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  1. What's the best wrong number call you ever rece...

    1st person said "hello?", to which the second...person replied "oh hello how are you?" They...Python (I'm a guy)... ”Hello?”. "Hi, we're looking... Cache
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  2. Vimeo Live | Professional live streaming for yo...

    All-in-one home Private Hello, high quality. Full... Cache
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  3. TIL apes don't ask questions. While apes can le...

    He'd always say "Hello" to people when they' going to say hello?". Freaked the guy...guy who didn't say "hello" to the parrot got... Cache
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  4. What do you think that popular culture will rom...

    reading through this, hello! embed save makes it in, hello people of the 22nd...iOS was based on Hello Kitty. embed save... Cache
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  5. I’m Bill Gates, co-chair of the Bill & Melinda ...

    ago (107 children) "Hello, it looks like you're...ago (267 children) Hello Bill ! When did you...question so popular? Hello to all the Gills out... Cache
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  6. What profession was once highly respected, but ...

    ago (2 children) Hello fellow road crew worker...ago (58 children) Hello IT, have you tried...ago (22 children) Hello. I just watched the... Cache
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  7. [Serious] What is your true creepy story? : Ask...

    waved a friendly hello and drove away That’s...say something like "Hello, I'm home" like she...speaker and said hello. No answer. Just clicking... Cache
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  8. People who have walked out in the middle of a d...

    couldn't even say hello. Really killed the...lovely. I don't get a hello but I get told to... Cache
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  9. Reddit, whats your million dollar app idea that...

    ago (14 children) Hello indie developer embed...ago (4 children) Hello out of ideas indie... Cache
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  10. Being 35 and not wanting to work in the field f...

    ago (249 children) Hello darkness, my old friend...ago (33 children) Hello sir, what is RN and... Cache
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