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  1. Jerry Bruckheimer talks 'Top Gun,' 'Pirates,' '...

    Reblog Share Tweet Share Its undeniable that series office with this summers fifth installment, , “only”...$70 million less than 2011s On Stranger Tides . But...-starring series, said it couldve tallied much more if not...sequels upcoming Blu-ray release. “I mean, youre talking Cache
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  2. 'Game of Thrones' recap: 'Beyond the Wall'

    Thoros and Robert Baratheon's bastard Gendry launched...capture a wight. In this week's episode, aptly titled "Beyond...does not take kindly to Arya's accusations and tells her...Battle of the Bastards. Arya's not one to stand down, and...not betray Sansa, but she's not so sure. Maybe Brienne Cache
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  3. 'Wonder Woman' director slams James Cameron's '...

    everywhere. Director isn't so sure about that. In a...the film, actress Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman, was "an objectified...Gadot in a scene from 'Wonder Woman.' (Clay Enos/Warner...Hollywoods been doing over 'Wonder Woman' has been...misguided," he said. "Its just male Hollywood doing Cache
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  4. 'Star Wars' actor John Boyega calls 'Last Jedi'...

    Reblog Share Tweet Share He's not allowed to dish much...First Order's Starkiller Base in 2015's "The Force...Force Awakens," things aren't looking good for Poe, "The Resistance isnt in the best condition,"...what side they are on. "Its an epic dark story," he Cache
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  5. Charlie Sheen’s ‘9/11’ Movie Trailer Blasted as...

    trailer for Charlie Sheen s new movie, “9/11,” based...called 9/11 starring Charlie Sheen and its awful...Trolled Over 'Platoon' Reunion Pic: 'You Guys Getting...Getting OLD' (Photo) “9/11,” which stars Sheen, the World Trade Centers North Tower during the terror Cache
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  6. GOP senator: Health care vote now ‘in jeopardy’...

    R-Ky., told them the bills biggest Medicaid cuts would...Medicaid program and says its a “breach of trust” that...his caucus. “Dont worry about it,” Johnson said...senators. “Those are too far in the future; itll never...never happen.” The Washington Post reported last week Cache
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  7. Under 'Trumpcare,' women battling metastatic ca...

    that having metastatic doesn't define her. The 40-year-old...knowing she has her family's support and access to the...News. "I also know that I'm not the everyday case. Not...pre-existing conditions, and it's not a favorable change." heads to the presidents desk. Petersen said the Cache
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  8. Sean Spicer says a ‘small group of people’ know...

    reporters on Wednesday. Spicers answer prompted widespread...does it mean? What is covfefe?” asked April Ryan of...tweet was posted on Trumps personal account shortly...Trump goes after negative press covfefe in botched midnight...with reporters after Trumps foreign trip Ukraine and Cache
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  9. Abby Lee Miller of 'Dance Moms' 'terrified' of ...

    week of July. Read: 'Dance Moms' star Abby Lee Miller...Related: 'Dance Moms' star Abby Lee Miller says she'll pretend...admitted that she knows "it's major" that she is heading...said, "It's definitely something that I'm terrified...of, yes." "I hope it won't be as bad as I imagine," Cache
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  10. Thrilling trailer for 'Blade Runner 2049' debut...

    trailer for 'Blade Runner 2049.' I realize it's 2017, it''s just the movie is 2049 ... anyway, I hope you...of 'La La Land' Ryan Gosling Talks 'La La Land' Gosling...Laich's tropical honeymoon Good Morning America 'Game...'Game of Thrones': Burning questions heading into season Cache
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  11. 'Justice League,' 'Thor' and more dominate Comi...

    Related Content 0 'GMA' Deals Tory's discounts on back-to-school...disputes rumors he's giving up on Batman: 'If the Bat rings, I will answer' "Justice League" A new, action-packed...and it opens with Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman kicking some...Affleck disputes rumors he's giving up on Batman: https://t Cache
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  12. Trump tells French president’s wife: ‘You’re in...

    President Emmanuel Macrons wife on Thursday that she...French government on Macrons Facebook page . French President...MSNBC host Mika Brzezinskis appearance , claiming in Florida on New Years Eve. Related: French President...President Emmanuel Macrons unique love story During Cache
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  13. Trump tweets angry response after being called ...

    obviously a madman who doesn't mind starving or Chinese banks won't do business with North Korea...threatens to 'totally destroy' N. Korea, calls Iran 'murderous...'murderous regime' Responding to the speech, Kim released...what he calls Trumps provocation. "I'd like to advise Cache
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  14. Inside Serena Williams' '#ShakeRattleandRoll' b...

    Serena Williams' '#ShakeRattleandRoll' baby shower ('s baby shower was held Saturday at Nick's 50' posted online. Williams' big sister, , was also on...two revealed on Williams' verified Reddit account that Cache
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  15. Donald Trump's lawyer says President's right to...

    Tweet Share Donald Trumps personal lawyer has taken...airwaves to defend the Presidents claim that he has the Jay Sekulow told ABCs George Stephanopoulos, perspective you cant dismiss it one way or the...the other.” The presidents unilateral power to forgive Cache
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  16. Imagine Dragons performs their smash-hit 'Radio...

    French magazine for 'illegally' photographing his twins...their latest hit 'Walking the Wire' in Central Park...Dragons performs 'Believer' live on 'GMA' ABC News Videos...Cavill speaks out on 'Justice League' mustache controversy...Seinfeld, Chris Rock top Forbes' highest-paid comedians list Cache Similar Results (2)
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  17. Nelsan Ellis’ Family Shares Circumstances of ‘T...

    actor who starred on HBOs True Blood as the fan-favorite...days after his death, Ellis family agreed to release...around the beloved actors passing. Ellis died Saturday...via Saines to THR: Nelsans father has bravely agreed...the circumstances of Nelsans heart failure. Nelsan has Cache
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  18. Stephen King's 'Gerald's Game' for Netflix gets...

    Reblog Share Tweet Share Its a great time to be a fan...— and not just because weve just debuted . Between...And while s upcoming take on the authors Pennywise-the-clown...trailer for indicates itll be a psychological thriller...American cinemas finest horror filmmakers, Geralds Game will Cache
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  19. Kim Kardashian West Made Cher 'Proud' with Trib...

    approval to s homage to the singer on the s icon,” copying Chers notoriously long locks “Shes always had the sickest style, Im obsessed...these sheer dresses in the 70s and just what people must...happily channeled the singers style for the magazine, Cache
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  20. White Beauty Blogger Called ‘Racist’ for ‘Choco...

    challenge like this but we havent seen it so Im calling it...something that Shapel didnt catch on to, though the.... this "challenge" doesn't exist because people have...(@JasMeannnn) “This challenge doesnt exist because people...tone,” Shapel said. “I wasnt aware of the whole black-face Cache
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