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July 1, 2019

A 30-Year-Old Father Died After Being Detained For Weeks By ICE

The Honduran man had previously been sent back to Mexico under a Trump administration program requiring Central American immigrants to wait outside the US.

This Quiz Will Determine If You're Family At Olive Garden Or Not

Do you deserve a Never Ending Pasta Pass?

44 Fourth Of July Week Deals You'll Want To Check Out

Deals at Nordstrom, Forever 21, Tarte, and more!



ATTN OLDER MILLENNIALS: Relive Your Teen Years And Find Out When You'll Retire

Time to start planning for the not-so-faraway future.

14 coisas legais para você experimentar em julho

Tem produtos e apps legais para usar, dica de passeio, séries para ver e livros para ler nestas férias.

Aziz Ansari Is Returning To Netflix With A New Comedy Special

Aziz Ansari: Right Now starts streaming July 9.

Actor Riz Ahmed Said He Missed Star Wars Celebration Because He Was Blocked From Boarding A Plane

"I'm basically here to ask for your help, because it’s really scary to be a Muslim right now, super scary."

Jake Gyllenhaal Singing Blackpink's "Ddu-Du Ddu-Du" Is Honestly So Pure And Relatable

"I have something in common with Jake Gyllenhaal." —every K-pop fan right now

Enough Jokes, You Guys, John Bolton Clearly Wanted To Be In Mongolia

The trip was added to Bolton’s schedule “a month ago” and clearly took precedence over the historic meeting between Trump and Kim.

¿Podemos adivinar cuál de las películas de 'Toy Story' es tu favorita?

Probablemente te gustan todas, pero una tiene un lugar en tu corazón.

Documents Reveal Widespread Data Fraud In A Leading UK Scientist’s Lab

David Latchman was never punished for leading a University College London lab that published more than a dozen fraudulent studies, according to newly released investigation documents.

Bartenders, What Drink Are You Sick Of Customers Ordering?

"Please don't order a Mojito." —You every night at the bar.

37 Dinge, die Menschen gerne im Sexualkundeunterricht gelernt hätten

„Nichtpenetrativer Sex ist nicht einfach nur Vorspiel.“

Carlos Bolsonaro endossa teoria conspiratória contra presidente e críticas a general Heleno

Filho de presidente deixa comentário sobre vídeo que sustenta que militar preso com cocaína era "peão" sacrificado pelo "sistema" unicamente para desestabilizar o governo Bolsonaro.

¿Qué tan bien recuerdas 'Malcolm, el de en medio'?

Te vamos a creer que eres fan si nos dices qué color inventó Reese y cómo se llama la primera novia de Malcolm.

This Trump Spokesperson Is Gay — And He Doesn’t Care If That Makes The Left Mad

Trump's deputy press secretary Judd Deere on what it's like to be gay and speak for the president who pushes anti-LGBTQ policies.

Ve a comer a Shake Shack y te diremos tu verdadera edad mental

Sí, tu edad real puede ser muy diferente a la edad que tienes en tu alma.

Assim foram as paradas do Orgulho LGBTI+ em todo o mundo em 2019

Em Miami (EUA), Assunção (Paraguai) ou Bengala Ocidental (Índia), as pessoas ao redor do mundo foram às ruas para celebrar o amor, a resistência e o orgulho.

Which Taylor swift Song Are You?

I knew you were trouble...

Qual cosplay bizarro do "Show dos Famosos" você é?

Mirou na Sade, acertou na boneca Momo.

Here's Everything You Need To Know About Jax Taylor And Brittany Cartwright's Wedding

Hooters, Lance Bass, Mamaw's Beer Cheese, and more at Jax and Brittany's Kentucky wedding in a castle!

When You’re Trans, Living With Your Parents Can Be Complicated

Some young trans people are choosing to live with their less-than-accepting families rather than face high chances of homelessness.

16 Summer Grilling Recipes Without Meat Or Dairy

From meaty portobellos to smoky grilled eggplant.

Taylor swift Has Liked A Series Of Revealing Tumblr Posts After The Scooter Braun Drama

"I'm tired of men manipulating and twisting a situation in order to make themselves look better and a woman look crazy."

Here Are All The Celebs Who Have Taken Sides In The Taylor swift/Scooter Braun Drama

"She deserves to own the painstaking labor of her heart."

A High School Valedictorian Was Met With Cheers After Coming Out As Bisexual During His Graduation Speech

"I realized that if I didn’t include the part of me that should be proud of who I am, it would be hypocritical if I asked anyone else to," Mason Bleu told buzzfeed News.

Are These Bridesmaid Duties Reasonable Or Ridiculous?

Have to wear a bridesmaid dress you do not like, or have to buy your own?

17 Fotos asquerosas que no podrás dejar de ver (ni admirar, la verdad)

No estás listo para lo que sigue a continuación.

