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August 27, 2019

Syd Robinson • 58 minutes ago

33 Fantastic Disney Cosplayers Told Us What Inspired Them To Choose Their D23 Expo Costumes

"Elena is Disney’s first Latina Princess and I love the fact that she represents me."

26 Products That Honest To Goodness Work (Otherwise We Wouldn't Write About Them So Much)

blah blah blah "drain snake", blah blah blah "pimple patch" —okay, but they work and you should try them.

Dave Chappelle Doesn’t Need To Punch Down

In his occasionally funny new Netflix special, Chappelle continues to make anti-trans and victim-blaming jokes. Why can't he strive to be more thoughtful?

11 Facts About "Aladdin" That Any Disney Fan Would Want To Know

These behind-the-scenes secrets are a wish come true for any Aladdin fan.

A Palestinian Harvard Student Said He Was Deported Because Of His Friend's Social Media Posts

“This individual was deemed inadmissible to the United States based on information discovered during the CBP inspection," officials told buzzfeed News, without elaborating.

Matt Stopera • 10 hours ago

British Far-Right Groups Would Be Banned From Appearing In The Media Under A New Policy Proposal

Former prime minister Tony Blair’s think tank wants a new designation for “hate groups” to cut off their access to media and public bodies like universities.

Mac and Cheese Cups

Mac and Cheese Cups

These Heartbreaking Photos Show The Devastation Of The Amazon Fires

More than 80,000 fires have broken out in the Amazon rainforest in 2019, leaving a trail of ash and devastation in what is often called the "lungs of the planet."

Rainbow Kettle Corn

Rainbow Kettle Corn

Make College Easier With buzzfeed's 10-Day Best Semester Ever Course

Feel like a human. Even though you're a stressed-out college student.

latrevin • 8 hours ago

26 Food-Themed Accessories That Just Might Leave You Hungry For More

Get ready to add some new taste buds to your accessory collection.

Dave Stopera • 58 minutes ago

Leslie Jones Is Leaving "Saturday Night Live"

Jones has worked on the show since 2014.

Which Element Matches Your Personality?

Are you fiery like fire?

23 Women Stood In Court And Said Jeffrey Epstein Abused Them. Here Are Their Most Powerful Quotes.

One by one, with many in tears, the women described how Epstein manipulated, coerced, threatened, and sexually abused them when they were just teens.

Ty Pennington's Real Name Is TYGERT And I Am Truly Befuddled

Tygert Bruton Pennington to be exact.

In A Rare Prosecution, A Border Patrol Agent Has Resigned After Pleading Guilty To Assaulting An Immigrant

Jason Andrew McGilvray pleaded guilty to one count of deprivation of rights under color of law as part of a plea agreement.

Shyla Watson • 1 hour ago

17 Times Lizzo Was Basically A Cool Big Sister To All Of Us


Ryan Schocket • 4 hours ago

Viola Davis Will Play Michelle Obama In The TV Drama "First Ladies," And People Are Like, "Yep, That Checks Out"

"Viola Davis as Michelle Obama is going to be the best performance of the year."

27 Products From Nordstrom Our Readers Are Loving Right Now

Handbags, jeans, and necklaces, oh my.

The Trump Administration Is Taking Millions From FEMA To Fund Immigration Courts And ICE Jails

The funding transfer comes as hurricane season ramps up and Tropical Storm Dorian takes aim at Puerto Rico this week.

Matt Stopera • 4 hours ago
Stephen LaConte • 58 minutes ago

A DC Woman Is Divorcing Her Husband After She Said He Left Her For Rep. Ilhan Omar

Dr. Beth Mynett said her political consultant husband, Tim Mynett, is in love with the Minnesota congresswoman.

A High School Teacher Pleaded Guilty To Secretly Filming Teen Boys In The Bathroom

Three boys were unknowingly recorded using the toilet, showering, and masturbating in the basement bathroom of the Missouri teacher's home.

Esto es todo lo que te perdiste de los VMA 2019

Shawn y Camila casi se besaron, una reunión de Sopranos y John Travolta podría no saber quién es Taylor swift.

How Normal Are Your Driving Habits?

You're in the driver's seat now!

14 Times Sophie Turner Beautifully Took Advantage Of Being At The VMAs

Sophie Turner had the best time at the 2019 VMAs. In this essay, I will—

Syd Robinson • 5 hours ago

24 "Bachelor In Paradise" Tweets From Last Night's Amazing Episode

Dean: "I live in a van down by the river."

