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  1. To kill a matinee: Harper Lee's estate sues ove...

    "Sports Night" — is quoted as saying, "As," the article quotes Sorkin as having...having said. It quotes him as adding: "He becomes... Cache
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  2. Bail-bond industry suffers another blow as Face...

    Facebook,” she was quoted as saying in a statement...version of this article quoted a flier that contained... Cache
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  3. Surge in children separated at border floods fa...

    mural at Casa Padre quotes President Barack...cafeteria area. The quote next to it reads:... Cache
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  4. Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove: The Bible verse Jeff...

    same Bible Sessions quoted when she led hundreds...against segregation, he quoted St. Augustine: “An... Cache
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  5. Katherine Heigl has to wear a brace after falli...

    @keithfollett for the genius quote, so so so true!! 😏🤕...of humor, adding a quote in her Instagram post... Cache
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  6. Rev. Michael Curry surprises with sermon touchi...

    Michael Bruce Curry quoted a slave song and...Episcopal Church quoted King, leaving some...2018 MLK is being quoted at a British Royal... Cache
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  7. North Korea says U.S. ruining mood of detente a...

    official news agency quoted a Foreign Ministry...the spokesman was quoted as saying. DPRK is... Cache
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  8. German Trio Accused of Zip-Tying Iraqi Asylum S...

    German,” the newspaper quoted Oelsner as saying... Cache
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  9. Boy prefers Museum of the American Revolution t...

    Benjamin Franklin quotes and the Declaration...Benjamin Franklin quotes, and the Declaration... Cache
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  10. Supreme Court won't hear case of death-row inma...

    go." Another was quoted as saying: "There... Cache
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