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  1. Trump Thanks North Korea for ‘Smart’ Move to Di...

    Move to Dismantle Test Site - Bloomberg Products...Move to Dismantle Test Site By Thomas Biesheuvel...down a major nuclear test site as it continues... Cache
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  2. Windows 10 April 2018 Update battery test: Edge...

    Edge battery-life test using Windows 10 April...a new battery-life test. Microsoft's browser...than when Microsoft tested the three browsers... Cache
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  3. Help test flagging with a free-form text field ...

    flag flags flagging test text freeform Share:...Twitter Facebook Help test flagging with a free-form...Subscribe Hey! Help us test out a new feature:... Cache
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  4. German Test Reveals That Magnetic Fields Are Pu...

    independent, controlled test of the infamous EM...Watts in the current tests. The researchers also...balance (e.g., the null test also produces thrust)... Cache
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  5. With Lockbox and Notes, Mozilla launches its fi...

    Mozilla’s Test Pilot program for Firefox...plugin itself is a Test Pilot experiment that...a theme editor as Test Pilot experiments... Cache
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  6. Uber Plans to Test Food Delivery by Drone

    wide-reaching commercial test program approved by...commercial drone testing . Hamburgers via...autonomous-car program. Testing has remained grounded... Cache
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  7. GitHub - codelibs/fess-testdata: Test Data Repo...

    together. Sign up Test Data Repository for... ファイルの作成方法 ファイル名 「test」の接頭詞を付加して、適切な拡張子を付けてください。... Cache
    Registered: Mon Jul 16 00:00:25 UTC 2018 77.3K bytes Viewed (0) Like (1) Liked (1)
  8. UChicago launches test-optional admissions proc...

    UChicago launches test-optional admissions...Empower Initiative , a test-optional to institute a test-optional policy, along... Cache
    Registered: Wed Jun 20 02:36:58 UTC 2018 32.7K bytes Viewed (0) Like (0) Liked (0)
  9. North Korea Announces Plans To Dismantle Nuclea...

    Dismantle Nuclear Test Site Facebook Twitter...Punggye-ri nuclear test site in North Korea...dismantle its nuclear test site between May 23... Cache
    Registered: Sun May 13 02:41:28 UTC 2018 Last Modified: Sat May 12 21:19:00 UTC 2018 78.7K bytes Viewed (0) Like (0) Liked (0)
  10. Controversial Police Facial Recognition Test Fa...

    have just begun testing facial recognition...facial recognition test fails to arrest anyone...Facial Recognition Test Fails to Recognize... Cache
    Registered: Sun Jul 08 03:26:29 UTC 2018 111.8K bytes Viewed (0) Like (0) Liked (0)
  11. North Korea nuclear test site to close in May, ...

    North Korea nuclear test site to close in May...Punggye-ri nuclear test site in North Korea...North Korea's nuclear test site will close in... Cache
    Registered: Mon Apr 30 04:23:04 UTC 2018 181.7K bytes Viewed (0) Like (0) Liked (0)
  12. Nasa will send helicopter to Mars to test other...

    helicopter to Mars to test otherworldly flight...Mars, in the first test of a heavier-than-air... Cache
    Registered: Thu May 17 04:11:56 UTC 2018 175.9K bytes Viewed (0) Like (0) Liked (0)
  13. Orlando Police End Test of Amazon's Real-Time F...

    statement saying that the test of how its officers...Orlando police say the test was limited to only...that the system was tested by tracking its own... Cache
    Registered: Wed Jul 11 03:28:19 UTC 2018 194.9K bytes Viewed (0) Like (0) Liked (0)
  14. India's ISRO Conducts First Escape Test For Nat...

    successfully conducting a test of the Crew Escape...Conducts First Escape Test For Nation's Manned...Conducts First Escape Test For Nation's Manned... Cache
    Registered: Mon Jul 09 03:57:51 UTC 2018 92.7K bytes Viewed (0) Like (0) Liked (0)
  15. Russian nuclear submarine Yuri Dolgoruky launch...

    four Bulava ICBMs in test copied! Russian military...hailed the successful test of four Bulava missiles... Cache
    Registered: Sun Jul 08 02:43:03 UTC 2018 483.3K bytes Viewed (0) Like (0) Liked (0)
  16. Trump in Montana challenges Warren to take DNA ...

    Warren to take DNA test The president challenged... Cache
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  17. Are You Yanny Or Laurel? The Definitive Test.

    Every person on Earth is either a Yanny or a Laurel and this quiz is the ONLY way you can find out. You're welcome! Cache
    Registered: Thu May 17 03:01:10 UTC 2018 405.3K bytes Viewed (0) Like (0) Liked (0)
  18. Full Panel: Abolishing ICE new litmus test for ...

    Abolishing ICE new litmus test for Democrats? Kasie... Cache
    Registered: Sun Jul 08 03:02:41 UTC 2018 444.1K bytes Viewed (0) Like (0) Liked (0)
  19. Closing North Korea nuclear test site an import...

    North Korea's nuclear test site is an important...six of its nuclear tests. The official Korean... Cache
    Registered: Wed May 16 05:39:16 UTC 2018 473.7K bytes Viewed (0) Like (0) Liked (0)
  20. Firefox Test Pilot Program Expands to Mobile Wi...

    touch All > Firefox Test Pilot Program Expands...program allows users to test out experimental features...Firefox is the second Test Pilot app, and is... Cache
    Registered: Wed Jul 11 04:18:38 UTC 2018 55.9K bytes Viewed (0) Like (0) Liked (0)

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