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  1. Chrome extensions soon only available from Goog...

    only available from Google's website It'll be...Chrome extensions, Google's Chrome Web Store...squelch the problems, Google is removing an ability... Cache
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  2. Google to show who is behind US political ads

    AFP • May 4, 2018 Google announces new rules...Francisco (AFP) - Google on Friday said ad 'duopoly' Google and Facebook strive... Cache
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  3. Google's Duplex AI could kill the call center —...

    a lot more human. Google is reportedly shopping...first debuted at Google’s I/O developer conference...reservations on behalf of Google Assistant users.... Cache
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  4. Google is having trouble retaining black and La...

    no yes Tech Apple Google Microsoft Apps Photography...Store Forums ✕ Google Tech Google is having trouble...Tweet Share Share Google is having trouble... Cache
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  5. Regulators Question Google Over Location Data -...

    writing for CNN Tech: Google is facing scrutiny...South Korea summoned Google representatives this...into the claims that Google collected users'... Cache
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  6. Geographical Magazine – Apps on Google Play

    Editors Wear OS by Google Weather Games Action... Show more ©2018 Google Site Terms of Service...Developers Artists About Google | Location: Japan... Cache
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  7. Google quits selling tablets (Update: Just a bu...

    erased tablets off Google’s Android sites in...real some time soon. Google has quietly they’re living. Google in particular has... Cache
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  8. Why Google Needs a “User Advocate at Large” – L...

    interface between Google and its user community... that’s right — Googling for them. The idea...a way for users — Google’s customers who are... Cache
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  9. Search is more than Google: Mastering vertical ...

    Skip to content GOOGLE UPDATES Vertical search...Internet Live Stats, Google processes over 3...(in many senses) as Google must evolve constantly... Cache
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  10. Google Working On New 'Fuchsia' OS - Slashdot

    anonymous reader writes: Google is working on a new...nonetheless. android chrome google ← Related Links →...Led To Nuclear War Google's 'Project Magenta'... Cache
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  11. Google Will Ban Bail-Bond Ads - Slashdot

    100122126 story First Google banned ads from payday...months or years," Google wrote. Also in 2016...2018. ads business google ← Related Links →... Cache
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  12. Google Cofounder Sergey Brin Warns of AI's Dark...

    Google cofounder Sergey Brin says advances...tweet comment email Google cofounder Sergey...that accompanied Google’s 2004 IPO. Machine... Cache
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  13. North Korean defectors, journalists targeted th...

    Korea by exploiting Google Play has been uncovered...targeted through Google Play A bug in cell...were uploaded to Google Play as "unreleased"... Cache
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  14. Google improves Translate with offline AI

    Engadget Engadget Google isn't going to sit...about 30MB to 40MB , Google said. And you don't... Cache
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  15. Is Google's Promotion of HTTPS Misguided? - Sla...

    Winer is criticizing Google's plans to the work that Google wants all sites to...kinds of software Google never thought about... Cache
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  16. Why you should not use Google Cloud. – Punch a ...

    you should not use Google Cloud. UPDATE (2-July-2018):...u_should_not_use_google_cloud_this_is_about/...about the quality of Google Cloud products. They... Cache
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  17. Google to scrub U.S. military deal protested by...

    2018 The logo of Google is pictured during...Alphabet Inc's <GOOGL.O> Google will not a revolt inside Google, as factions of employees... Cache
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  18. Google may be working on a standalone AR headse...

    again Wearable Tech Google may be working surprising if Google is. by Lori Grunin...project codenamed Google A65 is thought to... Cache
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  19. Google Wants To Help You With Your Phone Addiction

    staring at your phone, Google wants to help you...for phones running Google’s operating system...while" according to Google CEO Sundar Pichai... Cache
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  20. Google's Chrome Ad Blocking Arrives Tomorrow - ...

    × 97347929 story Google is enabling its built-in...stop using them. Google is not planning to...annoying ads on the web. Google is revealing today... Cache
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