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  1. On Trump's 'spygate' theory, he's playing 'dist...

    On Trump's 'spygate' theory, he's playing...playing 'distraction bingo' copied! The MTP Daily...discuss the president's conduct over the past... Cache
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  2. 'Frozen' to 'Iceman Cometh': Inside Broadway's ...

    didnt really see myself being in Frozen...‘Frozen. Its an all-white piece,” Alladin said...Disney film. “There arent really any characters... Cache
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  3. Biden: Republicans show 'phony populism,' 'fake...

    Speaking at the party's New York state convention..."This is not your father's Republican Party,"... It's time to say 'no more.'" Biden's remarks... Cache
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  4. Trump tweets on Justice Department 'undermine' ...

    Department 'undermine' sense of 'shared reality'...reality' copied! Masha Gessen, author and staff...her Rules for surviving an autocracy and... Cache
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  5. ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ queens turn back time in ‘...

    and thieves of RuPauls Drag Race Season 10...over and over, and Id never want to snap...This top seven episodes Moonstruck -inspired... Cache
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  6. The new 'Murphy Brown' is 'Roseanne' for liberals

    (Photo: CBS) More I dont know whether the Murphy...funny, but I do know its going to be political...political. At Tuesdays CBS “upfront” — the annual... Cache
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  7. Teen uses 'Grey's Anatomy' coded message in yea...

    Montoya wont soon be forgotten because its gone...coded message — “Greys Anatomy Season 5, Episode...the ABC doc drama, youll see Erica Hahn coming... Cache
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  8. Former NFL player Arian Foster says his new alb...

    new album 'Flamingo & Koval,' and how he...discusses how athlete's music can sometimes...Nicki Minaj says she's dating Eminem — but... Cache
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  9. Donald Trump Says ‘Our Ancestors Tamed a Contin...

    nothing Americans can't do, absolutely nothing...forgotten that truth. They've forgotten that "Pocahontas." Don't miss: Memorial Day... Cache
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  10. Jason Bateman says he's 'incredibly embarrassed...

    Jeffrey Tambor over Tambors treatment of Jessica...interview and hearing peoples thoughts online, I...Read Next Kanye West's latest controversy... Cache
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