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Make the schedule based around how devoted of readers you guys are. Do the people in your group have lots of time and spend that time reading? Maybe twice a month. If y’all are slower readers or don’t have a lot of time to read, once a month is nice, and pretty reliable. I’d recommend waiting till everyone finishes the book though, because if you’re only supposed to read a set amount of chapters, people are definitely going to read ahead, and you risk going into spoiler territory.

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Haven't started or been in any book clubs, but I think you guys should just start and experiment :) The schedule might also change depending on the book. I know a friend that is in a book club, they meet every other week I think.

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There are 4 of us and we each take turns picking the book. Nothing is off limits. We then meet a couple times throughout book, either weekly or bi-weekly depending on schedules. books take no more than a month usually. Have fun!

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Do you guys come up with your own discussion questions? Or do you follow ones already made?

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We come up with our own, or at least I do. I mark up and make notes of things I find interesting or want to remember to bring up. But it’s generally just a 20-30 minute discussion on our thoughts. Also, my wife was in a book club with like 10 girlfriends and it was absolute chaos. Keep it small if you can lol

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Thankfully I don’t have many friends, especially friends interested in reading hahaha

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My book group has been meeting monthly for going on 10 years now. We absolutely read the book and have kicked people out for failing to do so. We rotate who hosts. The host suggests 3-4 books for the next meeting and then we vote as a group out of that selection.

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This is a great idea! How many people are in your group?

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There are 5 of us. And the length of book discussion varies - sometimes we talk about it for an hour or more, sometimes we've said it all after 20 minutes and move on to other life events.

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Does your guy plan out discussion questions? Do you find questions from online?

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Sometimes we look up questions online, but most of the time there are no planned discussion points. We start with "what did everyone think of the book" and the discussion builds from there. You get more practiced at choosing stories that will have a lot to talk about.

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I feel like you’ve got a good book club dismissal story that should be shared

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Lol it's not that great actually. We were discussing The Night Circus, which everyone absolutely loved except this one lady. When asked, she couldn't articulate why she didn't like it. We guessed it was because she didn't actually read it, which turned out to be true. This had been part of a trend of her not really participating at the meetings. So then we invited her to not come back to book group.

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6 people. We meet every 2-3 weeks at bars/breweries (or Zoom lol) and read 50-60 pages each time. We try to pick classics that we would otherwise be less-motivated in finishing on our own—started with Moby Dick, but we’ve also read Don Quixote, War And Peace, Our Mutual Friend (the best!), etc. We’ve been meeting for 9 years.

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Don Quixote is on our list too!

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Mine is similar to one above and we’ve been going strong for 14 years! We meet once a month- the second Thursday of every month. Once and awhile we’d try to accommodate if someone couldn’t make it but that never works, because at least one member will say, “Oh! I can’t make it that Thursday! Can we switch?” No. No you can not switch. We rotate houses and the host provides a few snacks and drinks, and chooses 4-5 books which we then vote on.

It’s kind of nice to have others choose because I’ll end up reading books I’d never pick up on my own. On the other hand, I think some dread it at my house because I’ll bring up a bunch of non fiction to force them to read lol.

We’ve gained and lost some members along the way but usually have 10-12 people.

We have a convoluted voting process (I don’t know why or how this started) where in the first round of voting you vote for your two favorite books. Then the the two highest vote getters go up for a second vote and the winner of that round is the book we’ll read.

Of course covid has messed things up for while, but in nice weather we’ll meet outside or zoom in (which everyone kinda hates)

We have a secretary who keeps the football (a notebook) where they take notes on the books we’ve brought up for voting and gives a quick recap of each before the voting begins. Fast readers often like one of the other books to try so we keep a record of all of the books we’ve brought up.

Before the real discussion starts we quickly go around and give the book a thumbs up or thumbs down. Sometimes someone is super motivated and makes a list of questions for the book discussion but other times it’s just a general discussion.

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Some college friends and I have been doing a few books a year for a min now- we try to pic more difficult stuff that we might have not each gotten through without the support of the others and meet up every week to discuss a chunk that we mutually agree upon the week before. We made it all the way through Dhalgren that way (I am sure I would t have had the balls to finish that one without some external motivation).

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    motivated readers

    This really is the key. You have to find people who have the same expectations and want the same thing out of the club. Some people want to get deep into heavy classics, some want to talk about the latest bestselling thriller or romance, and some just want to use "book club" as an excuse to get together with their friends.

    Each of those is a fine way of doing book club, but put those three people in a book club with one another and they're all going to be miserable.

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    There’s no right or wrong way, but a friend of mine once started a small book club with some friends. They would either all get hold of the book or one would read it and pass it on (small group.) Then when they had all read it they met up and talked about what they liked, what they didn’t like, characters etc and then decided on the next book. I think it took them 2 or 3 months to get through 1 book between them so it wasn’t rushed or any pressure or anything

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    Keep it small for sure, probably under 10 people. Best way beyond that to foster a good environment is to have everyone establish ground rules at the start to follow and find guiding principles on how serious you want to be, how to pick books, how often to meet, schedule flexibility, how much to read between meetings, etc.

    A few things that have worked for my friend group is to alternate fiction and non-fiction every other choice. We keep a running list of book suggestions. We use an online ranked voting system to select the book unless we know we have a consensus. Off-topic discussion is encouraged if it is tangentially related to something from the book. We tend to keep sessions about an hour every week and read under 100 pages for each session so that everyone has a shot of keeping up without too much time commitment.

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    You mean: wine club with books on the side? :)

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    I don’t particularly fancy wine haha.

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    I started a book club with some friends about 8 years ago and we are still going. What we found works for us: -meeting every 2 months (life gets busy and some are more avid readers than others, but a book can be done in two months regardless) -rotating who brings the book options (if it's my turn I bring 2-3 options I want to read and the rest of the group picks one from that list) -if someone has already read a book on the list it's removed from consideration so we are always reading something new -keep the group small, choose people who are dedicated to reading the books, choose people who will bring diverse opinions on the books