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Monday August 03, 2020 @03:45PM Japan Acted Like the Virus Had Gone. Now It's Spread Everywhere.
Monday August 03, 2020 @01:49PM Anxious WHO Implores World To 'Do It All' in Long War on COVID-19
Friday July 31, 2020 @03:23PM COVID-19 Hospital Data Is a Hot Mess After Feds Take Control
Wednesday July 29, 2020 @09:24PM Nancy Pelosi Mandates Masks On House Floor
Wednesday July 29, 2020 @09:02PM Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine Shows Promising Result In Animal Tests
Tuesday July 28, 2020 @09:32PM Misleading Virus Video, Pushed By the Trumps, Spreads Online
Tuesday July 28, 2020 @11:08AM COVID-19 Vaccines With 'Minor Side Effects' Could Still Be Pretty Bad
Monday July 27, 2020 @04:00PM Scientists Are 3D Printing Miniature Human Organs To Test COVID-19 Drugs
Thursday July 23, 2020 @09:07PM Who Still Needs the Office? US Companies Start Cutting Space
Thursday July 23, 2020 @05:19PM America's Daily COVID-19 Death Toll Passes 1,000 Again
Wednesday July 22, 2020 @05:18PM Russian Elite Given Experimental COVID-19 Vaccine Since April
Wednesday July 22, 2020 @10:46AM Global Coronavirus Cases Exceed 15 Million
Tuesday July 21, 2020 @11:01AM LinkedIn Cuts 960 Jobs as Pandemic Puts the Brakes on Corporate Hiring
Sunday July 19, 2020 @04:37AM Washington Post: Asymptomatic 'Superspreaders' May Be Propelling the Pandemic
Friday July 17, 2020 @05:04PM California Orders Online Schooling In Hardest-Hit Counties
Friday July 17, 2020 @04:14PM CDC: Most COVID-19 Cases In New York City In March Traced To Europe
Friday July 17, 2020 @12:20PM COVID-19 vaccine research not shared, Russian spies blamed for hacking
Friday July 17, 2020 @12:19AM British Airways Announces Immediate Retirement of Boeing 747 Fleet
Tuesday July 14, 2020 @05:55PM White House Reportedly Orders Hospitals To Bypass CDC During COVID-19 Data Collection
Tuesday July 14, 2020 @05:45PM Baby Was Infected With Coronavirus In Womb, Study Reports
Friday July 10, 2020 @06:11PM 'Broken Heart Syndrome' Has Increased During COVID-19 Pandemic, Small Study Suggests
Friday July 10, 2020 @01:44AM Worldwide PC Shipments Grew Due To Work-From-Home Arrangements
Monday July 06, 2020 @03:36PM DNA Inherited From Neanderthals May Increase Risk of Covid-19
Thursday July 02, 2020 @01:14AM US Secures World Stock of Key COVID-19 Drug Remdesivir
Wednesday July 01, 2020 @05:54PM People Testing Negative For COVID-19 Antibodies May Still Have Some Immunity, Study Suggests
Wednesday July 01, 2020 @04:55PM Apple Recloses More Than 25% of Its US Retail Stores Due To COVID-19 Spikes
Tuesday June 30, 2020 @04:08PM National Mask Mandate Could Save 5 Percent of GDP, Economists Say
Tuesday June 30, 2020 @12:33AM China Approves COVID-19 Vaccine Candidate For Military Use
Sunday June 28, 2020 @07:34AM Starbucks Worker Insisting Customers Wear Masks Rewarded With $70K On GoFundMe
Friday June 26, 2020 @04:41PM Covid-19 Killed the Era of 'Big' Flying
Thursday June 25, 2020 @09:41PM CA Governor Newsom Announces COVID-19 Modeling Website, Open-Source Tools For 'Citizen Scientists'
Thursday June 25, 2020 @04:21PM CDC: Coronavirus May Have Infected 10 Times More Americans Than Known
Wednesday June 24, 2020 @09:01AM EU May Ban Travel From US As It Reopens Borders, Citing Coronavirus Failures
Wednesday June 24, 2020 @09:01AM America Is Reopening. Coronavirus Tracing Apps Aren't Ready.
