauce
  • DING
  • Smarter Every Day
  • Tom Scott
  • Half As Interesting

Math Stuff

  • Numberphile
  • 3blue1brown
  • Stand Up Maths
  • Mathologer


  • Sixty Symbols
  • Periodic Videos
  • Minute Physics
  • PBS Spacetime
  • Steve Mould
  • Up and Atom

Technology or whatever

  • Captain Disillusion
  • Technology Connections
  • Engineer Guy
  • Objectivity


  • Foolish Baseball
  • Jon Bois
  • Summoning Salt (because speed running is a sport)
  • Jomboy


  • Claire Staffitz x Dessert Person
  • J. Kenji Lopez-Alt
  • Adam Ragusa
  • Matty Matheson
  • Pasta Grannies
  • You Suck at Cooking

Video Essays

  • Folding Ideas
  • Hbomberguy

Plus loads more. And a shout out to Cracking The Cryptic.

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Check out thoughty2. Really underrated.

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Given the math channels you watch, you'd probably like Infinite Series too.

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That Chapter, This Is Monsters, Coffeehouse Crime, Criminally Listed, etc. True crime stuff.

NASA's live feeds when they have them. ISS live feed (which is 24/7) every now and then.

Monterey Bay Aquarium jellyfish cam sometimes.

Also a big fan of Watcher's content, especially Too Many Spirits and Muppet History (RIP Professor).

EDIT: also adding cat videos because my spare tv has them non-stop for my kitties to enjoy so I think that's probably what is my account as most watched.

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Game theory, memes, war music.

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Younger men with older women... wait, I thought you said pornhub.

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I've recently been binging Mike Boyd's 'Learn Quick' series, a series in which each episode, Mike learns a new skill.

The skills range from learning to ride a unicycle, learning to solve a Rubik's cube to learning how to use a slingshot or do 'body ups' to name just a few.

Aside from that, a lot of bushcraft and survival related stuff. Field Days is an excellent channel, as is Geowizard for this kind of stuff.

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I watch videos of a guy watching videos of live Grateful Dead songs

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Dashcam videos

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I always like watching Dashcam Australia.

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Huberman Lab Podcast.

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Long, but so interesting!

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Mostly classic rock cover bands, Peter Frampton, some other notables and science shows.

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I went through a phase of binging Lexington Lab Band.

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I love those guys! I would love to jam with them some day.

I am curious how they got their name. I wonder if they are part of a lab.

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My girlfriend got me into watching studytube videos like Ruby Granger and Unjaded Jade. As a guy who never took school seriously it's like living in Manhattan and watching National Geographic. It's entertaining but so far removed from my everyday reality.

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"10 hours of silence"

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True crime

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Vtubers, Historical Documentaries, Sword youtubers, Critical Role, 40k lore videso, 40k battle reports, Fate grand order content, Trash Taste, Starwars and Marvel Lore Explanation videos. Pen & Paper RPG Gaming tips. Hikaru Nakamura, Corridor Crew, film making video essays, that one guy who makes knives out of everything, and music production videos.

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Mostly ghost videos and guitar videos, intertwined with whatever diy or topic im obsessed with for the day.

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Mostly youtube

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Lofi Girl, all day all night

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Couples pranks gone sexual

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I'm currently halfway through Craig Ferguson's Late Late Show 2014, his last season after 10 years.

Going to be sad to get to the end of it, there's never been a better late show host.

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youtube Videos

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Naked yoga porn

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CRH Crazy Russian Hacker

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Lol. Can have crazy drinking games.

Safety is number one preority.

This is really unieek

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don't forget to wear $1.98 plastic glasses when you detonate Hydrogen bomb on kitchen table. This mushroom cloud is little bit smoky. maybe should do this outside next time.

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Boom boom

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British Parliament, perfect background noise.

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I watch videos from there sometimes, they can be hilarious for some reason

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See through pantyhose yoga videos, butt massages, and music videos

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Found out recently that nude yoga is somehow allowed on youtube lol

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It might be art?

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I think they’ve managed to squeeze it into like “health & beauty” or something similar

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Maybe but a lot of the massage people complain about being harassed by the algorithm and being censored. It’s crazy because you can watch full explicit Brazilian waxings. Male and female!

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90s DnB mixes, lawncare vids, barbecue vids, motorcycle reviews

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I watch car review videos of cars I’ll never be able to afford.

Great jazz.

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Japanese and Korean restaurant videos. Super relaxing.

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pretty much reddit links and then I get sucked down a rabbit hole like comedians stealing jokes, funny puppies, deleted scenes/bloopers, pro sports brawls.....

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Get on the slides and don’t fucking go back it’s pretty much tic tok

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Yoga tutorial has been my daily thing ever since the pandemic

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Time Team!

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supermega, jerma clips and vods, jschlatt, off canny, and ted nivison.

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Jwhisp or usually shorts

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Crypto tech analysis and manga theories

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DarkViperAU, OnespotGaming, VanossGaming, H20 Delirious.

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Game shows.

