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May 1, 2013

23 Brands Caught In Sweatshop Scandals

Everyone from J. Crew to Victoria's Secret to the Kardashian empire. If you don't shop at one of these stores, you probably know someone who does.

Man Vs. Fast Food

Or, When Good Ideas Go Bad. This video seemed like it was going to be so much fun to make.

Test Post

This is just a test post to see how this turns out.

How To Be Awesome According To Tig Notaro

The comedian has been catapulted into the spotlight not for the series of misfortunes that have plagued her personal life, but for the awesome way she responded. She is pretty much everything that you should strive to be in life.

Ombre Birthday Cake

My friend baked this for my birthday last year. There's SECRET LEMON CURD in between the layers.

Jeff Flake Learns To Be Disliked

"Nothing like waking up to a poll saying you're the nation's least popular senator," the Arizona Republican deadpanned on Facebook recently.

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