Monday June 22, 2020 @05:00PM Apple WatchOS 7 Unveiled With Sleep Tracking, Shareable Watch Faces and a Hand Washing Timer
Sunday June 21, 2020 @03:57AM The US Government Is Now Stuck with 63 Million Doses of Hydroxychloroquine
Friday June 19, 2020 @06:59PM Italy Sewage Study Suggests COVID-19 Was There In December 2019
Friday June 19, 2020 @04:01PM AMC Theaters Changes Course and Will Require Customers To Wear Face Masks
Friday June 19, 2020 @01:02PM Coronavirus Pandemic Accelerating, Warns WHO
Thursday June 18, 2020 @05:15PM UK Virus-Tracing App Switches To Apple-Google Model
Thursday June 18, 2020 @04:27PM NBA Restart Plan Includes Using Oura Rings To Catch COVID-19 Symptoms
Thursday June 18, 2020 @03:12PM England's 'World Beating' System To Track the Virus Is Anything But
Wednesday June 17, 2020 @10:41AM Coronavirus Could Upend Traditional Workweeks
Tuesday June 16, 2020 @07:37PM Americans Are the Unhappiest They've Been In 50 Years
Tuesday June 16, 2020 @04:57PM Commonly Used Steroid Reduces Coronavirus Deaths, Preliminary Study Results Suggest
Monday June 15, 2020 @05:02PM Slowing the Coronavirus Is Speeding the Spread of Other Diseases
Monday June 15, 2020 @04:54PM FDA Ends Emergency Use Authorization For Hydroxychloroquine To Treat COVID-19
Monday June 15, 2020 @04:28PM More Than 7 In 10 Americans Won't Use Contact-Tracing Apps, Data Shows
Monday June 15, 2020 @01:50PM Two Hairstylists Who Had Coronavirus Saw 140 Clients. No New Infections Have Been Linked To the Salon, Officials Say
Wednesday June 10, 2020 @04:06PM 3M Sues Price-Gougers Who Used Amazon To Sell Masks At 1,800% Markup
Tuesday June 09, 2020 @05:23PM Apple Granted Patent That Would Allow For Socially Distant Group Selfies
Tuesday June 09, 2020 @04:45PM California To Allow Movie Theaters To Reopen In Most Counties
Tuesday June 09, 2020 @02:56PM China, Scientists Dismiss Harvard Study Suggesting COVID-19 Was Spreading in Wuhan in August
Tuesday June 09, 2020 @01:50AM 'Globally It's Worsening,' WHO Says of Coronavirus Pandemic
Monday June 08, 2020 @12:51PM Coronavirus Apps Don't Need 60% Adoption To Be Effective
Friday June 05, 2020 @11:00PM Atmospheric CO2 Levels Rise Sharply Despite COVID-19 Lockdowns
Thursday June 04, 2020 @10:35PM COVID-19 Pandemic Causes 42% Drop In ER Visits Nationwide, CDC Says
Thursday June 04, 2020 @05:08PM Small ISP Cancels Data Caps Permanently After Reviewing Pandemic Usage
Wednesday June 03, 2020 @04:54PM Governments and WHO Changed COVID-19 Policy Based On Suspect Data From Tiny US Company
Tuesday June 02, 2020 @04:22PM Senators Introduce COVID-19 Contact-Tracing Privacy Bill
Tuesday June 02, 2020 @11:21AM What It's Like To Attend a Conference -- in Person -- in the Age of Covid-19?
