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Someone made a tool that lets youtubers scan their videos comments for spam and delete them, and lets anyone scan any video and report spam comments. Spam is a pretty big problem on youtube, and theoretically, if enough people use this tool, it should help eliminate/reduce the amount of spam comments.

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Thank you. An 11 minute video is overkill for this information.

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LTT puts 2 sponsors, 3 or more mid-roll ads in every video. I don't think they actually care if their video being long only hurts the possibility of actually getting rid of the spam on the platform.

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This is why people should pirate his videos

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He just bought a 6000 square foot mansion Linus is doing fine and I will continue to use adblock.

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What part of the video was superfluous?

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The extension was introduced 3 minutes in the video as well as other features provided by the extension. I understand if 11 minutes looks super long but the nitty gritty info was mentioned within a reasonable time frame.

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Someone open-sourced an incredibly basic spam filter for yt comments that the channel owner has to implement. It's pretty crap at the job and catches out a lot of innocent people but Linus is blindly encouraging its use with its auto-ban feature enabled.