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  1. Blunder burns unicorn attack that exploited Win...

    Clicking on a PDF was all it took to infect older versions of Windows. Cache
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  2. IEEE - IEEE Medal of Honor

    This page contains information related to nominations and recipients of the IEEE Medal of Honor. This page contains information related to nominations and recipients of the IEEE Medal of Honor. Cache
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  3. タイトル

    Lorem ipsum. (ロレム・イプサム) 吾輩は猫である。 2014-07-05T01:13:22Z 1.5 タイトル Word 用 Acrobat PDFMaker 10.1 true application/pdf; version=1.5 Word 用 Acrobat PDFMaker 10.1 true タイトル false 2014-07-05T01:13:22Z D:201...
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  4. Subscriptions · Elastic Stack Products & Suppor...

    Commercial products with enterprise-grade support for Elastic Stack (formerly ELK) projects to accelerate delivery and solve issues quickly. See pricing and supported platforms. Cache
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  5. Ars Subscription | Ars Technica Store

    If you want to support the journalism we do at Ars Technica without annoying banner ads, and with added benefits, you've come to the right place.  A subscription to Ars cuts out the middle man,… Cache
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  6. Where to Find Slate Staff

    Slate's New York office is located at 15 MetroTech Center, 8th Floor, Brooklyn, N.Y., 11201. Slate's Washington, D.C., office is located at 1707 L St. ... Cache
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  7. Energies | Free Full-Text | Nuclear Power Learn...

    This paper presents evidence of the disruption of a transition from fossil fuels to nuclear power, and finds the benefits forgone as a consequence are substantial. Learning rates are presented for nuclear power in seven countries, comprising 58% of all power reactors ever built globally. Learning rates and deployment rates changed in the late-1960s and 1970s from rapidly falling costs and accelerating deployment to rapidly rising costs and stalled deployment. Historical nuclear global capacity, electricity generation and overnight construction costs are compared with the counterfactual that pre-disruption learning and deployment rates had continued to 2015. Had the early rates continued, nuclear power could now be around 10% of its current cost. The additional nuclear power could have substituted for 69,000–186,000 TWh of coal and gas generation, thereby avoiding up to 9.5 million deaths and 174 Gt CO2 emissions. In 2015 alone, nuclear power could have replaced up to 100% of coal-generated and 76% of gas-generated electricity, thereby avoiding up to 540,000 deaths and 11 Gt CO2. Rapid progress was achieved in the past and could be again, with appropriate policies. Research is needed to identify impediments to progress, and policy is needed to remove them. Cache
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  8. GitHub - codelibs/fess-testdata: Test Data Repo...

    GitHub is where people build software. More than 27 million people use GitHub to discover, fork, and contribute to over 80 million projects. fess-testdata - Test Data Repository for Crawling/Parsing Cache
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  9. Xiaomi launches Mi Music and Mi Video in India ...

    Xiaomi has launched two apps recently for audio and video streaming namely, Mi Music and Mi Video. Mi Music seems to be a good choice for music streaming. Cache
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  10. A Burgeoning Crisis? A Nationwide Assessment of...

    water_scarcity_eng.pdf\nhttp://www.fhi360...5s4stpzb/overview1.pdf\nhttp://msf.openrepository...rkingpapers/wp0092.pdf 4. Hunter G. Detroit... Cache
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