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So, this track has (had?) one of the most amazing Wikipedia articles of any song of all time, maybe better than "a good day"

The article basically gives an incredibly verbose description of the plot from the lyrics. But like, hilariously verbose. It's a bit shorter these days sadly.

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So, this track has (had?) one of the most amazing Wikipedia articles of any song of all time, maybe better than "a good day"

Here it is

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"This is most likely a rhetorical question." hahaha, brilliant

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"presumably by engaging their enemies with small arms fire"

This stuff is gold!

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Have you ever listened Warren g rap, backed by Kenny g brass, at a startup fundraiser?

You will

— AT&T commercial, late 90s

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Weren’t those closer to the early 90s or is my mind continuing to slip further?

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When Nate Dogg passed, I was in a karaoke bar and wanted to perform this song as a tribute

That was the day I realized I cannot rap

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The soprano sax really works well with this rendition. The only fun fact I know about Kenny g was his ability to circularly breathe. At one point (and this still might be the case) he held the guinness World Record for longest continuous note.

Edit: He set it in 1997 at 45m 47s and it was broken in 2000 47m 6s and most recently a Nigerian saxophonist, Femi Kuti set a new record in 2017 at 51m 38s.

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Do people not know who femi kuti is?

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Why am I just finding this now..

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RIP Nate Dogg

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"Kenny g is not a musician I really had much of an opinion about at all until recently. There was not much about the way he played that interested me one way or the other either live or on records.
I first heard him a number of years ago playing as a sideman with Jeff Lorber when they opened a concert for my band. My impression was that he was someone who had spent a fair amount of time listening to the more pop oriented sax players of that time, like grover Washington or David Sanborn, but was not really an advanced player, even in that style. He had major rhythmic problems and his harmonic and melodic vocabulary was extremely limited, mostly to pentatonic based and blues-lick derived patterns, and he basically exhibited only a rudimentary understanding of how to function as a professional soloist in an ensemble - Lorber was basically playing him off the bandstand in terms of actual music.
But he did show a knack for connecting to the basest impulses of the large crowd by deploying his two or three most effective licks (holding long notes and playing fast runs - never mind that there were lots of harmonic clams in them) at the key moments to elicit a powerful crowd reaction (over and over again). The other main thing I noticed was that he also, as he does to this day, played horribly out of tune - consistently sharp." - Pat Metheny

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Sounds like Pat Metheny has been sippin' on the haterade

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Pat Metheny is an above average jazz guitarist. He’s just about the level of hate Kenny g is worthy of. god forbid anyone great ever mentioned him.

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I feel it's more of the sax vs guitar 'smooth jazz' wars of the 90s as Metheny didn't play with a saxophone player for over 3 decades. I was a casual Pat Metheny fan but way more into other smooth jazz guitarists during that era like Norman Brown, Lee Ritenour, and Larry Carlton. As a comparison in Sax prowess, a really good soprano saxophonist from that era was/is Jay Beckenstein. Though my favorite sax player from the 90s is Jeff Kashiwa from the Rippingtons.

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Kenny has carved out his niche and established himself as the smooth Jazz guy. If you're listening for sick bebop licks, probably not the guy. I respect the guy but he's not for everyone.

If you like solid sop, I'm a Branford Maralis guy. He's a really well rounded musician. He was pretty big in the RnB world and now he's kind of making a pivot into classical.

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More like sippin' on reality juice

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Write "Songbird, Pat. STFU

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All I know is Kenny g at one time held the record of 45+ minutes for playing a note continuously. It has since been surpassed and is now 51+ minutes.

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RIP Nate Dogg