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I have a really nice leather-bound copy of The Kama Sutra prominently displayed on the hutch in my living room.

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Someone gave me a copy of the Kama Sutra as a joke a while back and I keep it in the “how-to” section of the bookshelf with my books on furniture refinishing and basic home maintenance.

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That's awesome lol

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Hutch? I don't recall anything in it that involves rabbits.

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I don't understand.

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rabbit cages are called hutches

edit: or, actually, i guess i should say rabbits are often housed in off-ground enclosures called hutches

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I read 50 shades of Grey when I was 11/12 if that counts. Lol

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Oof lol hopefully it didn't rub off too much

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A whole section on poisonous plants books. Mind you, nothing else about gardening. Just poisons.

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Took a class in college called “The History of Terrorism” and I kept most of the books from that class, so just a lot of dodgy and questionable “manifestoes” strewn about my collection of nonfiction and literary fiction books.

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Yeah, some of the larger articles and books from college weren't much better. Ethnographies on drug dealers/rapists/murderers, studies of soft and hard genocides, real world ethics examples.

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Ethnographies on drug dealers/rapists/murderers, studies of soft and hard genocides, real world ethics examples.

Tell me more

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So I studied anthropology in college and love ethnographic writings, mostly because I had to read several of them for class.

I still have "Selling Crack in El Barrio" by Phillippe Bourgois which studies Crack dealers and gangsters in East Harlem. Topics of drugs, gang rape, various assault, etc. This is also a good example of real world anthropologist ethics and the kinds of lengths people may be expected to go to to ingrain themselves into one of these communities.

Of the ethics papers and examples the ones I remember best are the month we spent on dead children. One was a study from Mexico where they intentionally let one group starve and supplement another to see the effects of malnutrition. There's also a story of a migrant family in India who dropped their baby in the fire and the anthropologist having to decide whether to try and help the baby and potentially harm the study or do nothing. Oh, and the story of a baby starving to death being taken by a woman in the peace corps to a hospital to be treated for malnutrition.

On genocide, studies on the culture and cultural factors leading to genocides. The Holocaust, Rwanda, Bosnia, Hutus, on and on. There's also a couple papers on softer genocides like residential schools in North America, attempted degradation of black culture through speech patterns and code switching, selective breeding.

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I've often taken the view that this is much more a case of "know thine enemy".

For example, a book on lethal fungi is more useful for the purposes of avoiding said fungi than trying to harness them for evil.

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so just a lot of dodgy and questionable “manifestoes” strewn about my collection of nonfiction and literary fiction books.

Could you list some? Please

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Probably the ones that look the worst out of context are the Osama Bin Laden ones and “The Philosophy of the Bomb” by Bhagwat Charan.

Sometimes I forget they’re sitting out in the open on my shelves and I won’t remember until some stranger is in the house, haha. And I know people notice because people have asked before, like, “Why do you have a book of writings by Osama Bin Laden?”

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"Questionable people should be silenced and I decide who's questionable." - Those people questioning your books

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I have a few... Psilocybin Mushrooms of the World, by Paul Stamets; Psilocybin Production, by Adam Gottlieb; Hallucinogenic and Poisonous Mushrooms - Field Guide, by Gary P. Menser

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I've got that - Shulgin sent it to me for free. (You can get it and TiHKAL as free downloads).

I have Ethnopharmacologic Search for Psychoactive Drugs too. That's got to be more hardcore.

None of this is in the same league as a collection of Inspire magazines (which I don't have - easy to get if you want a visit from the FBI).

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That’s super cool that Shulgin sent that to you

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I never actually read this one. Quick Google mentions psychedelics?

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It’s basically a psychedelics encyclopedia/cookbook. Strictly for entertainment purposes

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Yes the Kama Sutra. Definitely.

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The Worst of Boiled Angel. Answer ME! Apocalypse Culture (first edition of you know what I mean) ETC.

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lol, i got those too... along w/ a collection of peter sotos

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I have a big Feral House section on my shelves too, great stuff

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Rise and Fall of the Third Reich sticks out like a sore thumb in my library.

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Yep! I just posted similarly lol

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Gotta learn how they were stopped the first time so you can stop 'em in future, right?

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Mostly a lot of occult, world religions, magic and mysticism - Tantra and sex magic. A wide variety of martial arts, including a couple ninja manuals. Herbalism, drugs, ethnobotany.

Some freemasonry handbooks.

Used to have a couple Anais Nin collections but they have been missing for a long time.

Probably more but i don't really find them that controversial, I'm open minded and curious about the world.

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Probably my copy of Lolita.

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There’s nothing suspicious about Lolita. It’s Nabokov, one of the grandmasters of literature. I wish people would stop talking about it like it’s some transgressive text.

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My husband bought me Beyond The Dark Veil for our anniversary. It’s a bunch of Victorian postmortem and funerary photography. It’s my favorite book and it’s completely gorgeous, but it’s kind of fucked.

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post pics

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There are some that are pretty disturbing, lots of children etc. didn’t want to spoil the whole thing for you.

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That sounds pretty cool actually.

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I have a book of Victorian photographs of insane asylum inmates.


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That sounds AMAZING. Going in my cart.

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the monkey wrench gang, hogg.

im side-eyeing the "suspicious" thing here, tho. those aren't even subversive or banned, they're just on "edgy" subjects

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I'm unfamiliar with the monkey wrench gang.

