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  1. ComponentUtil xref

    } 446 447 /** 448 * For test purpose only. 449 * 450 Cache Similar Results (1)
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  2. FessMessages (Open Source Enterprise Search: Fe...

    message: Failed to send the test mail. static String ER...of the message: Sent the test mail. static String SU...message: Failed to send the test mail. See Also: Constant...of the message: Sent the test mail. See Also: Constant...message: Failed to send the test mail. Parameters: property Cache Similar Results (1)
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  3. Satan's Test : Jokes

    136 137 138 Long Satan's Test ( self.Jokes ) have to do is pass my test," Satan says. Of course...course, he designed his test such that it should be impossible...accept the terms of Satan's test; a chance to leave Hell...did you bring me? This test was supposed to be impossible Cache
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  4. Bechdel Test -- Feminist Litmus Test for Movies...

    pass the feminist litmus test. S uppose your favorite...references to the “Cowboy Test” and made it clear that...easily pass the Cowboy Test and receive a hearty blessing...the Bechdel Test, a feminist litmus test that is currently...have heard of the Bechdel Test. Named for the lesbian Cache
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  5. North Korean nuclear test prompts global condem...

    Korea's biggest nuclear test to date was condemned around... tweeted that Sunday's test showed North Korea's "words...Korea, called the nuclear test, Pyongyang's sixth since Cache
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  6. Einstein's Theory Passes a Massive Test

    theory test in a mass regime that isn’t well-tested today...basically a consistency test,” study author Andreas...Scientists must then continue to test the theory several ways:...prove Einstein wrong. “To test whether or not there’s...experiments to do much finer tests of relativity. “Whether Cache
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  7. Hyperloop One Announces Successful Full-Scale T...

    full systems Hyperloop test in a vacuum release. The private test was held on May 12 at the...the company’s “DevLoop” test tube in the desert north...north of Las Vegas, and the test pod — propelled by electricity...per hour. Phase 2 of testing includes hitting a top Cache
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  8. Old playbook behind North Korea's new nuclear test

    Pyongyang's latest nuclear test followed a textbook North...device. "The hydrogen bomb test was a perfect success,"...claimed after Sunday's test. While some western media...detonation was lit with the test in July of two intercontinental...region. Sunday's H-bomb test was flagged just hours Cache
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  9. LA River Fork (test mix) | MeFi Music

    Blending Stick LA River Fork (test mix) September 14, 2010 Cache
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  10. North Korea claims 'perfect success' of powerfu...

    successfully conducted a test of a hydrogen bomb that...Sunday in its sixth nuclear test, which judging by the earthquake...and most powerful nuclear test to date, a big step toward...Korea conducted a nuclear test, Foreign Minister Kono...did force another nuclear test, and we must protest strongly Cache
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  11. FessMessages xref

    message: Failed to send the test mail. */ 300 public static...of the message: Sent the test mail. */ 432 public static...message: Failed to send the test mail. 1760 * </pre> 1761...2402 * message: Sent the test mail. 2403 * </pre> 2404 Cache Similar Results (1)
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  12. Harvard Develops a Cheap Smartphone Test for Ma...

    Develops a Cheap Smartphone Test for Male Fertility By Jeremy...inexpensive home fertility tests for men. The new device...and time-consuming lab tests to get the most accurate...accurate fertility test results—an option that is often out...can make home fertility testing for men as simple as home Cache
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  13. US test-launches unarmed intercontinental balli...

    California, the fourth such test this year. The 30th Space...Force statement said the test would show the effectiveness...missiles are regularly tested with launches from Vandenberg...North Korea's most recent test, conducted Friday, showed...conducted a successful test of a missile defense system Cache
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  14. These companies test on animals! : funny

    comments These companies test on animals! 62.8k · 912...6556 6557 These companies test on animals! ( food company. For testing on animals. What did they...companies shouldn't need to test on animals because in a...And Raid. No shit it's tested on animals, it's used Cache
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  15. Analysis: North Korea's 2nd ICBM test augurs a ...

    after Friday's late-night test, the second in a month...scarier missile and nuclear tests, each one more powerful...States after its first ICBM test on July 4. Then on Saturday...hours after its second test of the Hwasong-14, the...access to nukes." Friday's test "is meant to send a grave Cache
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  16. South Korea simulates attack on North's nuke si...

    the North's main nuclear test site on Monday, a day after...its largest-ever nuclear test explosion. South Korea's...Sunday in an underground test of what leader Kim Jong...the North's sixth nuclear test since 2006. The United...Jeffrey Feltman calling the test a "dangerous provocation" Cache
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  17. Hyperloop Phase 2 test : videos

    99 100 Hyperloop Phase 2 test ( ) submitted...Apparently 192 mph in this test and "theoretically do the research and testing and tech advancement,...criticizing the length of the test track as a reason why it' really? It's a small test track, they're obviously Cache
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  18. Test New Database System for Clustering Databas...

    Test New Database System for Clustering Database on...client drivers. We've tested it from the following...current system. Note that I tested the compatibility between...root@:26257/> CREATE DATABASE test_db; CREATE DATABASE root@:26257/>...root@:26257/> grant all on database test_db to postgres; GRANT 4 Cache
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  19. US Launches Unarmed ICBM From California in Tes...

    ICBM From California in Test ( ) submitted...was a regularly scheduled test by the MDA... third or...random one from storage and test fire it without the warheads...other of ballistic missile test launches (the Ballistic...they plan to conduct a test, along with information Cache
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  20. Sierra Nevada Dream Chaser Spaceplane Makes Imp...

    runway during a landing test in 2013. But today, the...flight, which follows tow tests conducted in previous weeks...captive carry test before a drop test scheduled flight and landing test. Optimistically, the approach and landing test. The craft, running on Cache
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