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Toddler hides behind the couch.

Me: Are you pooping right now?

Toddler: Go away!

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grunting sounds

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Thinking real hard noises.

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Farting noises

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What the fuck?

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fucking weirdo

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~slight reddening of face~

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Neighbors kid once complained that I peed his pants

For the record, I didn't

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the first ever sleepover i went to the fucking kid whose parents were hosting said party claimed i peed in his sleeping bag.

the parents were also the "my precious angel does nothing wrong ever" types so they actually shamed me in front of the other kids but even the other kids knew it was complete bullshit.

years later i still get irrationally mad about that.

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I will shit your pants

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Idk man... you could be a bot programmed to pee other peoples pants.

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My brother would say that it was sweat

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For us its "Getowt!"

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That's still what I say when someone walks in while I'm popping and I'm an adult.

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My cousin used to do this when she was a toddler while making a terribly funny face. No one in the house could help because they literally rofl.

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Real troll under the bridge vibes, for sure.

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I apparently did exactly this as a small child.

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Modern “fashion” is what Tim Burton’s brain looks like

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Haute couture shows are art shows. It's not meant to be actual streetwear.

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Ok then, I have a new statement. Art is weird

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Yeah! What were they thinking!?

goes back to perusing tentacle hentai

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My man 😎

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Found Kurt Eichenwalds reddit account

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I 100% agree with that statement

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This is art? Sheesh.

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More like fart. Hence the puffy pants. Putting the p u in puffy.

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Yeah. Whether /u/QuarantineLean like something or not isn't really the standardized test used to determine whether something is art.

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Okay /u/BarklyWooves please tell me why this is art. This is high society garbage.

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Art doesn’t mean good. It’s subjective.

It’s like an IPA, people pretend they taste good because getting caught with something that is actually palpable means you are uncultured.

However, there is always that one guy that actually does love it. He enjoys the taste of Pine Sol.

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Art can be terrible. Not all art is good art.

This is a great example of terrible art.

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It's literal - something produced for creative purposes instead of utilitility utility.

You'd still call a drawing a drawing because someone drew something, regardless of the artist's skill, ability to execute on the idea, or it's critical reception.

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It’s bad art lmao. It’s all just signaling to prove how appreciators of haute couture are so sophisticated because they get it and you don’t.

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This just reeks of insecurity. Reducing something to how it makes you feel lmao. I guess everyone involved are just dummies and you're the one who's much more sophisticated than them.

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Narrator: he thought he had something important to say. He did not.

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I’m sorry, reducing art to how it makes you feel is a problem? Tell me what’s so great about this fit? 95% of runway shows are crap. It’s the same recycled references and minor twists or half baked ideas.

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this fit

it’s not supposed to be an outfit, it’s about the ideas, materials, and work that went into making the pieces

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Oh yes how innovative, polyester and latex, together? A boxy cropped top and voluminous bottom that obscures the silhouette. What a statement! turning this into haute couture? How thoughtful.

99% of art created is not good. Just because this happens to be exhibited in front of a sophisticated audience in Paris does not make it all suddenly great. Think about how many fashion shows have happened in the past 10 years versus how many of those were genuinely impactful and enduring. No question that haute corture is worthy of consideration as art (though it is particularly dominated by conspicuous consumption and consumerism), but that does not make all haute corture good art.

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i’m not saying it’s good art, i’m saying you have no idea what you’re talking about and you’re severely missing the point.

how many of those were genuinely impactful

if you knew anything about fashion you would know

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Dunning Kruger effect much?

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Stfu, u read a Wikipedia page and now you see a comment from someone who is clearly not an expert and think to yourself “finally it’s time to deploy this ultra cunning display of my rhetorical knowledge.”

Yeah I didn’t study fashion in Glasgow or art history at Harvard. reddit surely suffers from this singular egregious instance of someone speaking about a topic outside of their domain expertise. We best just wait for a PhD to take a break from their busy schedule so that they can weigh in and settle the matter.

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90% of everything is crap. 90% of sci fi novels, of stand up comedians, firearms, cars, movies, and yes even fashion shows.

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So why is this crap so deserving of defense? I don’t see many redditors coming out of the woodwork to defend scyfy straight to TV movies.

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I'm not defending it as an art piece, I'm pointing out that it is one. Measuring it based off whether someone would use it as regular clothing is a strange metric to judge it by.

Bicycles are terrible cars, but they're also not trying to be cars. If someone came up to you saying your bike is a terrible car, you'd think that person doesn't know what a bike is.

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So you're saying you'd like to see something weirder than this?

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I sure would

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I’d like to see something that evokes more than an eye roll.

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Reducing people is the problem. You obviously don't understand it, that's okay I don't either, but instead of just letting people like things you insert your own emotions and assumptions onto the people in the scene.

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No, I’m confident that I’m at least partially right. People, their artistic pursuits, and their consumption of them are not immune to criticism. Fashion, haute corture or otherwise, is strongly orientated towards conspicuous consumption and class signaling. But yeah just

✧・゚: ✧・゚: let people enjoy stuff :・゚✧:・゚✧

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No, I’m confident that I’m at least partially right

I have no doubt.

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It’s amazing what crap passes for art these days.

Like for real. Dude looks like an inflatable toilet seat from the waist down

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He's an erect penis - legs are testicles jacket is sheath head is head. I swear, every time I see this type of fashion it's made by some designer fixated on genitalia.

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And it’s ‘art’ just because it look ridiculous? Like wutttttt

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Just pushing the boundaries of cultural norms dude, bro. So controversial, much wow 👏 He's so open and comfortable about his sexual desire that he has become "the dick."

