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Here's Why A Boomer's <strong>text</strong> Message Can Ruin A Millennial's Day | Digg

boomers beware

Here's Why A Boomer's text Message Can Ruin A Millennial's Day

Here's Why A Boomer's Text Message Can Ruin A Millennial's Day
Before unlimited texting, boomers really had to fit more into a single message.
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TLDR; It's not always... a good idea... to use... ellipsis.

Via etymologynerd.


  1. Terry Stuart 12 hours ago

    From etymologynerd's perspective,and while he is a tad "excited" by his revelation, sending one message vs 3, 4 or 5 is less annoying for the recipient(s). This holds true for all messaging platforms. Its very annoying when on a group thread (Teams as an example) and someone makes a comment which everyone feels the need to comment on (Which is another pattern boomers have mastered, one does not ALWAYS need to comment). Boomers will send one message... everyone else does what this gentlemen is prescribing... its effectively Spam. Especially if you happen to be on a Team/Zoom/Webex/Etc Meeting. You spend a good chunk of it clearing out the popups... So etymologynerd, this is less about generational bias or grammarical effectiveness and more about efficient messaging in a over-crowded communication media environment.

  2. Dude needs to lower his aderall prescription.

  3. Lee Harrington 2 days ago

    This utter prat thinks millennials invented the paragraph. Screw passive aggression, the relevant "Inside Out" character in my head is yelling .... punch this dipshit on the nose. I bet his own mother secretly hates him.

  4. Tim Myrick 3 days ago

    "Boomers" huh... some people may think of others and not want to bombard them with 10 different text messages to get their point across when it could come across in a single text. From my perspective I'd rather get one text with someone's thoughts on it then get bombarded with multiple texts unnecessarily. "Wow, are you done yet?". Maybe I can reply now without getting the theme of the message crossed because they've hit upon two other things between their first message and I'm able to respond.

    Your way isn't always "the" way to do it, pompous ADHD generation.

  5. Kevin Liske 3 days ago

    Because of the dislike of the ellilpses...I shall remain faithful to...the natural order of writing...

  6. Miss Cellania 3 days ago

    Boomer here. We did not learn to use elipsis for postcards or letters. Or texts, either. It's just a go-to for people who don't understand (or don't care about) punctuation, proper messaging, or sentence construction.

  7. david sparrow 4 days ago

    Nice guess, Young Historian!

    ...but you are not right

    1. Lee Harrington 2 days ago

      Well said.

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