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google Calendar Stories July 11

With the Material Theme revamp of Gmail on the web last year, google introduced Tasks as a closely integrated to-do app for G Suite. Time sensitive tasks already appear in google Calendar on the web, with Android integration now in the works.

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google Calendar Stories June 27

Over the past several months, many google apps have adopted dark themes with the google app and Gmail likely coming next. google today detailed how the teams behind Photos, Calendar, and other first-party services designed their dark modes.

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google Calendar Stories June 18

If you use google Calendar to track your crazy busy schedule, you may have trouble doing so from your computer this morning. Users from around the world are reporting that google Calendar on the web is currently down, strangely returning a 404 error.

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google Calendar Stories June 11

google Calendar invites are being abused for phishing scams, here’s how to stop it

Most people are used to seeing phishing scams pop up through emails, on the web, and in messages. However, scammers are still pretty clever in their methods to trick people. According to a new study, google Calendar has recently been a target of abuse for phishing scams.

google Calendar Stories May 20

Ahead of Android Q’s official launch later this year, dark modes are coming to all of google’s applications. Dark themes are now rolling out to google Keep and google Calendar, which we’ve been tracking for the past several weeks.

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google Calendar Stories May 16

While phones are computationally powerful, screen size is still a limiting usability factor. Split screen multitasking is one of Android’s solutions, and google Calendar is now planning to leverage another UI element to make it easier to create new events.

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