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  1. PhotoElizabeth Holmes arriving to trial in San Jose, Calif., on Wednesday.
    CreditMike Kai Chen for The New York Times

    The Trial of Theranos’s Elizabeth Holmes Opens

    A jury will decide whether Ms. Holmes, who founded Theranos and hawked a mission of revolutionizing health care, lied to investors about her company’s technology.


  2. PhotoA fitness tracker from Whoop uses a battery that is both smaller and more powerful than other kinds.

    Your Batteries Are Due for Disruption

    This week, a more efficient type of battery arrives in a wristband fitness tracker. It could soon reach smart glasses, cars and even aircraft.


    1. Photo

      The Shift

      How a Viral Video Bent Reality

      Twenty years after 9/11, “Loose Change,” a landmark film for conspiracy theorists, still casts a shadow over our information landscape.


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