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Pimple popping videos

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Stop A Douchebag (SADB; StopXam)

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Life of Boris and a ton of movie reviews and opinions

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Cooking videos, Japanese restaurant, speedpaints, storytime videos and etc.

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My youtube experience always goes one of two ways:

1.) I am interested in something specific and I search for it (e.g. Tour de France stage 11 highlights)

2.) Let the algorithm go to work and I fall into a rabbit hole going through recommend/related videos, ultimately ending up on some bizarre video with zero recollection of how I even got there.

Usually it’s #2

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Content from r/youtubetitties. [NSFW, obviously]

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Usually videos

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Gaming videos like Markiplier and Jacksepticeye, I've been watching this family called The ACE family and I watch vlogs from Jc Caylen and Kian Lawley and their friends. Sam and Colby as well

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People reading reddit posts

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Hot ones, video game dunkey , tons of live concert videos , Nicolas Cage clips and interviews , I rent a fair share of movies from it nowadays

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You don’t want to know.

(And no, it’s not porn)

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Lately a guy who maken really good documentaties called barely sociable. Go check hum out he deserves more subs.

[–]Kim-Wieft [score hidden]  (1 child)

He almost has a million subs :)

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Indeed! But imo he deserves alot more for the quality of video's he produces

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I watch abit if everything recently been watching some of the arma 3 warhammer mods funny style vids and lolithon

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Videos, most of the time.

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Historical documentaries, mostly wwii naval stuff, but other things too. Highly recommend Drachinifel and The Operations Room.

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Object shows and People talking about their life or movies

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I don't use youtube.

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Vtubers mostly and a couple Twitch streamers that upload their content.

Also been really into those videos about people putting things in those large grinders/shredders.

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RedLetterMedia - Film reviews with a heavy focus on roasting bad movies
OSW Review and Wrestling Bios - Both channels are run by Irish guys and they review and poke fun at wrestling from the ‘80s and ‘90s
Simon Miller and Greg Doucette - Fitness/bodybuilding channels
LGR - Lazy Game Reviews focuses on retro computer tech
AtomicAgePictures - Film serials from the ‘30s and ‘40s

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I am generally a watcher of everything. Letsplays, Tutorials i'll never use, ASMR just for the entertainment, not relaxation, and a lot more

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WW1 and WW2 songs. They have a really cheerful and pick-me-up note.

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Gaming, Myth Videos, People like Kurzgesaght and Primer. Those are my main things but I also enjoy music videos of songs I enjoy (e.x. stupendium, TLT, etc)

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Mostly Poketubers and True Crime channels. Occasionally I’ll binge random documentaries that interest me.

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Husky videos.

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  • French / English news (mainly so I don't forget the languages but I also wanna be up to date)

  • music

  • comedy

  • religious stuff (I am Lutheran)

  • maiLab

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Cooking, cars, fashion

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Diy/maker channels, letsplays,media essays and art channels on loop

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Mostly food stuff

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Emily boo, jaack maate, ofherbsandaltars mostly

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Honest trailers and Pitch meetings mostly

With a side of Cinemasins depending on the video

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Mostly cooking and model railroading content.

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People in the UK talking about transformers

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I've been watching Micky D alot. Irish dude who plays alot of morrowwind and the other early elder scrolls games

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Educational videos on anatomy, pharmacology and other medical stuff (I``'m in nurse school). Most of my Recommended vids are autopsy videos.
And yeah, Try Channel for fun.

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Vtubers. Loooootsa Vtubers

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Shibenation Got some good shiba videos that make me happy :D also Rapid Liquid.

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Recently, just Mr. Beast videos. The things this man does for other is utterly insane and has brought me to tears multiple times ❤️

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Vice Grip Garage, dude goes around buying old classic cars that don't run and attempts to fix them where they sit to a drivable condition to then drive them home. It's impressive how much knowledge he knows about automobiles, and his sense of humor is incredible. Also one thing I love about his channel is that he cares about his content first and doesn't beg you to subscribe or do any of the cringe shit that a lot of youtubers do.

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Nothing now because I haven’t seen No Way Home yet and I know youtube’s going to recommend those stupid audience reaction videos and spoil it for me

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  • Penn & Teller Fool Us
  • The Dick Van Dyke Show
  • Scenes that I was specifically searching for from movies/TV
  • Reviews of products I'm considering buying
  • Attempts to find the full video of something I saw on Reddit but was only a GIF so it didn't have audio
  • Clip from the original broadcast (not a studio show) of whatever sports moment is currently trending
  • Classic NFL/MLB/NBA games posted in entirety (although I'll skip through them)
  • Occasionally a Pardon The Interruption episode if I missed it
  • Compilations of various kinds of unusual plays in sports
  • Gordon Ramsey speed-running through a recipe
  • News bloopers
  • Speed chess matches (with live commentary)
  • Daily compilations of chess highlights
  • Song playlists/compilations as background music for doing other things

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The stuff I watch can be lumped into a few categories, most of it fairly nerdy.

