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  1. Levesque.pdf

    alternative to the Turing Test that has some conceptual...a person. Moreover, the test is arranged in such a way...subject has passed the test. Introduction The well-known...well-known Turing Test was first proposed by Alan Tur-...with Turing The Turing Test does have some troubling
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  2. Microsoft Word - Whitford Response Brief -- FIN...

    justiciable pursuant to the test the court adopted—requiring...Under the District Court’s Test. .......... 32 A. The District...District Court’s Test Is Judicially Discernible. ............ 33 iii 1. The Test Captures the Constitutional...Gerrymandering. .......... 34 2. The Test Is Based on the “Comprehensive
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  3. ijcai-13-paper.pdf

    restricted form. 2 Behavioural tests Given some form of intelligent...back to the famous Turing Test [11]. We imagine an extended...said to pass the Turing Test if no matter how long the...a suitable behavioural test has the property in question...Turing Test However, I do feel that the Turing Test has
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  4. Live Agent Group

    On the primary ballot test, Kelli Ward has a the U.S. Senate. JMC tested the impact of that message...him 76-5% on the ballot test, while those less likely...11 Question 2 – Ballot test Race Name Total Asian Black...Hispanic Other White Ballot Test 1 Flake 11% 25% 22% 24%
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  5. US Supreme Court Brief

    A “Limited And Precise” Test For Adjudicating Their...calculations to “sensitivity testing” to as-yet unidentified...alone a limited and precise test to enforce those principles...plaint rested upon “a new test,” the so-called “effi-...form the basis of a legal test. Dkt. 68. Plain- tiffs
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  6. Microsoft Word - 2017 08 28 Whitford Amicus (ve...

    Itself To A Manageable Test While Allowing The Lower...Lower Courts To Refine That Test Over Time...... .........Itself To A Manageable Test With Many Doctrinal Virtues...ii B. Partisan-Symmetry Tests Differ Fundamentally From...21 C. Partisan Symmetry Tests Can Distinguish Between
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  7. 16-1161-ac-Bernard-Grofman.pdf

    Symmetry as a Judicial Test for Partisan Gerrymandering...“Totality of Circumstances Test” in Section 2 of the 1982...Compactness Standard in a Test for Partisan and Racial...Wang, Three Practical Tests for Gerrymandering: Application...Symmetry as a Judicial Test for Partisan Gerrymandering
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  8. 1612.00410.pdf

    = 10−3) 1.13% Table 1: Test set misclassification rate...1(a) plots the train and test error vs β, averaged over...small values of β, the test error is higher than the...not necessarily on the test set, as is evident from...between training and testing is even larger. Figure
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  9. 1332 1332..1338

    several “visual Turing tests” probing the model’s creative...model’s five best parses Test items 1 2 3 4 5stroke order:...was refit to three new test images (left in image triplets)...The correctly matching test item receives a much higher...are refit to different test images I (2) to compute
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  10. 166-OPINION-amp-ORDER.pdf

    regression model to be able to test the partisan makeup and...Professor Gaddie, who tested it against his regression...”32 They did an “eyeball test” for “compactness and contiguousness...into a proposed three-part test for partisan gerrymandering...criticisms of the plaintiffs’ test. First, they noted that
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  11. FAA_AST_2017_Commercial_Space_Transportation_Co...

    . . . . 77 TECHNOLOGY TEST AND DEMONSTRATION LAUNCHES...October 5, 2016, featured a test of a capsule abort and...Galactic resumed glide tests of its second SpaceShipTwo...suborbital front, with orbital test flights of commercial orbital...full-duration static fire tests of the five- segment SRB
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  12. 6336

    Photographs* 2 01410 Testing Laboratory Services* 5...installation of such goods, has tested the system, and determined...Causes 52 Observation and Testing 21 Owner 1 Owner’s Representative... 21. OBSERVATION AND TESTING: The Owner or Owner's...reasonable times to observe and test the work. Contractor shall
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  13. Educationalizing the Welfare State and Privatiz...

    an equality-of-results test of public school performance...adopted limited non-means-tested voucher plans and voucherlike...NCLB's requirement that test scores be disaggregated...of annually raising the test scores of multiple subgroups...preparation for the requisite tests in reading and mathematics
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  14. AMA Advocacy Resource Center

    Authority Authority to Order Tests Use of term “physician”...phlebotomy, clinical laboratory tests, speculum examinations...physiological function tests. A naturopathic doctor...(3) ordering diagnostic tests and other diagnostic procedures...procedures as such tests and procedures relate to the
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  15. Report-Study-into-the-mental-resilience-of-jour...

    undertook a series of simple tests to record various data...were discussed in depth. Tests that journalists undertook...were: • Completing a blood test; • Wearing a heart-rate...questionnaire. Provision of blood test kits and heart rate variability...the average person. Blood test data, which would have
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  16. FEYERABEND-synopsis.pdf

    be subject to the harsh test of further experience.
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  17. DolphinAttack: Inaudible Voice Commands

    lowering the volume. We have tested these attacks on 16 VCS...various malicious attacks. Tested attacks include launching...on real microphones. We test both types of microphones:...On the receiver side, we test an ECM microphone that...activation commands, we test them on an iPhone 4S using
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  18. pretrial_paper

    esti- mation strategy. To test for conditionally a similar context. 11 test for the joint significance...example, these regressions test for the random assignment...the F-statistics from testing the joint significance...F-statistics from the tests using predicted pretrial
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  19. show_public_doc

    This supposed two-pronged test is completely contrary...typically uphold.”). The test for determining whether...advancing a two-pronged test to determine if a statute...burden” without providing a test for making that determination...but to construct its own test. Further, Section 237(a)
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  20. The affinities of Homo floresiensis based on ph...

    phylogenetic methods to test these hypotheses. Our phylogenetic...disorder has not withstood testing (Argue et al., 2006, 2009;...Plio-Pleistocene Homo taxa. We also test whether the phylogenetic...Heteren (2008) therefore tested for paedomorphic features...H. floresiensis, they tested four hypotheses: that
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