Tuesday June 02, 2020 @01:43AM Coronavirus Patients Lose Senses of Taste, Smell -- and Haven't Gotten Them Back
Monday June 01, 2020 @12:05PM New Coronavirus 'Losing Potency', Top Italian Doctor Says
Sunday May 31, 2020 @04:27AM Eight Amazon Workers Have Now Died from Covid-19
Saturday May 30, 2020 @04:52PM As Coronavirus Hospitalizations Rise in the US, Many States Hide Their Data
Thursday May 28, 2020 @03:58PM The CDC Says Its New 'Best Estimate' Is That 0.4 Percent of People With Symptoms and COVID-19 Will Die
Thursday May 28, 2020 @10:10AM What a Week's Disasters Tell Us About Climate and the Pandemic
Tuesday May 26, 2020 @04:54PM CDC Warns of Increasingly Aggressive Rodents Looking For New Food Sources
Tuesday May 26, 2020 @04:48PM Apple Assisting Authorized Repair Shops With COVID-Related Expenses
Tuesday May 26, 2020 @04:26PM China Wants To Use Its Coronavirus App To Track How Much Its Citizens Sleep, Drink, and Smoke
Tuesday May 26, 2020 @04:12PM A Virus-Hunter Falls Prey To a Virus He Underestimated
Tuesday May 26, 2020 @09:11AM College-Bound Students To Miss Out on Billions in Financial Aid Due To Pandemic
Sunday May 24, 2020 @06:05AM Lockdown-Ignoring Sweden Now Has Europe's Highest Per-Capita Death Rate
Sunday May 24, 2020 @06:05AM New Imperial College Research Estimates Coronavirus Still Spreading Uncontrolled in 24 US States
Sunday May 24, 2020 @06:04AM Public Release of Newest Imperial College Report for the UK Delayed By 'Politicized Nature' of Lockdown Debate
Friday May 22, 2020 @10:26PM WHO Lauds Lockdown-Ignoring Sweden As a 'Model' For Countries Going Forward
Friday May 22, 2020 @04:20PM Dr. Anthony Fauci Says Staying Closed For Too Long Could Cause 'Irreparable Damage'
Friday May 22, 2020 @01:33PM US Secures 300 Million Doses, Almost a Third, of Potential AstraZeneca COVID-19 Vaccine
Friday May 22, 2020 @01:25PM Social Distancing Is Not Enough
Thursday May 21, 2020 @12:00PM Your ZIP Code and Your Life Expectancy
Thursday May 21, 2020 @03:56AM Apple and Google Launch Digital Contact Tracing System
Wednesday May 20, 2020 @11:16PM New Zealand PM Flags Four-Day Workweek To Boost Its Shuttered Economy After COVID-19
Wednesday May 20, 2020 @04:27PM College Tests Called Unfair To Homebound, Tech-Poor Students
Tuesday May 19, 2020 @10:12PM Recovered COVID-19 Patients Test Positive But Not Infectious, Data Finds
Tuesday May 19, 2020 @04:36PM iFixit Launches Massive Repair Database For Ventilators and Other Medical Devices
Tuesday May 19, 2020 @03:26PM Carbon Emissions Dropped 17 Percent Globally Amid Coronavirus
Monday May 18, 2020 @08:36PM Trump Says He Takes Hydroxychloroquine To Prevent Coronavirus Infection Even Though It's An Unproven Treatment
Monday May 18, 2020 @04:22PM Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella: Permanently Working From Home Can Be Damaging For Mental Health
Monday May 18, 2020 @03:27PM Cell-Tower Attacks By Idiots Who Claim 5G Spreads COVID-19 Reportedly Hit US
Friday May 15, 2020 @10:19PM Vietnam: How a Country So Close To China Managed To Control COVID-19
Friday May 15, 2020 @04:44PM Doctors Are Tweeting About Coronavirus To Make Facts Go Viral
Friday May 15, 2020 @04:02PM Second Waves Are Plaguing Asia's Virus Recovery
Friday May 15, 2020 @02:35PM How Coronavirus Spread From One Member To 87% of the Singers at a Washington Choir Practice
Thursday May 14, 2020 @02:14PM Fauci Warns 'Little Spikes' of Coronavirus Might Turn Into Outbreaks if States Reopen Too Soon
Thursday May 14, 2020 @01:57PM Mark Cuban Hires Secret Shoppers to See How Businesses Are Opening: "Not Good."
Thursday May 14, 2020 @01:56PM Telsa Files Lawsuit Against Alameda County, Threatens To Move HQ To Nevada Texas
Thursday May 14, 2020 @01:53PM US Field Hospitals Stand Down, Most Without Treating Any COVID-19 Patients
Thursday May 14, 2020 @01:53PM How Are Slashdot Users Handling COVID-19?
