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  1. 'A Quiet Place,' 'Rampage' lead newcomers at bo...

    with Dwayne Johnson's " Rampage ." This time...Still, John Krasinski's "A Quiet Place" continues...newcomers like Amy Schumer's " I Feel Pretty " and... Cache
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  2. Trump tweets on Justice Department 'undermine' ...

    Department 'undermine' sense of 'shared reality'...reality' copied! Masha Gessen, author and staff...her Rules for surviving an autocracy and... Cache
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  3. Pope Urges Nations to 'Open Their Doors' to 'Su...

    Peter's Square Wednesday. Related: Don't Feed...cannot get in. They don't feel welcome," Pope... Cache
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  4. President Trump's favorite answer? 'We'll see w...

    President Trump's favorite answer? 'We'll see what...what happens' copied! Whether the topic is...Sarbanes: Democrats 'really do want to drain... Cache
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  5. Actor Hank Azaria willing to 'step aside' from ...

    Hank Azaria said hes willing to “step aside”...and the idea that it's brought pain and suffering...marginalize people, it's upsetting." In November... Cache
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  6. These tiny 'guardians' are helping protect the ...

    placed high in Tambopatas trees detected the...deforestation — and theres never been a good way...the cloud, where theyre analyzed by machine-learning... Cache
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  7. Melissa McCarthy is ‘thrilled’ to show ‘Life of...

    McCarthy is thrilled to show Life of the...the Party to her mom and daughters Play Video...McCarthy is thrilled to show Life of the... Cache
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  8. How to ditch the 'dad bod'

    stomach paunch — its not healthy. vgajic...himself in a place he didnt like: he had joined...lost some weight, Id live a longer, healthier... Cache
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  9. 'Nobody' does it like Trump

    inbox MTP Daily 'Nobody' does it like Trump...copied! Tonight, Chuck's obsessed with "nobody"...Daily McQuade: I don't see a coherent legal... Cache
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  10. CBS' 'Elementary' succeeds because it's about s...

    "Elementary" is that it isn't about the genius of...version of Sherlock isn't a heroic mastermind...straight “man” — is Holmes' equal. Instead of a... Cache
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