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Smooth as a dinner plate?

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Smooth as my brain

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Oh that’s like nothings different just saying legends

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This meme is my life right now.

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I love your comment! You can read it two ways and still find it funny. (Contrary to how it seems, I am a Burton fan.)

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Puma pants

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Baha I get it

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Hello, if you’re likely to get stoned.

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Look! A walking nut sack

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Wasn't there an Aladdin picture about that.

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Good call!

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Now that you mention it, this dude definitely has Prince Ali vibes

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This comment right here officer

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Imagine if he sat down and crossed his legs.

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Never seen a walking bowling pin before

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Man's got big balls

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We've got the biggest balls of them all

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This is so dumb but I can’t stop laughing

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No mother I did not poop I shoved chocolate down my trousers would you care for a bite

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Yes thank you very much

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It's like half of baymax.

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Baymax while he’s on lower battery

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Guy dresses like Aladdin

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You can smell it from a mile away too

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No solid loafs in the D-pants!

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Another fine invention from Cinco!

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Dude looks like machine gun smelly

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Actually, that’s what daddy’s bags looked like before the baby batter got egged.

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What an interesting way to phrase “fat nut before cum cum”

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What is with fasson

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I could never go to one of these "fashion" shows. I would be pointing and laughing my ass off. Who the fk would wear this in public??

[–]BarklyWooves 9 points10 points  (5 children)

Do you walk into a museum of modern art, point out the 20ft tall curved piece of steel that weighs thousands of pounds, and laugh your ass off about who the fuck would put that on their coffee table?

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Same, I was in a middle school art club and we went to a gallery for a visit.

We all somehow ended up in a mood where everything makes you laugh. Like we were drunk or high without a single drop of any substance.

Looking at random paintings and descriptions, and just laughing our asses off. Lucky to not get kicked out, but it was a hella great day.

[–]_StingraySam_ -1 points0 points  (1 child)

Because this is so clearly innovative, and interesting and has something to say that it belongs in a museum. On par with a Rothko or pollock really.

[–]Sardorim 6 points7 points  (2 children)

They aren't for wearing like that.

You don't understand the point of these shows.

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I sure don't and I'm not ashamed of that at all.

[–]HoshPoshMosh 2 points3 points  (0 children)

You shouldn't be ashamed, but it's kinda silly to be proud of not understanding it like many here seem to.

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Your avatar has blue hair. Simmer down.

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My boi with them SCROTUM PANTS

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Thanks for nothing, and everything, the internet.

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I saw that man getting off his bike. He was a total dick with his red helmet

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I’d hate to pop it with a pin. The utter smell that would come out.....

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That's not how you do leg day.

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This picture instantly sent me into an existential crisis/panic attack

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So that’s why Aladdin’s pants are like that

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Modern day Aladdin

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this guy looks like a dick with balls

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Dat guy looks like he acts like a dick all the time

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Isn't more like urine than poop?

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With toddlers? Both.

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It’s a state of matter called “Toddleric fluid”

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Plus, they've somehow obtained the 'projectile vomit' ability too.

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Level 3 - Carsegenic Fart

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Aladdin is you?

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I remember pooping in the bathtub as a kid

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My toddler did that a few times.. Playing with it & exclaiming about how it floats. Ugh.

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I just thought of a clown while looking at this

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i lost it at the swiffer

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Hey, kaprisun. (Craps aggressively)

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So that's why Aladdin looks like that

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Piss poor design

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Before a game: eating the same zinger

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Looks like a widdle not a poo 💩

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When the invisible friend want to tell the truth

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This is Cloud Strife

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Ngl imo that shit looks good

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This is also what it feels like when you let one of those hot slow farts out.

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Majin buu lookin ass

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He remembered that his D Pants are not for solid loafs

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Thats a very shitty meme .

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I didn’t poop i pee.....

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Now I cant look at this in the same way

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Pretty sure that’s tarkin in the bad batch

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It's true.

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This man has some big balls

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were they inspired by aladin?

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What kind of pants store poop???

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His legs are exchanged with his ass

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Those pants look like cartoon udders

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These are a ripoff of Cinco D-Pants

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Sexy baymax isn't real, he can't hurt you

Sexy baymax:

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He be a walking pillar

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I piss

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You need to open up your legs to even walk properly

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“What’s the wholesome award

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On my way to tell mom I pooped myself at 4am

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i lost it at the end of every sentence

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Those pants.. are beautiful

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Urine and feces are processed in the thigh pads.

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No need for a sniff test... The whole house is already a gas chamber.

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He built like the ceramic penis sculpture from Clockwork Orange

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Do the lick test

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Who’s the one in the corner?

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How about the involuntary sniff test confirmation upon entering the same room as ol’ poopy pants...

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Bruh when I was 5yrs old I remember my uncle visited me, I woke up and felt shit falling down from my pjs

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This reminds me of an episode of South Park or someone fucked up leg day

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Add the union hat and the look is finished

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Where is the lie? lol

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it looks like he is wearing a nutsack

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This reminds me of the Billy Connolly gag about incontinence pants.

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Nah you gotta do the taste test

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He lookin like baymax from big hero six

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It's like baymax meets bell bottoms

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Where do you find photos like that?😂

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Wait this is a real image and not some 3D rendering someone did for fun?

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Smooth as eggs!

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Bro needs lasix

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Its a good thing when you can poo like that

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nut sack pants on knit sock net stack hipster.

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Pants to shoplift milk.

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No, this is our driver's license test.

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Awe nuts

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What my little sister does is of course to say “no,” then proceed to run away

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Do a taste test

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How stylish

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