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And they called us crazy for supporting the Space Force.

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Welp... time to dust ours off and get training.

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Not too worried. The US military will switch to Star Link due to redundancy & capacity.

Musk is able to stamp out those satellites, in the amount of time it takes China or Russia to produce 1 satellite Musk likely could probably produce a few hundred.

So nobody will risk their handful satellites

Russia and China already lost the war regarding anti-satellite warfare before it could begin.

This missile technology of Russia is all show as they'll certainly use Lasers to reduce orbiting shrapnel, but that technology is something they won't show off unless they have to do so. The reason being is that look at how quickly Musk changed the reflectiveness of their satellites.

The only time they'll show off their laser technology is during war so that there's no chance for anyone to adapt.