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Doc Boost


Doc Boost


This section explains the settings for document Boost. By configuring document Boost settings, you can position documents at the top of search results regardless of the search terms.

Management Operations

Display Configurations

To open the document Boost settings list page shown below, click on “[Crawler > Doc Boost]” in the left menu.


To edit, click on the configuration name.

Create Configuration

To open the document Boost settings page, click on the “Create New” button.




Specify the condition for the documents that should be positioned at the top. For example, if you want to prioritize URLs that include “”, you can write url.matches(”*”). Conditions can be written in Groovy.

Boost Expr

Specify the weighting value for the document. Expressions can be written in Groovy.

Sort Order

Set the sorting order for document Boost.

Delete Configuration

Click on the configuration name on the list page, and when the delete button is clicked, a confirmation screen will appear. Clicking the delete button will remove the configuration.