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  1. Mariners slugger Robinson Canó banned 80 games ...

    suspended 80 games after testing positive for a banned...immediately after testing positive for furosemide...undergoing dozens of drug tests over more than a decade... Cache
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  2. Ford's 'self-driving' Postmates test actually h...

    'self-driving' Postmates test actually has a driver...autonomous delivery test is underway, as the... The company is testing self-driving technology... Cache
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  3. Trump Thanks North Korea for ‘Smart’ Move to Di...

    Move to Dismantle Test Site - Bloomberg Products...Move to Dismantle Test Site By Thomas Biesheuvel...down a major nuclear test site as it continues... Cache
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  4. The “marshmallow test” said patience was a key ...

    ✕ The “marshmallow test” said patience was...famous psychology test gets roasted in the...Share The “marshmallow test” said patience was... Cache
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  5. Seattle Mariners star Robinson Cano suspended 8...

    35-year-old Cano had tested positive for Furosemide...undergoing dozens of drug tests over more than a decade...decade, I have never tested positive for a Performance... Cache
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  6. Italy's Most Beloved Cyclist Rode Hard, Died Yo...

    And yet, the 1999 test remained a strange...and rumors that the test had somehow been rigged...years, even after DNA tests confirmed it was Pantani’s... Cache
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  7. This Tilting, Frozen Floor Is Used To Test The ...

    "WinterLab" is used to test whether shoes can... Cache
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  8. A Promising New Ebola Vaccine Is About to Be Pu...

    the vaccine was tested in Guinea and Sierra...later none of them tested positive for Ebola...vaccine has been fully tested in humans. Merck... Cache
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  9. Rural Kenyans Are Getting Free Cash Every Month...

    but without enough testing and evaluating how...director at GD. “Testing different types of... Cache
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  10. Movie / Music / Book Junkie Archives - Messy Ne...

    Vintage Hollywood Test Shots Ah, the pressures...Taylor, sitting for test shots was all in a... Cache
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