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Not much is definitive known about him. Rodrigo was more mercenary than Spanish champion (despite being called that). He allied with a force to suit his needs and ambitions. Cloudy history about him and hard to pull facts from legends and heroic myths about him.

And gotta say that someone should do a film about him. Though that may makes legends about him more popular than facts about his life.

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Already has- played by Charlton Heston in 1961, with a restored version done by Scorsese and released in 1993.

Would definitely be nice to a new one done though!

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yeah new one would be nice.

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There is a bit of good history about him. I am curious if there are any Muslim accounts of him.

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He was not the defender of faith for several reasons. Contrary to popular belief, the Spanish in those days, in the 11th century way before Muslims were kicked out of the Peninsula, did not fight for Christianity. Most battles were measured and strategic for territorial or financial gain. El Cid, pronounced Al Seyed, changed sides several times, serving for Muslim as well as Christian lords. I should point out that Muslims and Christians even allied with each other against other Muslims and Christians.

The religious and Spanish National sentiments were developed centuries later, as Spain and Europe developed better senses of themselves.

The same type of made up story telling is applicable to the French. When Charles the Hammer (not Charlemagne) came down to northern Spain, he killed many Christians and took booty as well. But later they made it sound like he had fought against the Moors and his campaign was one for Christianity.

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I know, what would you say he was? I know it's perilous to generalize and categorize, but if you had to, how would you sell his story?

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He was a knight and a commander of his special time and circumstances.

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I won’t pretend to know more than the movie I loved as a kid, but I do know my step-father is a direct descendant and it’s his big thing to talk about.

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He seems like a good thing to be related to.

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I love The Quest for El Cid by Richard Fletcher. I suggest it if you'd like a good historical reference for the time period as well as a critique of how he is handled by most authors.