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google To 'Stop Supporting' google Trips For Android ( 27

The google Trips app is headed into the sunset as functionality is integrated into google's other services. 9to5google reports: Our APK Insight of google Trips for Android today reveals an upcoming "goodbye" message that will prompt users about the sunsetting. google already implied in May that a shutdown for the dedicated was coming as part of an evolution. We now know specifics, like how google will "stop supporting" the app. Trips will encourages users to find "favorite features" in other services like the new Travel website that features a Material Theme, and the google Search app. Full feature parity -- namely offline capabilities and maps -- will likely make their way to google Maps, which is set to add trip bundles over the coming months.

The "learn more" page has been spotted by XDA with google noting that support "will end on August 5, 2019." According to the help document, notes from Trips will be coming to the google Travel website, while google Maps trip reservations will be located in Your places-Upcoming reservations. However, version 1.14 leaves some ambiguity on whether the app will stop working for existing users that already have it installed. A pair of strings -- one of which is in past tense -- implies that Trips could continue to function, but that some features will break in the future. As of today, this sunset prompt is not yet live in google Trips for Android or iOS, and the apps are still available to download.

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google To 'Stop Supporting' google Trips For Android

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  • by Anonymous Coward
    google Trips was one of the best ways to find glory holes on the down low.
  • by stevel ( 64802 ) on Thursday June 06, 2019 @07:16PM (#58722374) Homepage

    I use google Trips on iOS to find things do nearby when I am traveling. That's how I learned about Het Zinneke [] (Zinneke Pis) in Brussels!

    • I use google Trips on iOS to find things do nearby when I am traveling. That's how I learned about Het Zinneke [] (Zinneke Pis) in Brussels!

      google Maps provides some good functionality for that, and is the obvious place for any similar bits (if not already there) to land.

      I used Trips a few times, mostly to make sure I had offline copies of everything in my travel itinerary. It was moderately convenient. Not so much that I'll really miss it, especially if the same functionality is available elsewhere.

    • Brussels, cool city except for their obsession with peeing.
      • Wait until google cancels toilet paper and people are trying to figure out the three seashells.

  • Cue funeral procession music ...

    Another product Killed By google [] and going to the google Cemetery [].

  • Great, an announcement that it's being shut down - where was the announcement that it exists?!?

    • I had no idea it even existed. Its supposed to plan your day as a tourist somewhere and suggest places to go. What really happened was google acquired enough data from this project and shut it down. Thanks for all the free test subjects!

  • google Trips popped up a notification on my phone yesterday basically saying exactly this.
    I've found little use for google Trip in recent times, though. On my last trip away it missed many emails related to the trip, so didn't show flights or car bookings. And with InBox gone there was no way to add them back in so that they would show as bookings (google Trips apps allows you to import emails, but they only appear in a list of emails, they aren't parsed for anything).
    So from my point of view, good riddan

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