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Study 2-3 times more than you are now

Bv=cv Fv=fmv For the most part.. the reason for the differences are different ways we assign value to different items. Inventory is valued different that PP&E for example. Also differences come from differences in GAAP and IFRS. You’re pretty much on the right track with the losses go to I/S generally, then subsequent gains go to I/S to the extent of the loss then any amount above the original loss goes to OCI. I forget which type of asset class that’s for, but it’s generally following the rule of conservatism. Make sure to look up each asset class (different type of asset) before making one broad assumption though

Starting around ~60k

2-3 year probably 80-85 5 years probably 100-110

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Awesome. Thanks!

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No problem

Can't believe people even care about getting a score above 75. It's all the same shit, you don't get an extra pat on the back for a 95.

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Actually you do. EWS award for getting 95.5+ average

Saw this too, cringe


A one piece bathing suit is more attractive, practical, and less exposing. Not that there is anything wrong with women wanting to expose and show off their bodies. As a man I find one pieces more attractive given that I find women attractive who dress more conservatively, elegant and don’t want to stand out.

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Attractive women are more attractive than unattractive women. When both women are equally attractive, less clothing is better. Some men prefer butts and breasts. I am an abs man. I don't like the six-pack on women, but when I see those subtle lines outlining a semi-flat

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I feel it

Yea its because of the curiosity factor The curiosity of what lies under the dress makes them more interesting. This is one of the reason porn gets boring after sometimespan and people move on to other fetishes

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What if there’s a sandwich underneath?

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Yahoo finance has a decent database