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  1. Google Wants to Book Your Salon Services for Yo...

    Share Google added to its Reserve With Google service...announced a new Reserve With Google feature that would allow...platform. The feature, Google says, provides a shortcut...find a salon or spa on Google Maps or Search and click...With Google service. (Photo: Courtesy of Google) More Cache
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  2. Google slapped with record $2.7 billion fine fo...

    fine on internet giant Google Tuesday for breaching...European regulators said, "Google has abused its market...illegal advantage to another Google product, its comparison...competition rules, alleges Google elevates its The Commission said Google "gave prominent placement Cache
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  3. Google’s 18-Month Quest To Redesign Its Terribl...

    suddenly reminded that Google’s emoji are atrocious... Creative Director on Google’s Material Design. “If...And now, thanks be to Google, that miscommunication...a half of work within Google. It isn’t just a design...problems within Google’s emoji set: As Google has made its Cache
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  4. The secret lives of Google raters | Ars Technica

    has been happening to Google's advertising algorithms...speeches from David Duke. Google's business immediately...gravity of the problem, Google assured advertisers and...the clock to make sure Google's algorithms don't return...owned and operated by Google. Every day, the raters Cache
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  5. Google Glass is officially back with a clearer ...

    $99 headset 2h ago View Google Glass is officially back...X If you thought that Google Glass was killed by a...think again. Alphabet X, Google's "moonshot" branch, has...early 2015, Google shuttered the Google Glass site,...and blue-collar workers. Google also brought a raft of Cache
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  6. Facebook and Google Were Victims of $100M Payme...

    Exclusive: Facebook and Google Were Victims of $100M...that had been victimized—Google. The search giant (“a...Child’s Facebook Account Google this week confirmed it...matter is resolved," said a Google spokesperson. A Material...Facebook ( fb ) and Google ( googl ) indicate neither Cache
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  7. Fess で作るApache Solrベースの検索サーバー 〜 REST API 編 — Fe...

    html」と同じディレクトリに保存しても構いませんが、今回はGoogleのCDN経由で取得するようにしています。 JSファイルの作成 Cache Similar Results (1)
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  8. An Agoraphobic Photographer’s Virtual Travels, ...

    Jacqui Kenny / Map Data via Google Street View Last year...exploring the world on Google Street View. At first...angles and lighting are in Google’s hands. “So many times...themselves: dogs chase the Google Street View car in Peru...are blurred because of Google’s privacy protocols. The Cache
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  9. Funny Resume Made from Google Autocomplete, Now...

    Hilarious Résumé Using Google Autocomplete, Inspires...Mad Libs , Gilles used Google autocomplete to I did it all through Google autocomplete and soon...Infographic Shares Frequently-Googled Cost Searches Around the Cache
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  10. Google’s Academic Influence Campaign: It's ...

    Corporate headquarters of Google, Inc., located in Mountain...Corporate headquarters of Google, Inc., located in Mountain...investigation showing that Google has been systematically...published a report from its Google Transparency Project showing...of direct or indirect Google dollars. It’s the kind Cache
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  11. See one of Google's first Android builds on the...

    more-arrow Tech Apple Google Microsoft Apps Photography...TL;DR ✕ Mobile Google Apps See one of Google's first Android...the OS, on a prototype Google Sooner phone. by Adi Robertson...mandatory for smartphones, Google was designing its own...reference device, the Google Sooner, running a build Cache
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  12. TIFU by listening to google maps : tifu

    to pull off, I whip out google maps and input our home...that we should listen to google maps. I didn't look at...not. I decided to trust Google's algorithm, and assured...will never blindly trust google maps again. Because while...end as planned. TL;DR google maps led us down an insane Cache
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  13. With Alphabet, Google faces a daun...

    11:22am EDT With Alphabet, Google faces a daunting challenge:...FRANCISCO SAN FRANCISCO Google’s self-professed mission...Nearly two years ago, Google co-founder Larry Page...whose units would include Google and an array of had been lumped into Google's overall financial results Cache
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  14. "BING" could stand for "Because It's Not Google...

    for "Because It's Not Google" 174 · 10 comments Restroom...for "Because It's Not Google" ( self.Showerthoughts...Not Unix"): Bing Is Not Google permalink embed save report...prefer "Beware! It's Not Google!" permalink embed save...what I've seen, most new Google Search features were already Cache
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  15. Exclusive: Here's The Full 10-Page Anti-Diversi...

    Photo: AP Update 7:25pm ET: Google’s new Vice President of...issued her own memo to Google employees in the now-viral memo, “Google’s Ideological Echo Chamber...10-page screed against Google’s diversity initiatives...internal meme network and Google+. The document’s existence Cache
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  16. Google offers Lunar Xprize finalists an extra $...

    soar like eagles 1h ago Google offers Lunar Xprize finalists...14.17 Image credit: Google Google It's been almost 10...10 years since Google and Xprize launched their , and...the lunar surface. The Google Lunar Xprize challenged Cache
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  17. The Google Home Preview Program will give you f...

    The Google Home Preview Program will give you first...Skip to main content OK Google Everything you need know about Google Home Customize your app array How...on Google Home Get acquainted 6 awesome Google Home...not know OK Google play OK Computer Google Home: Top Cache
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  18. Elastic + Google Partner to Deliver Elasti...

    April 6, 2017 Elastic + Google Partner to Deliver Elastic...a new partnership with Google to offer on to give developers Cache
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  19. Angry Neighbor Exacts His Revenge Over Google M...

    an "A HOLE." Exhibit A: Google Maps Yeah, that's exactly Cache
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  20. sitemap-google-news

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