Thursday May 14, 2020 @01:42PM Ohio Stops Kicking Workers Off Unemployment After Hacker Targets Its Website
Tuesday May 12, 2020 @06:37PM Washington Restaurants Will Need To Track Diners' Info As Part of Reopening Requirements
Tuesday May 12, 2020 @06:00PM Democrats Try To Ban Internet Shutoffs Until Pandemic Is Over
Tuesday May 12, 2020 @05:54PM US e-Commerce Sales Jump 49 Percent In April, Led By Online Grocery
Monday May 11, 2020 @04:54PM Ask Slashdot: How Are You Handling COVID-19?
Monday May 11, 2020 @02:27PM Twitter To Label Disputed COVID-19 Tweets
Monday May 11, 2020 @12:20PM A.P. Exams in the Coronavirus Era: Online, and Just 15 To 45 Minutes Long
Saturday May 09, 2020 @06:31PM Early Treatment of COVID-19 Patients With HCQ+AZ Shows Benefit, Study Finds
Friday May 08, 2020 @06:14PM In-Person DEF CON 28 Event Is Canceled
Friday May 08, 2020 @04:29PM US Field Hospitals Stand Down, Most Without Treating Any COVID-19 Patients
Friday May 08, 2020 @03:50PM Intel Accused by Workers of Prioritizing Chip Output Over Safety
Friday May 08, 2020 @01:49AM Coronavirus Found In Men's Semen
Friday May 08, 2020 @01:43AM Gov. Cuomo Taps Bill Gates To 'Reimagine Education' For New York
Thursday May 07, 2020 @05:45PM Coronavirus: NHS Reveals Source Code Behind Contact-Tracing App
Thursday May 07, 2020 @04:03PM White House Blocks CDC Guidance Over Economic and Religious Concerns
Tuesday May 05, 2020 @08:45PM Trust In Scientists Grows As Fake Coronavirus News Rises, UK Poll Finds
Tuesday May 05, 2020 @03:35PM UK Reports Highest Coronavirus Death Toll In Europe
Tuesday May 05, 2020 @02:20PM Scientists Say a Now-Dominant Strain of the Coronavirus Appears To Be More Contagious Than Original
Tuesday May 05, 2020 @02:54AM Scientists Create Antibody That Defeats Coronavirus in Lab
Tuesday May 05, 2020 @01:27AM Experts Are Puzzled Over Why the Coronavirus Lingers in Some Asymptomatic Patients For as Long as 40 Days
Monday May 04, 2020 @09:28PM Apple, Google Ban Use of Location Tracking in Contact Tracing Apps
Monday May 04, 2020 @06:03PM As States Move to Reopen, 2 Projections Show Deaths Rising
Monday May 04, 2020 @06:12AM Health Officials Worry About Possible Lack of Cooperation on Coronavirus Vaccines
Sunday May 03, 2020 @05:18PM President Trump Just De-Funded a Research Nonprofit Studying Virus Transmissions
Friday May 01, 2020 @05:26PM Dogs Are Now Being Trained To Sniff Out Coronavirus
Friday May 01, 2020 @04:12AM Amazon Sales Surge But Bezos Says Coronavirus Costs Could Hit $4 Billion
Thursday April 30, 2020 @05:35PM US Senator Wants To Know Which Federal Authorities Are Using Clearview AI To Track the Coronavirus
Wednesday April 29, 2020 @04:57PM Lyft To Lay Off 17 Percent of Staff As Uber Weighs Even Bigger Layoffs
Wednesday April 29, 2020 @04:34PM Some School Districts Plan To End the Year Early, Call Remote Learning Too Tough
Wednesday April 29, 2020 @01:11PM Gilead Says Critical Study of Covid-19 Drug Shows Patients Are Responding To Treatment
Tuesday April 28, 2020 @04:38PM Chinese Internet Users Who Uploaded Coronavirus Memories To GitHub Have Been Arrested
Tuesday April 28, 2020 @04:08PM House Speaker Nancy Pelosi Says 'Guaranteed Income' Is Worth Considering For Coronavirus Recovery
Tuesday April 28, 2020 @01:13PM US Deaths Soared In Early Weeks of Pandemic, Far Exceeding Number Attributed To COVID-19
Monday April 27, 2020 @05:05PM NYC Will Close Public Roads To Traffic To Create More Recreational Space
Monday April 27, 2020 @04:53PM After Prolonged Service Outage, Petnet Shuts Down, Citing Coronavirus
Monday April 27, 2020 @03:14PM NHS Rejects Apple-Google Coronavirus App Plan
Monday April 27, 2020 @02:47PM In Race for a Coronavirus Vaccine, an Oxford Group Leaps Ahead
Monday April 27, 2020 @01:33PM Gates Foundation Will Commit 'Total Attention' To Coronavirus Pandemic
Monday April 27, 2020 @04:55AM Facing Criticism, Germany Switches to Google/Apple's Decentralized Contact Tracing
Monday April 27, 2020 @04:55AM Can New Zealand and Australia Eliminate All Coronavirus Infections?