Planeje um casamento e diremos qual diva pop será sua madrinha

Entre Beyoncé, Gaga, Pabllo, Rihanna e Iza a estrela é você!

Matheus Saad • 1 hour ago

Camila Mendes Got Confused For Camila Cabello And Had A Very Funny Tweet About It

There are two Camilas and two Mendes' involved in this tale.

A Judge Blocked Missouri’s 8-Week Abortion Ban A Day Before It Was Going To Take Effect

The judge also ruled Missouri could enforce a ban on abortions solely based on gender, race, or Down syndrome diagnosis for now, but said he expected that ban to be struck down eventually.

A Former Uber Executive Was Charged With Stealing Google’s Self-Driving Car Secrets

If convicted, Anthony Levandowski faces a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison.

37 Random Products Our Readers Are Loving In 2019

An array of products you've been buying from our posts, all in one place.

Jennifer Tonti • 4 hours ago

Conselho pune promotor que chamou Gilmar Mendes de “maior laxante do Brasil”

Ele recebeu a pena de “censura”, o que pode prejudicar sua progressão dentro da carreira e abre espaço para suspensão em caso de reincidência.

Lauren Strapagiel • 11 hours ago

Pete Davidson Lost His Temper At UCF Students During A Set And Now The College Is Mad

“It’s disappointing that his rant spoiled an event that was meant to welcome students back for the fall semester,” the University of Central Florida told buzzfeed News.

Michael Blackmon • 12 hours ago

17 Of The Best Reactions To "The King" Trailer

"And then there's Robert Pattinson looking like Jasper from Twilight."

21 Things That’ll Help Make Your Dorm Room So Much Cozier

From twinkle lights to floor pillows, your dorm is about to be the ultimate chill zone.

Massachusetts Democrats Might Have A Nasty Primary Fight Ahead. What’s Ayanna Pressley Going To Do?

With Joe Kennedy III potentially challenging Ed Markey, what one-quarter of “the Squad” does next could be a big political move.

Boris Johnson's Women Advisers Are Furious They're Being Paid Less Than Their Male Colleagues

Several women aides are appealing their pay packages. One is considering taking the government to an employment tribunal, and some are talking about quitting in protest.

FYI, Lenny Kravitz Is 55!!!

As the old saying goes, age ain't nothing but a number.

12 Awkward Moments From The VMAs

John Travolta, that is not Taylor swift.

19 Reasons Why "Ready Or Not" Is Worth A Trip To The Movies

Get ready for Samara Weaving to become a household name.

20 Products That'll Probably Feel Like A Treat For Your Eyes

Anything and everything your eyes may need or want.

Gretchen Carlson Said She Doesn’t Watch Fox News Anymore

The former Fox & Friends host also shared with buzzfeed News her reaction to the trailer for the sexual harassment movie Bombshell, in which she’s played by Nicole Kidman.

14 Famosos en sus primeros VMA y en los VMAs 2019

Ha pasado mucho tiempo, mucho, mucho tiempo.

Jen Abidor • 10 hours ago

Esto es lo que gana Taylor swift en un día

Nunca me sentí tan pobre.

12 Productos de Amazon México para cualquier tipo de papá

No tiene que ser Día del Padre para que le demuestres tu amor.

Matt Stopera • 8 hours ago

18 Extremely Pure Things That Happened At The 2019 Video Music Awards

Featuring Lizzo, Sophie Turner, and Taylor swift hugging a bunch of celebs!

25 Of The Best Coffee Products You Can Get On Amazon

*takes a large swig of coffee, cracks fingers, and adds everything to cart*

Rebecca O'Connell • 3 hours ago

Este quiz de chistes mensos te dirá qué tan simplón es tu humor

Veamos si eres una persona de risa fácil.

Mireya González • 3 hours ago
Eileen Connors • 6 hours ago
Ellie Bate • 11 hours ago

99 Jokes Only Vegans Will Laugh At

If you aren't vegan, I'm sorry but you just won't get it. But if you are... I hope you enjoy these 99 jokes!

All The Best Deals At Walmart Right Now

Deals on roller skates, skincare, perfume and more!

A Government Advertising Campaign Telling EU Citizens How To Stay In The UK After Brexit Has Been Banned For Being “Misleading”

Exclusive: The Advertising Standards Authority ruled the Home Office’s advice was wrong and ordered the government not to broadcast the advert again.

