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  1. FessMessages (Open Source Enterprise Search: Fe...

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  2. FessConfig xref

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  3. Trump complains about Democrats’ rallying cry t...

    for office. But I think its a terrible theme in terms...more importantly, I think its a terrible theme for the...obstruction. Thats not what they want.” “Theyve become obstructionists”...President Trump says Dems' continued opposition to his...something that everybodys happy with,” he said, referring Cache
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  4. Ryan on Trump’s tweet: Attacking Brzezinski’s a...

    President Trumps tweet attacking Mika Brzezinskis appearance...was inappropriate and isnt helping congressional Republicans...agenda. “Obviously I dont see that as an appropriate...on Capitol Hill. “What we re trying to do around here...obviously that doesnt help.” “Were doing our jobs,” Cache
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  5. If Trump’s Comey ‘tapes’ exist, top Democrats w...

    Matt Bai If Trumps Comey tapes exist, top Democrats...Democrats want them preserved Dylan Stableford Senior...tapes, if they exist, dont mysteriously disappear,”...Judiciary Committee, said on ABCs “This Week With George Stephanopoulos”...Schiff, D-Calif., said on CBS “Face the Nation.” “If they Cache
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  6. ‘Lies’ to ‘Lordy’: How the world’s front pages ...

    0 1 / 41 Lies to Lordy: How the worlds front pages...worlds newspapers covered the axed FBI chiefs day...FBI Director James Comeys public testimony was such. Focusing on Comeys statements that the White...demanded loyalty, Fridays headlines from across the Cache
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  7. Kellyanne Conway’s husband criticizes Trump’s t...

    Sessions testifies The nations top law enforcement officer...protest against President Trumps proposed travel ban. (Photo:...criticism of President Trumps early morning tweetstorm...ban, according to Conways latest tweets about the...criticized the presidents Monday tweetstorm deriding Cache
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  8. Chester Bennington’s Wife Talinda Bentley Tweet...

    from Talinda Ann Bentleys official Twitter account...husband Chester Bennington's death, July 21, 2017. Photo:...vocalist Chester Bennington's wife Talinda Ann Bentley...suggested her husband “didnt kill himself,” and the latter...Shinoda? Chester Bennington's Wife Confesses To Cheating Cache
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  9. ''Space and Time'', Adam Friedman, Acrylic on P...

    Medium, Size" Another artist's work - "Title, Artist, Medium...of my (or another artist's) work, Medium." News article...a way consistent with it's content. Both art and news.../r/doodles instead. If it's an unfinished work and you...objects in the frame. We're here to look at art, not Cache
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  10. Women graduates 'desperately' freeze eggs over ...

    before you submit it; if its already here then please...satire and is allowed. If you'd like, you can use a tool...No mobile versions. If youre using a mobile device to...links. Please ensure you arent submitting a link that utilizes...asks Trump 'Are these the ones hurting you?' during press Cache
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  11. Hot mic! Susan Collins calls Blake Farenthold '...

    Blake Farenthold 'fat' and 'unattractive' More A U.S. senator...caught Tuesday on a 'hot mic,' telling a colleague...positions is 'fat' and 'unattractive.' Maine Sen. host that if she were 'a guy from south Texas, I...settle this Aaron Burr-style.' At the conclusion of a Senate Cache
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  12. Panetta says ‘loose cannon’ Trump ‘needs some g...

    Bai Panetta says loose cannon Trump needs some grownups...grownups around him Gabby Kaufman Staff Writer Yahoo...During an appearance on CNNs “New Day,” Panetta team, but said Trumps unpredictable nature requires...he can and cannot do.” “Hes got to have some lines here Cache
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  13. Eric Trump on father’s critics: ‘To me, they’re...

    Tweet Share President Trumps son Eric Trump used striking...obstructing his fathers agenda. “Ive never seen hatred...told Fox News Sean Hannity. “To me, theyre not even...even people. Its so, so sad. Moralitys just gone, morals...Party, theyre imploding,” he continued. “Theyre imploding Cache
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  14. Roger Ailes' Son Says He's 'Coming After' Those...

    Ailes' Son Says He's 'Coming After' Those Who 'Betrayed'...'Betrayed' His Late Father Hilary Hanson HuffPost • During Roger Ailes Saturday funeral service...“betrayed” his father, Fox News founder and former CEO....funeral service for Fox News founder and former CEO Roger Cache
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  15. Hillary Clinton: I’m ‘part of the resistance’

    Hillary Clinton: Im part of the resistance Michael Walsh...on Tuesday afternoon. “Im back to now being an activist...her. She said that she didnt want to appeal to emotions...presidential debate. “I said, Yes, I did prepare for the...the debate. And heres another thing I prepared for. Cache
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  16. Trump faces a ‘victory problem’ in Afghanistan

    define success in Americas longest war and sell the...out weeks ago. And they wont say what role the commander...Americans. “We have a victory problem,” a senior to pursue it. We dont completely agree on ends...definitely dont completely agree on means. And we wont, even Cache
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  17. A ‘secret sauce’ for youths?

    Department of Energy The Monitor's Editorial Board Christian...adults. Bad news: It isnt entirely clear whether the...causes. And promoting it wont be a comfortable task for...single or unwed parents arent deserving of support or...Related stories The Monitor's View After same-sex marriage Cache
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  18. Renewable energy at a ‘tipping point’

    Related Content 0 The Monitor's Editorial Board Christian...percent of the worlds energy supply, its clearer than ever...provide 36 percent of the states electricity generation –...growing industry. The states senior senator, Republican...the wind doesnt blow or the sun doesnt shine?” has Cache
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  19. If Someone ‘Ghosts,’ ‘Benches,’ or ‘Zombies’ Yo...

    Someone Ghosts, Benches, or Zombies You, Do They...youre just entering the dating market, theres a whole...whole new language youll need to learn. New buzzwords...snag someones digits back then, you used em. You asked...communication patterns. And its created an epidemic of fading Cache
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  20. Mom Proudly Flaunts ‘Flabby’ Belly: ‘It’s Beaut...

    running a horse sanctuary. Shes also an avid Instagram poster...Instagram/socalsummers) More “I feel its important for other women... tells Yahoo Beauty . “Im tired of seeing us represented...loose skin, and thats OK and its beautiful.” “The f***ing...just never went away. “Its been a process to love me Cache
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