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  1. Apple explains what exactly happened when Face ...

    Apple explained that the demo had been handled by several...before being setup at the demo table for Craig Federighi...when Federighi went to demo Face ID, the iPhone X was...handling the device for stage demo ahead of time,” says a...being quick to call this demo a “fail.” On stage, when Cache
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  2. Listen to the Smiths’ Previously Unreleased “I ...

    a previously unreleased demo of their song “I Know It’s...edition of the album, demos and rarities, a previously Cache
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  3. iPhone X's Face ID Fails During On-Stage Demo -...

    .fails on the very 1st demo. Cache
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  4. A Bizarre, Nostalgic Look Back At Pizza Hut Pla...

    pizza and PlayStation demos grows up? He becomes this Cache
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  5. This Interactive Demo Illustrates A Simple Trut...

    If you give everyone the same amount of money and then redistribute wealth at random, the outcome should be equitable, right? Right...? Cache
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  6. This Cooking Demo Certainly Did Not Go As Plann...

    We have to give big props to the team behind this gas-fired stove for releasing an absurd outtake of a novice misusing their product. Cache
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  7. Half-Life 2 Is Being Demade In Half-Life 1's En...

    released a small playable demo showcasing their work,...why not. While there’s a demo out, the team are still...want. You can grab the demo at ModDB . GIF Thanks DSOGaming Cache
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  8. Hands-on with Apple’s new iPhone X, Face ID, an...

    AR demo Apple was giving looked. The same demo on it did in Apple’s demo (keeping in mind the devices...with the Apple employee demoing it) then I don’t find...Apple employee during the demo. As you’ll see in the video Cache
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  9. Bloomberg Anywhere

    Products | Bloomberg Terminal Demo Request Access the Bloomberg...Terminal user? Request a demo. Access on mobile iPad Cache
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  10. NASA Has a Way to Cut Your Flight Time in Half ...

    bids for construction of a demo model of a plane able to...five years to build the demo plane and test it over...and his team’s planned demo will be 94 feet long, have...planned, NASA will test the demo plane over as many as six...grabs to make and test a demo. Before it's here, it's Cache
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  11. The Story of Jud Jud, the World’s Only A Capell...

    in 1997, released The Demos on No Idea Records.'s what's inside The Demos that made the hunt for...release the Breaking Away demo in 1991. "I sang in a, 1997's The Demos and 1998's No Tolerance...bands did back then: A demo tape. "Their rhythms were Cache
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  12. Stone Temple Pilots – “Only Dying” | SPIN

    band already released a demo version of “Sex Type Thing”...Pilots – “Sex Type Thing” (Demo) Stone Temple Pilots Announce Cache
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  13. Square Enix's Project Hikari makes a good case ...

    For example, during my demo at this past weekend's...The New York Comic Con demo had all interactivity removed...once during the 11-minute demo. Manga is supposed to be...could lie down during the demo, since that's how they Cache
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  14. Google's New Live-Translating Earbuds Look Abso...

    fish. Take a look at this demo where Isabelle Olsson (speaking...this is a choreographed demo, so we should wait to see Cache
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  15. iPhone X hands-on: feels like ‘the future of th...

    configured for one of Apple’s demo assistants, and it worked...and bright lights of the demo area. Face ID works because...wouldn’t unlock when the demo assistant had his eyes Cache
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  16. Everything You Need to Know About Augmented Rea...

    “every app feels like a tech demo”, and that’s the challenge...played out on a table—a fine demo, but would you rather play...these apps are still at the demo stage for now, but it’s Cache
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  17. Bloomberg

    product categories. Mark will demo the key features, offer...Essential Phone. He'll demo the coolest features, offer...concierge service. He'll demo the coolest features, offer...reality capabilities. He'll demo the coolest features, offer Cache
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  18. 'Super Mario Odyssey' Was Shaped by Mario's Big...

    showed off a technology demo created by Koizumi at game trade show. The demo's purpose was to show off...transforming "Mario 128" from a demo to a full-fledged game...sphere featured in the demo would become planets suspended Cache
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  19. El-P Shares Clip From “Rejected” Blade Runner 2...

    “Honestly even being asked to demo it up was an honor. all Cache
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  20. Watch Andrew Bird and Tim Heidecker Perform “Tr...

    Dylan’s Trump Campaign Song (Demo) ,” which—like the title Cache
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