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  1. Google News news | MetaFilter

    300z"/></symbol></svg> </div> Google News news June 28, 2017...8:34 AM Subscribe So, if Google News is your After seven years, Google has pushed out a redesign...haven't looked at in years. I'm surprised...June 28 I don't know why Google doesn't make a deal with Cache
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  2. Google Surveys were supposed to save journalism...

    Following up Google Surveys were supposed to save journalism...journalism . What happened? Google wanted to pay for “high-quality...May—08—2017 08:50AM EST Using Google Surveys is fairly painless...clicked “publish” and Google placed my survey across...sites websites in the Google Surveys network. I have Cache
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  3. Eric Schmidt's testimony from the Oracle v. Goo...

    more-arrow Tech Apple Google Microsoft Apps Photography...Forums TL;DR ✕ Policy & Law Google Report Eric Schmidt's...testimony from the Oracle v. Google trial New, 54 comments...full of legal fun with Google's Executive Chairman Eric...testimony in the Oracle v. Google trial. by Nilay Patel Cache
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  4. aws-google-auth: use Google Apps to federate id...

    User Tags: aws saml sso google federated_ident ... security...Facebook 2 votes aws-google-auth: use Google Apps to federate...Subscribe aws-google-auth: use Google Apps to federate...on the command-line Got Google Apps? Got AWS? Want to...credentials stored on disk? Google Apps SAML Single Sign Cache
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  5. GitHub - cevoaustralia/aws-google-auth: Provide...

    1 cevoaustralia / aws-google-auth Dismiss Join GitHub...STS credentials based on Google Apps SAML SSO auth (what...(what a jumble!) sso saml google aws amazon single-sign-on...commit information. aws_google_auth Merge pull README.rst aws-google-auth This command-line Cache
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  6. jeff flake donald trump - Google Search

    click here to turn off Google Instant. . . We've detected...stay secure × Sign in Google Instant is search. Learn more Google Instant is off due Privacy Terms Use My Account Search...News Gmail Drive Calendar Google+ Translate Photos More Cache
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  7. EU Hits Google With Record $2.7 Billion Antitru...

    the Rule of Law EU Hits Google With Record $2.7 Billion...European Commission has fined Google a record $2.7 billion...face further fines. “What Google has done is illegal under...choice and innovation.” Google in a statement said it...The EC said it was up to Google to decide how it would Cache
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  8. Google Project Zero: Hacker SWAT Team vs. Every...

    Choose Energy Fortune 500 Google’s Elite Hacker SWAT Team...threats around the globe. Google’s Project Zero is securing...faults, at his desk at Google ( googl ) headquarters in...what he had found. The Google team, which goes by and quickly joined a Google Hangout with his colleagues Cache
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  9. Google Translate

    Search Images Maps Play YouTube News Gmail Drive More Calendar Translate Mobile Books Wallet Shopping Blogger Finance Photos Videos Docs Even more » Account Options Sign in Help Translate View: Tra... Cache Similar Results (1)
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  10. Google Doodle Honors the Creative Legacy of Zah...

    Architecture Google Doodle Honors the Creative Legacy...anniversary of her win, Google honored the trailblazing...trailblazing creative with a Google Doodle that graced their...why stick to one?” The Google Doodle reflects Hadid’ receive the honor. Google honored the late Zaha Cache
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  11. Facebook's Snapchat imitations recall Microsoft...

    scared it the most was Google , which was in a completely...completely different business. Google didn't start by creating...same service that made Google famous — a search engine...according to NetMarketShare . Google dominates with almost...90 percent in mobile. "Google" has become a verb. Nobody Cache
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  12. EU slaps Google with record $2.7 billion fine -...

    Google fined record $2.7 billion by EU European Union...Union regulators slapped Google with a record €2.4 billion... Regulators said that Google must change its behavior...additional penalties. "What Google has done is illegal under...benefits of innovation." Google ( GOOGL , Tech30 ) said in Cache
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  13. Google Maps brings Street View to the Internati...

    Alibaba reveals cheap rival Google Maps brings Street View...International Space Station Google takes on Facebook with...Tom’ is today’s glorious Google Doodle 13 inspirational...women honoured in latest Google Doodle ALL Women entrepreneurs...SUBSCRIBE CONTACT ABOUT Google Maps brings Street View Cache
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  14. Google is perpetuating a very bad definition of...

    Google [Eugenics] fell into disfavor only after the...doctrines by the Nazis. Google’s definition for the word...extensively about how Google’s practice of highlighting...wrongheaded notions to the Google masses. To wit: a reader...another example of an odd Google snippet for the definition Cache
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  15. Google fined a record €2.4 billion by the EU fo...

    more-arrow Tech Apple Google Microsoft Apps Photography...TL;DR ✕ Google Business US & World Google fined a record...Sean Gallup/Getty Images Google has been hit with a record-breaking...with the judgement that Google had “abused its dominant...Intel in 2009 . “What Google has done is illegal.” Cache
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  16. The most important announcements from Google's ...

    important announcements from Google's big developers' conference...time for Google I/O. That would be Google’s 10th annual...features coming soon to Google products. CEO Sundar Pichai...observation: That Google ( GOOG , GOOGL ) may have begun...Examples were everywhere. Google Lens, Assistant, Photos Cache
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  17. third-party google docs templates? - googledocs...

    Twitter Facebook third-party google docs templates? July 6...Subscribe I did find the google doc templates Doesn't have to be google docs -- open to templates...they live in? Or maybe my google skills just suck. 7:09 PM on July 6 If Google Slides would work (it's Cache
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  18. EU hits Google with record $2.7b antitrust fine...

    EU hits Google with record $2.7b antitrust fine ADVERTISEMENT...Facebook Twitter Print video Google fined $2.7B by EU FBN's...antitrust fine against Google. The European Union's...Tuesday fined Alphabet's Google a record EUR2.42 billion...EU courts, could force Google to reshape the way it Cache
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  19. Google Wants to Book Your Salon Services for Yo...

    Share Google added to its Reserve With Google service...lives, Google announced a new Reserve With Google feature...platform. The feature, Google says, provides a shortcut...find a salon or spa on Google Maps or Search and click...With Google service. (Photo: Courtesy of Google) More Cache
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  20. The Day Google Had to 'Start Over' on Android -...

    Day Google Had to 'Start Over' on Android Google was...derailed Google's two year-old Android project—Google's bid...(Reuters) In 2005, on Google’s sprawling, college-like...of many, many teams was Google’s own smartphone effort—the...corner of Google’s Building 44, surrounded by Google ad reps Cache
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