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Member when Reddit showed dislikes?

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I member. That's probably why I don't mind getting downvoted- because when comment upvote/downvote count was still visible, I could see that the "-5" or whatever sum also came with +20 upvotes behind it. I speak for them! Ever since Reddit removed the up/down count, it gives the impression that everyone disagrees with you. It hides that +20 in agreement and makes you feel alone.

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The upvote/downvote count was never a true number, they fuzzed the numbers to make it more difficult for spambots to know when they had been shadowbanned. I'm pretty sure that's why it went away, it served no purpose.

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That's still happening in the background, so while it wasn't and still isn't perfectly accurate, like the other person said, now if you get downvoted you get a sense that everyone is against you. I much preferred the old way.

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You sure? I'm talking about 2007-ish. The flat numbers seemed sensible to me back then but maybe you are right. Couldn't they show % up/down on comments today if that was such a problem though? Feel like there is a better answer than just net sums.

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Ah 2007ish I believe the numbers were correct yeah. The vote-fuzzing was introduced in 2010.

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I swear it felt like such a friendlier place.

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I member

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"this post was submitted on 30 Dec 2021 353 points (84% upvoted)"

That's what i see and it's enough for me as i can easily make out like to dislike count.

youtube should have done that at the minimum instead of that monumentally stupid decision of full removal.

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wow… i just noticed this now…

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I hope creators keep doing videos like this every few weeks to keep this issue at the forefront. Google isn't going to listen to us peasant watchers, but they might if creators don't let the issue die.

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They're only going to listen if it damages their annual income, which it won't. If anything, videos like this only prove to youtube that they can please large businesses by removing the dislike counter and just have their users make one for themselves.

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Google isn't going to listen to us peasant watchers, but they might if creators don't let the issue die.

Why? Creators not letting it die means more videos on... that's right, youtube. That means more ad revenue for Google.

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the big problem (as outlined in the video) is that other large platforms did so first. I don't see youtube backing out of it unless some other do (which seems impossible).

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I just dislike everything I watch anymore. Since I can't see it, it's like it never happened.

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Not sure what that accompanies really. Only people you're really hurting are content creators whose videos you dislike are less likely to trend in the algorithm.

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I don't even like videos anymore. What's the point?

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No one forced you to watch videos . 😂

Don't like . Don't click

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Holy shit, you can have Adblocked youtube on Android? Super useful!

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Yep. It doesn't block ads when streaming to a youtube app or Chromecast device. But it blocks ads, and allows picture-in-picture and even playback when the screen is off.

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Dang, no Chromecast, but that makes sense since Chromecast device runs its own youtube app, its not your phone streaming video to TV...

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There's a way around it... Cast your screen through the Home app.

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There's a way around it... Cast your screen through the Home app.

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Another way that works well is using the Firefox browser on Android to watch youtube and installing uBlock Origins add-on as well as Video Background Play Fix which allows you switch app or turn off the screen and not interrupt playback. Not as nice to use as the youtube app, but it's good enough for me when I just want to listen to a really long video.

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It's one of the things I miss about not being on Android anymore.

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I've held up on vance for a bit, because honestly I didn't mind watching ads on YT videos of people I wanted to support. Between the removal of the dislike button, and now the ad bits not even showing up on the time counter (use to be a yellow highlight, don't get that anymore.) I decided to say eff it, and now have vance installed... I liked their black theme better than the YT dark theme, so that's nice.

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Google AltStore and youtube++ for sideloading. Better then nothing.

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i would like the dislike button back as much as anyone but installing a third party extension won't really bring it back

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with more than 1 million users, the extension has a sufficient sample size to be accurate enough for government work when taken as a sample of 1.8 billion users. and it only gets better every day with each new user.

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the extension has a sufficient sample size

Only if it is a representative sample, right?

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This only applies to videos with 1.8 billion votes. If a video has 5k views and 200 votes, the amount of extension users is tiny and wont give a representative sample of the voters on those videos

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Which is arguably where you need it the most.

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It brought it back for me.

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i think you might be misunderstanding what the extension does

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I think a better work around would be to have members of the tech community completely shun youtube employees at tech conventions and encourage them to not participate in open source projects anymore.

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Linus continues to prove he is incredibly based.

Edit: Hey dumb fucks. i'm saying BASED not BIASED

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Based on what?

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What did the stegosaurus do to deserve the bonk Linus?!

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This is good

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Dislike buttons are useful. When a video has a higher % of dislikes I can make an assessment of whether to watch it or not, especially since I rely on youtube and Googling to solve certain problems at work. So removing it makes it hard for me to know which videos are credible and not.

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Linus makes more money than you

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I have to wonder, have anyones viewing of youtube videos actually change since they got rid of how many dislike a video has gotten?

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No because I got the extension the moment it was released :) I'm not going to waste an hour looking for a good tutorial video.

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Who's even bothered about likes or dislikes? You'll know if you're content is shit or not depending on viewers and comments if that's what youre about