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  1. Google Isn't Listening, So Its Employees Are Suing

    (Gizmodo) If you ask Google whether it has a...the company. Today, Google faces so many do just that. Google is the target of... Cache
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  2. Google Assistant can now send money to friends ...

    Above: Google Assistant on a Pixel smartphone...smartphone Image Credit: Google VB Recommendations...2018 Oct 23 - 24 Google today announced that... Cache
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  3. What Is Google Really Up To With Chrome Ad Bloc...

    Images AFP / Stringer Google's been busy this...Then the flashy "Google Stories" —a Snapchat-esque...that can live in Google's search results... Cache
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  4. Android Pay bites the dust as Google Pay rollou...

    bites the dust as Google Pay rollout, ‘Google Pay Send’ replaces Google Wallet...its Pixel lineup, Google has really started... Cache
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  5. Google is selling off Zagat | TechCrunch

    for $151 million, Google is selling off the...less of a focus for Google, as the company began...shine it had when Google purchased it nearly... Cache
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  6. Google Chrome's now blocks dodgy ads by default...

    Which is great for Google Chrome now blocks...Which is great for Google 1 day ago Stop replacing...crowded 2 days ago Google’s nemesis: meet the... Cache
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  7. Google, the ultimate cartographer | MetaFilter

    300z"/></symbol></svg> </div> Google, the ultimate cartographer...9:59 PM Subscribe Google Maps is Different...I just wonder how Google managed to do that... Cache
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  8. Google Pay is the new Android Pay

    Image credit: Google Google Google recently admitted...that Android Pay and Google Wallet probably didn't...-style battle, it was Google Pay that emerged... Cache
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  9. The Shallowness of Google Translate | MetaFilter

    The Shallowness of Google Translate February...understand cognition. Google wants to solve problems...favorites ] I doubt Google Translate will be... Cache
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  10. Why Google Is Suddenly Obsessed With Your Photo...

    Politics ✕ Tech Why Google Is Suddenly Obsessed...Photos The next great Google product offers a...Tweet Share Share Why Google Is Suddenly Obsessed... Cache
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  11. Google Pay's big global rollout begins | Ventur...

    Above: Google Pay VB Recommendations Google...2018 Oct 23 - 24 Google announced last month...bringing Android Pay and Google Wallet together under... Cache
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  12. The ‘Stories’ format is coming to Google search...

    no yes Tech Apple Google Microsoft Apps Photography...Podcasts Store ✕ Google Web Tech The ‘Stories’...format is coming to Google search next New,... Cache
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  13. Amazon Won’t Sell New Products from Google’s Ne...

    New Products From Google’s Nest By David products from Google’s Nest unit, including...harmful to consumers. Google, though, has hardly... Cache
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  14. Apple confirms it uses Google cloud for iCloud

    confirms it uses Google's cloud for also relying on Google for additional computing...computing work. Google's cloud websites don't... Cache
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  15. Apple’s AR is closer to reality than Google’s -...

    no yes Tech Apple Google Microsoft Apps Photography...Circuit Breaker Apple Google Apple’s AR is closer...than Google’s New, 250 comments Google's Tango... Cache
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  16. TIFU by flossing before an interview with Googl...

    an interview with Google TIFU by Getting interview with Google ( self.tifu ) submitted...and head over to Google's booth. But wait... Cache
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  17. Google Assistant will soon understand two dozen...

    again Smart Home Google Assistant will soon...AM PST Google Home Mini uses Google Assistant...Chris Monroe/CNET Google Assistant is about... Cache
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  18. 11 News Subreddits to Replace Google Reader

    whimpering. On July 1, Google Reader headed to...that's the story Google is sticking to. Bad...Reddit . SEE ALSO: Google Reader, I Don’t Know... Cache
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  19. Google is about to launch a Gmail web redesign ...

    Google sent an email to G Suite able to access Google Calendar from Finally, Google is working on a new... Cache
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  20. New, unconfirmed Google ranking update 'Fred' s...

    Mobile Local Retail Google Bing Social Home...New, unconfirmed Google ranking update ‘Fred’...with the automated Google tracking tools, all... Cache
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