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picasa 😭 never forget

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Shoelace: social app for events.

2019 - 2020

Died from bad timing.

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Wave was so far ahead of it's time that the world still isn't ready for it .

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sometimes the failure wasn't the product that they killed, but rather the replacement.

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Totally agree. I still miss some of them...

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RIP google Play Music Player

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It wasn't the best, but you could upload up to 50000 songs on the cloud for free! Also I bought hundreds and hundreds of other songs from the play Store...all for nothing.

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They moved it all to YouTube music. It's all still there.

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Fs in chat for igoogle, google+, Wave, Buzz, Picasa...

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Still bitter over google+, never did get on facebook, and was hoping that would catch on. Apparently I was the only one with an account, though.

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There weren't many users, but there were some active communities, at least for some time I used it a lot. Then things started to crumble, and google announced the experiment was over...

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Project ARA is most painful

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Project ARA was too ambitious to work in real life and to be sustainable in real markets. Maybe it could have worked for tablets, but in the end manufacturers prefer to sell a complete unit than single parts to end users.

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It can work now since most obstacles are/can be dealt with

1) google has its own processor, so all drivers can be provided by google to upgrade the hardware

2) The screen tech has gotten way better from corning, jusy look at iphone 13 screen

3) we are getting solid state batteries, small form factor with more energy density

What else? Just to make and sell. It will sell like hot pockets with a new door to custom tech.

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google goggles is now built in to google photos as google lens

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Similar to killedbygoogle but it is nice it goes into more detail.

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Sparrow was an amazing email client that sadly died and Inbox never came close. Which sucks because Inbox was an interesting take on email management.

I still think google+ was the better social network platform.

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The forgot to include "google Views" which was a dedicated website for user contributed 360 photospheres.

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Hm... Stadia?

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Not dead yet?

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The keyword is "yet"....

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Aw man, I actually liked YouTube Leanback

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I'm still angry that they closed google Play Music....also didn't know some services belonged to google, like Songza!

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I miss google Listen

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A part of me died when they killed Reader 😞