Stephen LaConte • 58 minutes ago

Incoming: An Iconic Mom Shuffle

A landmark opioid crisis ruling, Epstein's donations to science, reward for helping with unsolved child gun deaths in St. Louis. Your buzzfeed News newsletter, August 27.



22 Sneakers You Can Get On Amazon That Thousands Of People Swear By

No need to ~sole~ search, thousands of people think these are the best.

As 25 separações de celebridades gringas mais chocantes de todos os tempos

Não, eu não vou parar de dizer que o amor morreu toda vez que um casal famoso se separar.

Brazil Has Rejected The G7's $22M Aid Package To Fight The Amazon Fires

The money was promised by world leaders at the G7 summit in France. Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro’s chief of staff said that France couldn’t even prevent a fire in Notre Dame Cathedral.

14 livros que vão te ajudar a cuidar da sua saúde mental

Afinal, cuidar da saúde mental também é cuidar da saúde física.



Khloé Kardashian Reveals She Feels Fine About Lamar Odom Sharing "His Truth" About Their Marriage

Khloé said she was pleased Lamar had been so “honest” in sharing his “truth”, which included stories about him threatening to kill her while high on drugs during their marriage.

Can You Actually Choose Between These Popular TV Shows?

A decision you shouldn't have to make, but you will.

1sheridaci • 8 hours ago


テイラー・スウィフト、リル・ナス・X …

We Know How You Should Treat Yourself Tonight Based On The Shoes You Pick

We all deserve to treat ourselves every now and then!

Teste seus conhecimentos culinários e te indicaremos um produto maravilhoso

Só coisa boa, escolhida a dedo, de acordo com as suas habilidades na cozinha!

19 Of The Most Outrageous School Trip Stories You'll Ever Hear

School trips are where it all goes down.

18 Bilder, bei denen wir auch nicht mehr wissen, was wir noch dazu sagen sollen

Außer: Die Welt ist ein sehr, sehr merkwürdiger Ort.

Alex Naidus • 58 minutes ago





We Bet You Can't Get A 9/10 On This Harry Styles Quiz

Don't worry. We won't ask you how many nipples he has.





Think You're A Horse Girl? This Quiz Will Be The Judge Of That

If there's a horse girl in there, we're going to find it. 🐴

Jess Ayliffe • 58 minutes ago

Get Your Butt Into Nature With These 17 Camp Spots Close To Brisbane

It's the perfect time to dust off the tent and set up under the stars.

26 Brisbane Date Ideas Under $50 That Aren't Just Dinner And A Movie

More dates than a season of The Bachelor – just with less Osher.

Here's Everything You Missed Missed At The 2019 VMAs

Shawn and Camila almost kissed, a Sopranos reunion, and John Travolta might not know who Taylor swift is.



Black Kids In St. Louis Are Getting Shot And Killed So Often, Police Are Offering $100,000 To Help Solve Cases

"How would this series of horrific shootings of children and teens be covered by journalists if this violence happened in a white, middle class neighborhood?" asked one expert.

Jeffrey Epstein’s Links To Scientists Are Even More Extensive Than We Thought

Scientists took Epstein’s money or associated with the financier after he was jailed for soliciting an underage girl for prostitution. Some say they are sorry. Others didn’t comment.

Matt Stopera • 8 hours ago

This Polarizing Food/Drink Combo Quiz Will Reveal How Immature You Are

Maybe don't take this quiz while you're eating.



35 Things That’ll Help You Cook One Of The Best Meals You’ve Ever Made

Eating is like your favorite hobby in the whole world.

We Asked Asylum-Seeking Kids Forced To Wait In Mexico What They Hoped Their Futures Would Look Like In The US

“In my country, it’s hard to dream like that. You have to leave in order to reach your dream."



The Government Has Paid Car Washes Thousands Of Dollars To Take On Interns

"Making kids wash cars for $4 an hour doesn't boost their skills or somehow magically fix what's broken in our labour market."

26 Celebrities Who Need To Start Dating Each Other Right Now

Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling should be together in real life.

Spencer Althouse • 12 hours ago

Todos los looks de la alfombra roja de los MTV Video Music Awards 2019

¿Por qué siento que le he visto este outfit a Taylor swift antes?

La YouTuber Tan Mongeau llevó una víbora a los VMAs en "honor" a Britney Spears

No voy a preguntar quién lo hizo mejor porque pues, BRITNEY.

Jennifer Tonti • 6 hours ago
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