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<strong>google</strong> Studied Gen Z. What They Found Is Alarming | Digg
Google Studied Gen Z. What They Found Is Alarming
A new study reveals how Gen Zers behave in their natural habitat: the internet.
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The Lede

Gen Z has come of age swimming in a gloppy stew of digital content. Every day they navigate memes, photos, social media, chats with their friends, flashes of video, influencers influencing, news articles from a zillion places across the net. How do America's teens and youngest adults sort through all that digitized gunk to determine what's important, or useful, or true?

Key Details

  • Over the past couple of years, researchers at Jigsaw, a google subsidiary that focuses on online politics and polarization, have been studying how Gen Zers digest and metabolize what they see online.
  • Where older generations are out there struggling to fact-check information and cite sources, Gen Zers don't even bother.
  • All of us are consuming less formal news content these days, like TV or newspapers. And like Gen Z, we're all relying more and more on our social networks to tell us what's going on.

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