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  1. Google | Yahoo Answers

    Internet > Internet > Google Google Discover Answer was to make google chrome the default search...where. She check google drive and google docs and it.....where. She check google drive and google docs and it wasn't...answers · 2 days ago What if google charged 1 cent per search Cache
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  2. Google fires employee behind controversial anti...

    Reblog Share Tweet Share Google fires employee behind...anti-diversity memo More Google has fired the employee...confirmed to ABC News. Google CEO Sundar Pichai sent...“left-leaning” workplace culture at Google and urged the firm to...employee memo, titled “Google's ideological echo chamber Cache
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  3. Neo-Nazi website is booted by Google

    Share Tweet Share The Google mobile phone icon on display...(Photo: Matt Rourke/AP) More Google stripped a neo-Nazi website...” had registered with Google shortly after being ousted...Stormer’s registration with Google Domains for violating...service,” a spokesperson for Google told Yahoo News via email Cache
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  4. Quora: Is Google Scholar Changing Academia?

    mobile big data, VR : Google Scholar turned the process...and i10 index. Note that Google didn’t invent the h-index...not really the fault of Google Scholar. It simply solved. 1009_Google More Google and other Silicon...networking assumption behind Google Scholar is so powerful Cache
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  5. Google employee's anti-diversity memo prompts c...

    Sam Forgione REUTERS - Google executives over the last week that "Google’s left bias has created...venture capital firms. Google's recently hired vice...anti-discrimination laws," she added. Google engineering vice president...the company's culture. A Google spokesperson told Reuters Cache
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  6. Google employee's anti-diversity memo prompts c...

    Reblog Share Tweet Share Google employee's anti-diversity...Sam Forgione REUTERS - Google executives over the last week that "Google’s left bias has created...venture capital firms. Google's recently hired vice...anti-discrimination laws," she added. Google engineering vice president Cache
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  7. Fired Engineer Claims Google Is Conducting a Wi...

    by management—and that Google is hounding other employees...Getty. James Damore, the Google engineer who was after...wrong and didn't stand for Google.” Damore, who opened up...” And he claimed that Google’s human-resources department...absolutely untrue,” a Google spokesman said.) Damore Cache
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  8. Google Pixel 2 review

    best representation of Google’s Android you can More When Google (GOOG, GOOGL) launched its Pixel...offerings. A year later, Google is back with the appropriately...special Like last year, Google’s Pixel 2 comes in two...more expensive models, Google has opted to equip both Cache
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  9. Google Maps,+Maharashtra,+In... Cache
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  10. Google Wants to Book Your Salon Services for Yo...

    Share Google added to its Reserve With Google service...announced a new Reserve With Google feature that would allow...platform. The feature, Google says, provides a shortcut...find a salon or spa on Google Maps or Search and click...With Google service. (Photo: Courtesy of Google) More Cache
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  11. Google is now using facial recognition tech to ...

    Welcome to the future: Google is now using facial recognition...giant's photo storing app, Google Photos, can now automatically...both cats and dogs, and a Google spokesperson takes your fancy.) Google Photos is known for book, Google suggests. View photos google photos pet Cache
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  12. Google debuts Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL

    Share Tweet Share Google (GOOG, GOOGL) on Wednesday took...$849. The successors to Google’s excellent Pixel and...Android smartphones the way Google believes they should be...the looks of it, though, Google’s phones have a good chance...for 2 The Google Pixel 2 Xl More When Google rolled out Cache
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  13. Google Pixel 2 removes headphone jack

    Reblog Share Tweet Share Google’s new wireless headphones...smartphones, and Google ( GOOG , GOOGL ) doing the same...laugh at the eggheads on Google’s Mountain View, California...other Android models, Google also sandbags its ability...there is no step four. As Google put it when launching Cache
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  14. Google CEO Pichai cancels 'town hall' on gender...

    17, 2017, file photo, Google CEO Sundar Pichai delivers...keynote address for the Google I/O conference in Mountain...PALO ALTO, Calif. (AP) -- Google CEO Sundar Pichai staff that several Google employees became fearful...flare-up that has consumed Google for much of the week. Cache
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  15. Google's $999 Pixelbook is beautiful and expensive

    Share Tweet Share Google’s (GOOG, GOOGL) Chromebooks are...and check Facebook. But Google wants the Chromebook to...same design scheme as Google’s Pixel 2 smartphones...laptop is quite stunning. Google used the same design language...that tells you this is a Google device is the small G Cache
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  16. Archaeologist spots hundreds of mysterious, anc...

    sands of Saudi Arabia on Google Earth. The archaeologists...the area, mainly using Google Earth imagery – as it’s Cache
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  17. Killer Robot Army: Google, Tesla Warn AI Killin...

    Share Killer Robot Army: Google, Tesla Warn AI Killing...humankind. In an , Musk, Google’s Mustafa Suleyman and Cache
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  18. Google launches advanced Gmail security feature...

    Share FILE PHOTO - The Google logo is pictured atop...(Reuters) - Alphabet's (GOOGL.O) Google Inc said on Tuesday...sophisticated hackers. Google users will have the ability...aimed at protecting Gmail, Google Drive and YouTube data...from access by any non-Google third-party applications Cache
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  19. Google's Home Mini and Max are aimed at Amazon ...

    Share Tweet Share Google (GOOG, GOOGL) made it more than...First there was the $49 Google Home Mini , a smaller...Then there was the $399 Google Home Max , an audiophile’s...area. View photos The Google Home Max is an audiophile’s...audiophile’s dream with Google’s smarts built in. More The Cache
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  20. Former Google Engineer Fired For Anti-Diversity...

    engineer, was fired from Google for challenging the company's Cache
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