Anime content; Gigguk, Joey, Trash Taste, Mother's Basement, Glass Reflections

J-vloggers and japanese culture; Mrs. Eats, Abroad in Japan, Sharmelion, Reina Scully, Life Where I'm From

Maker and Electronics stuff; Diresta, AVE, Big Clive, Naomi Wu, Clickspring, How to Make Everything, Ben Eater, Adam Savage

Science and tech; Isaac Arthur, Kyle Hill, Physics Girl, Technology Connections, Practical Engineering

Media; Quinn's Ideas, Comic Book Girl 19, Overly Sarcastic Productions (they do history stuff too)

Math; Infinite Series, Numberphile, Stand Up Maths

And miscellaneous other stuff, like Philip DeFranco, Not Just Bikes, Ask a Mortician, and Liziqi (great chill series, rural Chinese cooking and handicrafts with outstanding production value, go watch it)

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Video essays

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TimTamTom's videos. Awesome channel.

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Aeronautical disaster documentaries and simulations

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Game grumps, dorkly, and abridged series.

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Car crash compilations. Don't ask why

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MR BALLEN!!! and JOHN SOLO love their work

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Rich Evans.

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King of the hill clips

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Whatever it recommends me

All hail the algorithm

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Rollercoaster videos and bunch of documentaries!😎

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Language learning stuff mostly

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Explaining videos on channels like Wendover Productions and Real Life Lore. They're my favorite things to watch lately.

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Gardening stuff, A Capella groups, funny, fails, wins, car fails, trailers, history, How Ridiculous, video game help/reviews, science, Dr. Mike, Postmodern Jukebox.

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Video game play throughs, guides, animatics, meme readings, and anime

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Music videos

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HIIT and kettlebell exercises, movie/videogame/comic reviews, and tutorials.

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Sidemen videos and reddit videos (emkay and whyjake)

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I’ve been watching a lot of movie reviews lately.

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I cannot answer that...

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Funny stories, cat videos, fails…


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Since they ruined it with all the fucking ads I stopped viewing youtube

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Whatever is recommended. I'm a normy. A lot of reaction videos too.

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looks around nervously Yes

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Uncle roger and Gordan Ramsay

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Today, mostly old trance songs and trance concerts.

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I like watching a lot of science channels or channels where you learn great facts!

Examples: SciShow, Kurzgesagt (probably my favorite! I love the cute animation), Real Engineering, Wendover Production

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History Civilias


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Warhammer 40k

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Mostly industrial accident related stuff (Plainly Difficult and Fascinating Horror being my two favourite channels for that) and computer related stuff. And maths, every once in a while.

Also a bunch of other things that don't fit into a single category.

Oh and I also like Defunctland.

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I watch a lot of street food videos and gaming for the most part

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This show that two really funny Drag Queens host (it’s called UNHhhh), my favorite creator CJ The X, some history stuff, animal videos by Casual Geographic, edits of movies/series I like, interviews/content of musicians I like, occasionally something by Vogue & other big channels/brands.

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[–]FairlyInconsistentRa 0 points1 point  (0 children)

I follow a few history and urban exploration channels which are pretty good. I also watch a lot of street view walking videos as they’re oddly relaxing.

Oh and a load of retro gaming channels!

[–]clownrock95 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Tom scott, arch warhammer, cleetus Mcfarland, brandon herrera, binging with babish, captian sauce, and many more.

In short, a bit of everything.

[–]DickForest 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Hardcore History

[–]Gummi_R3aper 0 points1 point  (0 children)

I'll say them in quotes. This is what im watching right since there's nothing really going on right now. Other than next level chef Ramsay wise. "Hey everyone down here from The Diamond Minecart!!" "Tonight, on Kitchen Nightmares!! Gordon travels to"

[–]LillieTheRandomLGBTQ [score hidden]  (0 children)

I watch the youtube insym a lot, he does a lot of horror stuff a lot, and I like horror

[–]zabolenbaugh [score hidden]  (0 children)

Call Me Kevin and Buzzfeed Unsolved

[–]HinoWitch [score hidden]  (0 children)

At the age of 40 I’m not ashamed to say “Lucas the Spider”. I watch with my 5 year old. It warms my heart when it’s frozen.

[–]CaptianToasty [score hidden]  (0 children)

Funny internet commentary, video game people, professional video game people, philosophy, podcast, cat videos, educational science videos, music reactions, memento mori, yoga.

Basically watch youtube instead of standard tv.

[–]Metatron_Fallen -1 points0 points  (0 children)

ASMR. Science related channels. Colin Furze. Sports highlights (F1, Football, American football). Gun related- Demolition Ranch and Forgotten Weapons. Active Self Protection (Room temperature challenge never gets old).

I also like some women and their try-on haul videos. It's interesting seeing what women find important in how particular articles of clothing are made.

And of course, Ozzie Man Reviews

[–]Professor_Ramen -1 points0 points  (0 children)

More like bore ragnarok

[–]whitetailsnail -1 points0 points  (0 children)

Vegan deterioration, no sleep stories, and whatever my interest of the week is