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Wow for a guy with tits you got a pretty small waist

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Thanks man

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I hope I’m not late to the party

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It was in elementary school, there was this odd ball kid in my class that would throw huge fits and always throw books and pencils at the teacher, constantly getting in trouble. He would sit alone during recess with his legs crossed normally reading a book or just staring at the rest of us as we played, I felt bad for him so I ended up coming up to him one day and tried to connect, turns out he played runescape just like me, I ended up adding him and since then, all we’d talk about during recess was runescape, before he moved he told me that I was his best and only friend. It turns out he had a mild mental disorder that made him aggressive and do weird things so he didn’t get along with many people.

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Nothing will stop yasuo from dying

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Really well made and informative

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for top I'd recommend Garen or Aatrox These are two decent picks for someone who is learning, they don't require mana and can do considerable amounts of damage

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That title though

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People would abuse the system, if they didn't like a champ you played, or your match history they'd just kick you before the game starts

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