Monday April 27, 2020 @04:53AM Why the World Will Look To India For a Coronavirus Vaccine
Monday April 27, 2020 @04:53AM 10 More Virus Researchers Say 'Virtually No Chance' Coronavirus Escaped From a Lab
Saturday April 25, 2020 @01:30PM America Now Has One-Third of the World's Confirmed Coronavirus Cases
Saturday April 25, 2020 @04:26AM Apple and Google Pledge To Shut Down Coronavirus Tracker When Pandemic Ends
Saturday April 25, 2020 @04:22AM Ventilator Companies Finally Make the Life Saving Devices Easier to Repair
Saturday April 25, 2020 @04:22AM Israel Stops Using Phone Tracking To Enforce COVID-19 Quarantines
Friday April 24, 2020 @04:20PM Amazon Asks Workers Staying At Home To Return Or Seek Leave
Friday April 24, 2020 @01:15PM Drugmaker Tripled the Price of a Pill as it Pursued Coronavirus Use
Friday April 24, 2020 @01:15PM Researchers Cut Chloroquine Study Short Over Safety Concerns, Citing a 'Primary Outcome' of Death
Friday April 24, 2020 @01:15PM Trump Muses About Light as Remedy, but Also Disinfectant, Which Is Dangerous
Thursday April 23, 2020 @11:05PM First Human Trial In Europe of a Coronavirus Vaccine Has Begun In Oxford
Thursday April 23, 2020 @05:49PM Google To Cut Marketing Budgets By as Much as Half, Directors Warned of Hiring Freezes
Thursday April 23, 2020 @04:58PM Boston Dynamics Open-Sources Health Care Robotics Toolkit, Sends 'Spot' Robot To Help Hospitals Remotely Treat COVID-19 Patients
Thursday April 23, 2020 @04:47PM 1 In 5 New Yorkers May Have Had COVID-19, Antibody Tests Suggest
Thursday April 23, 2020 @03:33PM Zoom Daily Users Surge To 300 Million Despite Privacy Woes
Thursday April 23, 2020 @03:32PM 'Murder Threats' To Telecoms Engineers Over 5G
Wednesday April 22, 2020 @09:58PM Chinese Agents Helped Spread Messages That Sowed Virus Panic In US: Officials
Wednesday April 22, 2020 @09:22PM UK To Trial Coronavirus Treatments Using Blood From Survivors
Wednesday April 22, 2020 @06:50PM Two Cats Are First US Pets To Test Positive For Coronavirus
Wednesday April 22, 2020 @06:32PM Air Pollution Falls By Unprecedented Levels In Major Global Cities During Coronavirus Lockdowns
Wednesday April 22, 2020 @06:05PM The Jury Is Still Out On Zoom Trials
Wednesday April 22, 2020 @04:35PM Researchers To Doctors: Stop Putting COVID-19 Patients On Invasive Ventilators
Wednesday April 22, 2020 @04:17PM First US Coronavirus Deaths Took Place Weeks Before Initially Thought
Wednesday April 22, 2020 @03:45PM Milan Announces Ambitious Scheme To Reduce Car Use After Lockdown
Wednesday April 22, 2020 @06:41AM Who's Behind the 'Reopen' Domain Surge?