Hong Kong Protesters Smashed Their Way Through Glass And Metal To Get The Government’s Attention

Limbs wrapped in plastic. Hard hats at the ready. The smell of spray paint thick. This was the scene in Hong Kong as protesters forced their way inside the government’s headquarters.

Here's Why I Love Period Underwear 100x More Than Tampons And Pads

I made the switch from tampons and pads about a year ago, and I'm never looking back.

Si sacas 9 de 12 en este quiz de K-Pop, eres un fan de hueso colorado

Si staneas a todos, desde BTS hasta Seventeen... esto es para ti.

These Powerful Letters Show Why Women Have Abortions

"Thank you for helping save my life by allowing me to choose," one woman wrote to an abortion fund that helps pay for women to have abortions they couldn’t otherwise afford.

Kim Kardashian Is Changing The Name Of Her Kimono Shapewear After Cultural Appropriation Backlash

The decision comes a week after the announcement of the clothing line.

Meryl Streep Is The Best And Worst Part Of “Big Little Lies”

If there’s a through line in this season of Big Little Lies, it’s that maternal good intentions themselves aren’t worth shit.

Russia’s Funeral Business Is Shady As Hell. The Journalist Who Exposed It Wound Up Behind Bars.

Ivan Golunov, an investigative journalist in Russia, was arrested just hours after his latest story was filed.

15 Ways To Sneakily Pack Your Favorite Meals With Protein

It's much less complicated than you think!

You'll Want To Play This Incredible $13 Game For Hours — And It Only Takes 5 Minutes To Learn

Oh, and it's great for a party (up to eight people) *or* just two players.

21 Things To Cook, Eat & Drink In July

From strawberry cake, to slow cooker dinners, to summer sangria.

18 Beweise, dass Finnland im Jahr 3019 lebt

Und tschüss. Ich hau ab nach Finnland.

17 erros que os turistas cometem quando visitam Los Angeles pela primeira vez

Incluindo dicas boas de onde encontrar as celebridades da cidade.

12 lugares incríveis do Airbnb para se hospedar no Brasil

De castelo nas montanhas à casa container, eles estão disponíveis para você alugar agora mesmo!

19 Small Ways To Make Packing For Your Next Trip So Much Easier

You won't have to just throw everything into a bag and hope for the best anymore. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Morning Update: Brooklyn Lindsey Is The 11th Black Transgender Woman Killed In The US This Year

The Colorado STEM shooting paints a portrait of the country at large, Trump and Kim Jong Un meet, an 11th black transgender woman was killed in the US this year. Your buzzfeed News newsletter, July 1.







31 Ways To Upgrade Your Space That Don't Require A Ton Of Work

You won't have to break the bank — or your back.







ニューヨークのLGBTパレードに日本から250人が参加 深夜まで続く大声援【動画】



旅行で絶対に重宝すること間違い無しの便利グッズを見つけてしまったんです!その名も「MYCARBON ラゲッジチェッカー」。これを使えば荷物の重量オーバーとはおさらばです!


Family Mart(ファミリーマート)で見かけた「焼ビーフンのまんま」が、冗談抜きで本当にそのまんま焼ビーフンでした。まじで最強のおつまみ案件です。

夏のおもてなしに♪ パイナップルチキン&ライス


まとめサイトが拡散した「ジャニーさん死亡説」 憶測の広がり、事務所の容体発表まで

ジャニーズ事務所がジャニー喜多川さんがくも膜下出血で入院したと発表するまで、ネットで広がっていた憶測。buzzfeed Newsが調べたところ、「ジャニー喜多川」「死去」を見出しにとった記事は6月18日から22日までで、少なくとも122個存在している。

金正恩氏とトランプ大統領の「歴史的瞬間」 カメラが捉えた2人の表情


G20で「タローを探せ」 あなたはこの難問を解くことができるか…?




立教大学がカジノ推進のシンポジウム共催を取り消し 内容も大幅変更


34 Things That'll Make You Say, "Well, There Goes All My Money"

Including a movie trivia card game, a matte lipstick that won't budge, a sparkly pillow with a hidden surprise, and more! Much more!





It's Time To Find Out What Type Of Foodie You Are

There's only one way to find out.

40 Incredible Little Details In Pixar Movies That Prove Their Animators Are Brilliant

I literally only noticed three of these when watching the movies.

20 Meals People Had The Nerve To Make While They Were High Out Of Their Mind

You people are either monsters or geniuses. I can't decide.

Shahadi Wright Joseph Opened Up About The Filming Process For "Us" And It Sounds Wiiild

"If you've met Lupita, you'll know that she's really goofy, funny and just such a happy person."

A Progressive Organization Is Starting Its 2020 Endorsement Process Early To Get Ahead Of The “Electability” Argument

The Working Families Party has already narrowed the field to six presidential candidates.

31 Products On Amazon Our Readers Are Loving Right Now

Products and gadgets for organizing, cleaning, beauty, and more!

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