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  1. Airline crew on flight from US to Hong Kong wit...

    Korea's latest missile test. Cathay Pacific flight...of the recent DPRK test missile. "Though the...prompts Hawaii sirens test Kim Jong Nam 'had... Cache
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  2. N.Korean Nuclear Test Site 'Heavily Contaminate...

    North Korea's nuclear test site in Kilju, North...underground nuclear tests, according to witness...where the nuclear test site is located, and... Cache
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  3. (LEAD) Some N.K. defectors from areas near nuke...

    from areas near nuke test site show signs of...the North's nuclear test site, show signs of...that the nuclear tests affected them, the... Cache
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  4. Why North Korea Is Destined to Test More ICBMs ...

    Korea Is Destined to Test More ICBMs and Nuclear...its sixth nuclear test this year. But the...Pyongyang’s defiant tests over the past years... Cache
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  5. The Truth About Lie Detectors (aka Polygraph Te...

    Detectors (aka Polygraph Tests) Most psychologists...evidence that polygraph tests can accurately detect...Findings Lie detector tests have become a popular... Cache
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  6. How Democrats Are Faring In The First Tests Of ...

    midterms. One way to test that: special elections... Cache
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  7. Winter Olympics

    2nd Russian athlete tests positive for doping...Russian fails doping test, a day before IOC...athlete fails doping test at Winter Olympics... Cache
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  8. Ibuprofen results in alterations of human fetal...

    (dbGaP) Genetic Testing Registry human fetal testes (7-17 gestational...culture of 8-9 GW fetal testes with concomitant... Cache
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  9. The True Story of an Ex-Cop's War on Lie Detect...

    to pass a polygraph test, and there were “a...scores on his aptitude tests got him sent not to...wouldn’t be during the test itself, but in the... Cache
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  10. Cardiovascular exercise Videos at ABC News Vide...

    score on cognitive test Wed, 17 Jan 2018 White...score on cognitive test Wed, 17 Jan 2018 White...and the cognitive test president trump asked... Cache
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