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  1. Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss: 12 quotes to inspire...

    Birthday, Dr. Seuss: 12 quotes to inspire all ages...back at 12 of the quotes that shaped our childhoods... Cache
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  2. The year in tech can be defined with these 10 q...

    From Russian meddling to a president whose tweets dominated the news cycle, here are 10 quotes that defined the world of tech in 2017. Cache
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  3. How Neil Armstrong practiced that 'One Small St...

    claimed that his famous quote "This is one small...documentary that the quote was dreamed up months...Dean Armstrong is quoted as saying in a Telegraph... Cache
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  4. Trump's lawyer Michael Cohen says he paid Storm...

    has previously been quoted as describing a sexual...interview , Daniels is quoted as saying that she...attributed to Daniels that quoted the actress as saying... Cache
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  5. To kill a matinee: Harper Lee's estate sues ove...

    "Sports Night" — is quoted as saying, "As," the article quotes Sorkin as having...having said. It quotes him as adding: "He becomes... Cache
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  6. 'Real Housewives of NYC' star Luann de Lesseps ...

    state's attorney, as quoted in the Palm Beach...officer. The attorney quoted her as saying, "I'm... Cache
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  7. Cristina Rodríguez - Yale Law School

    Rodríguez ’00 is quoted in a story about...Rodríguez ’00 is quoted in an article about...Rodríguez ’00 is quoted in an article about... Cache
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  8. At least 15 injured as car drives into crowd at...

    into custody. The AP quoted a witness as saying...and O Globo both quoted police as saying... Cache
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  9. Allegations about 40 gay priests in Italy sent ...

    Mangiacapra was quoted as saying in the...” the escort was quoted as saying in the... Cache
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  10. 'You're Crazy,' Pope Tells Family Who Drove 13,...

    Aires?" the family quoted the pope as saying..." the post says, quoting the pope. "A young... Cache
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