Tuesday April 21, 2020 @08:36PM Facebook Has Released a Map of Coronavirus Symptoms Crowdsourced From Its Users
Tuesday April 21, 2020 @07:55PM 'Minecraft' Partners With United Nations For COVID-19 PSA Campaign
Tuesday April 21, 2020 @07:49PM As Coronavirus Spreads, Poison Hotlines See Rise In Accidents With Cleaning Products
Tuesday April 21, 2020 @07:16PM Trump Will Temporarily Suspend Immigration Into the US For 60 Days Due To Coronavirus Fears
Tuesday April 21, 2020 @04:42PM Netflix Adds 16 Million New Subscribers as Homebound Consumers Stream Away
Tuesday April 21, 2020 @02:55AM Ticketmaster Preparing Refund Plan For Thousands of Postponed Shows
Monday April 20, 2020 @05:00PM 2 Billion Phones Cannot Use Google and Apple Contact-Tracing Tech
Monday April 20, 2020 @03:55PM Facebook Will Ban Protests That Defy Government 'Guidance' On Distancing
Monday April 20, 2020 @12:45AM O'Reilly Makes 'Prototype to Product' eBook Free to Help COVID-19 Innovators
Monday April 20, 2020 @12:45AM Will Companies Cut Open Source Investment Because of COVID-19?
Friday April 17, 2020 @12:01PM World's Biggest Trial of Drug To Treat Covid-19 Begins in UK
Friday April 17, 2020 @09:58AM 'Claim That Covid-19 Came from Lab in China Completely Unfounded Scientists Say'
Friday April 17, 2020 @09:28AM China Raises Coronavirus Death Toll by 50% in Wuhan
Friday April 17, 2020 @02:32AM Coronavirus: NHS Contact Tracing App To Target 80 Percent of Smartphone Users
Thursday April 16, 2020 @08:13PM Tech's Early Work-From-Home Mandates Helped California, Washington Flatten Curve
Thursday April 16, 2020 @05:47PM Facebook Cancels Large In-Person Events Through June 2021
Thursday April 16, 2020 @03:41PM Amazon Retools With Unusual Goal: Get Shoppers To Buy Less Amid Coronavirus Pandemic
Thursday April 16, 2020 @12:45PM Google, Apple Covid-19 Tracking Tech Faces EU Scrutiny
Thursday April 16, 2020 @01:38AM New York Orders Residents To Wear Masks In Public
Wednesday April 15, 2020 @05:35PM General Motors' First Ventilators Are Ready For Delivery
Tuesday April 14, 2020 @02:33PM PC Shipments Saw 10-12% Decline in Q1 2020 Due To Coronavirus
Monday April 13, 2020 @11:46PM Ticketmaster Will No Longer Refund Postponed Shows
Monday April 13, 2020 @07:11PM Satellites Are Helping To Track Food Supplies in Coronavirus Era
Monday April 13, 2020 @07:11PM 70 Coronavirus Vaccines in Development, 3 Candidates Already Undergoing Human Trials
Monday April 13, 2020 @05:38PM Governors On East and West Coasts Form Pacts To Decide When To Reopen Economies
Monday April 13, 2020 @04:37PM Coronavirus 10 Times More Deadly Than Swine Flu, Says WHO
Monday April 13, 2020 @03:51PM John Conway, Game of Life Author, Dies At 82 of COVID-19
Monday April 13, 2020 @02:37PM Thousands of Techies in Locked-Down India Are Braving Coronavirus Daily To Keep the World Running
Monday April 13, 2020 @02:37PM UK App To Track Coronavirus Spread To Be Launched
Monday April 13, 2020 @02:37PM ICANN Cheers Registrars' Efforts to Fight COVID-19 Scammers
Monday April 13, 2020 @02:37PM During the Pandemic, Will Robots Take Over More Human Jobs?
Monday April 13, 2020 @02:36PM Amazon To Hire 75,000 More Workers as Demand Rises Due To Coronavirus
Monday April 13, 2020 @02:36PM Amazon Stops Accepting New Online Grocery Customers Amid Surging Demand
Monday April 13, 2020 @02:36PM Raspberry Pi-Powered Ventilator To Be Tested in Colombia
Friday April 10, 2020 @10:31PM Blood Tests Show 14 Percent of People Are Now Immune To Covid-19 In One Town In Germany
Friday April 10, 2020 @04:19PM Drones Take Italians' Temperature and Issue Fines
Friday April 10, 2020 @04:13PM NIH Begins Clinical Trial To Test Hydroxychloroquine To Treat COVID-19