That's a fair point I suppose.

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huge anarchist novel published in 1975. literally the source of the term monkey wrenching and credited (by some people) as inspiring earth first and the earth liberation front

kind of like tacb except people really ran with it and the author didn't ask the book be removed from production

forgive my tone, im generally exhausted with performative edginess on this sub so i came atcha twisted

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I don't know what this is

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The Anarchist Cookbook. A cringey, misinformed book that involves making drugs and weapons (wrongly). It's also pretty outdated at this point.

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;A ; i guessed your book but you didn't guess mine

i thought we were soulmates

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Ah, someone else told me. I could have imagined

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May need to check that one out.

You're totally fine. I could frame it as suspicious if, say, the police ever came around, but meh. I'm lucky enough to be in a part of the world where there aren't a whole lot of banned or illegal books, so anything of this nature is more or less just edgy lol

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The Satanic Bible, probably.

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I have MK, books on paraphilias and torture, I don't have much about serial killers though. Something about UFOs/aliens/various mysteries, but mostly from when I was a kid

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I have a book about prostitution in Hanoi, Vietnam during the time of French colonialism, mostly based on the stories told through this place dedicated to treat their STDs.

I bought this book in Vietnam at a book sale one day, thought the concept was quite unique.
It's called "Luc Xi"

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This sounds like a good read. I studied anthropology and my wife did post-colonial literature, so this could be great for both of us.

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*Guide* by Dennis Cooper. It will ruin your life if you're not careful

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Just did a quick Google and good GOD it sounds dark

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The entire “Man, Myth & Magic” encyclopedia set. Not a book in the sense I believe OP is looking for, but it’s definitely a head-turner.

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nice! my Aunt had those when I was a kid, wouldn't mind picking them up myself

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"Buying Illegal Bugs With Bitcoin"

It's a fiction book. But I'm a subversive amateur entomologist and my husband came and had a very concerned conversation with me after noticing it in our shared kindle library.

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I'm a subversive amateur entomologist

im sorry, what?

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You heard me. Stick it to the man, throw a few molotov cocktails in the name of spider conservation!

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Steal This book by Abbie Hoffman, The Story of O by 'Pauline Réage', The Underhanded History of the USA by Nick Thorkelson and Jim O'Brien, and The book of Genesis, illustrated by Robert Crumb.

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I have Atlas Shrugged and The Fountainhead by Any Rand. I read them, they were interesting, but I'm hardcore left so it probably surprises anyone who sees them.

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I'm drawn to a lot of extreme political writings even though it's not at all something I myself believe in. I just find it fascinating when people think they have it all figured out.

I have an easier time stomaching the extreme left than the extreme right so a lot of my more "suspicious" books I've kept come from that line of thinking. Stuff such as a lot of books from anarchist collectives like CrimethInc. or Earth First!. As well as the writings of people like Theodore Kaczynski. I don't tend to keep the right wing stuff around. I've thrown away copies of things like MK and The Turner Diaries.

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I've got a few of these around. It's helpful to try and understand the trends of what's going on culturally.

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I’ve got a stack of books about kink, bdsm, polyamory and witchcraft stacked by my bed. I usually just turn them around when family is visiting 😂

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Not me, but one time I was at a co-workers house and there was a bookshelf absolutely full of books on serial killers, murder investigations, criminology, and forensics - even a couple of criminal investigation and forensic science investigation textbooks. I asked him if he was planning to go on a killing spree or something, he said "No these are my wife's books, I haven't read any of them. She likes true crime stuff".

It won't surprise me when that guy disappears someday and they never find the body or any evidence linking his wife to his disappearance...

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I have a prominently displayed hardcover in red leather with gold lettering:

Seduction of the Innocent Fredric Wertham M.D.

It's not a how-to book.

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I found a copy of Necronomicon at a thrift store, not the Lovecraft version either. This version doesn't have a named author...I really like it.

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The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, only because it has a giant red band with the white circle and black swastika right on the spine as well as front cover.

It does say "the RISE and FALL of the THIRD REICH" really big as well, but modern society has become so, I don't know, sensitive, that I now remove it from my shelf when new guests are coming over until they learn I love studying WWII history.

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Yeah I bet that one gets some double takes

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Definitely mein kampf. I got it when I was in college, second hand from Amazon. Never finished it, super dull reading, but it’s still there on the shelf.

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Yeah, I defy anyone to actually wade through that thing. Maybe you had to be there.

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I have a copy of Mein Kampf that every now and then makes people worry.

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The Antichist Cookbook is the third book in the Dungeon Crawler Carl series, it's a lot of fun and there are a lot of people who have it.

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Had the Anarchists Cookbook, as a feral teen. Unless you are already a chemist, with access to a lab. The "recipies" are useless!

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Backyard ballistics, the communist manifesto...

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Lots and lots of astrology books

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“Suspect” — to whom? My freshman college required-reading copy of Karl Marx’s Early Writings? The equally required Lysisistrata? I long ago binned the high school Ayn Rand. The maybe too sexist On Est Toujours Trop Bon Avec Les Femmes, by Queneau? Or Jan Beneš’s Druhý Dech? Not so long ago I could have been jailed for trying to go to Greece with Z, or for trying to take in some Plato.