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  1. Google Honors Selena With Doodle - NBC News

    honored on Tuesday with a Google Doodle that commemorates...and even her fans. The Google Doodle came to fruition...after a Latina lead on the Google marketing team, pitched...Global Marketing Lead for Google Doodles and project manager...the Selena Quintanilla Google Doodle . “From that moment Cache
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  2. Facebook, Google and Twitter to appear before C...

    October 31st, 2017 Facebook, Google and Twitter to appear...representatives from Facebook, Google and Twitter will testify Cache
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  3. Nigerian novelist Chinua Achebe honored with Go...

    news meet your inbox The Google Doodle to celebrate Chinua...Achebe's 87th Birthday. Google Breaking News Emails Get...Achebe was honored with a Google Doodle on what would've...birthday on Thursday. The Google landing page commemorated...and the grief of loss," Google said. Often called the Cache
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  4. How Google ranks search results

    ping-pong player 01:05 How Google ranks search results How Google ranks search results Google’s Search...the answer. So how does Google decide which results player 01:05 How Google ranks search results 02:33 Cache
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  5. Advertisers Getting Nervous About Their Marriag...

    Facebook, Twitter and Google, has led to some distasteful...States, investigators said. Google has also found that Russians...Burger King. “Facebook and Google have hired people to be...trying to hold Facebook and Google a lot more accountable...criticize Facebook and Google. “The entire advertising Cache
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  6. How do I create a Google AdSense account? / New...

    create a Google AdSense account? If you have a Google Account...while logged into your Google Account. If you don' account on Blogger, Google's blogging service, here...If you already have a Google Account, you don't need...for AdSense by following Google's instructions here . Cache
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  7. Google's AI Division DeepMind Just Made A Machi...

    Car of The Future 01:30 Google’s Pixel Buds Let You Translate...Languages in Real Time 01:07 Google's AI Division Just Learn more here. Google's AI Division Just Made...Breakthrough in Machine Learning Google’s AI division is making...Car of The Future 01:30 Google’s Pixel Buds Let You Translate Cache
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  8. Samsung's Galaxy Note 8 Ready to Battle Apple, ...

    between Samsung, Apple, and Google as the three technology...Note line. But Apple and Google are determined to capture...routines. Also expect Google to be back with a second...allowfullscreen></iframe> Google hasn't confirmed whether...president of hardware at Google, told AndroidPIT that Cache
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  9. Google Takes a Giant Leap Onto Apple, Amazon, S...

    FRANCISCO -- Search giant Google is nudging its way into...Pichai has previously said Google is making a "big bet"...stands one year after Google's first massive hardware...nearly two-hour long event, Google executives introduced...artificial intelligence. Google Inc CEO Sundar Pichai Cache
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  10. Congress Ratchets Up Pressure on Facebook, Twit...

    of testimony that saw Google, Twitter, and Facebook...or no answers. Related: Google, Facebook, Twitter and...process," he testified. Google's general counsel Kent...results is our north star at Google," he said. All three companies...Popken Twitter Facebook Google Plus Email Topics Tech Cache
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  11. Google Is Shaking Up Mobile Search With a Smart...

    The next time you open Google's mobile app to search...feels less like the old Google you know — and something...Facebook's News Feed. Google introduced its feed in... New mobile search on Google, with cards with things...tailored to each person. Google advertisement The smart Cache
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  12. What did we search Google for the most this yea...

    in 2017, according to Google's annual list of the most-searched-for...around the world in 2017 , Google said — not even Donald...Facebook Twitter Embed How Google ranks search results 2:32...Babie. Top 10 searches on Google worldwide in 2017: Hurricane...Team Top 10 searches on Google in the United States in Cache
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  13. Hundreds of Android Apps Harbored Spyware — And...

    Nexus 5X phone during a Google media event on Sept. 29...updated or removed from the Google Play store, But Google has continued to work...Targeting Smartphones Google told NBC News, “We’ve...Android security with Google Play Protect, a security Cache
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  14. 'Celebrating Latinidad': Google Creates Online ...

    Email Print advertisement Google has unveiled a massive...the Google Cultural Institute is titled Google Arts...Mural Courtesy of the Google Cultural Institute Some...Courtesy of the Google Cultural Institute Google’s platform...continues through Oct. 15. The Google Arts & Culture: Latino Cache
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  15. What to Expect When Facebook, Google and Twitte...

    Facebook, Twitter and Google take their turns in the...Sean Edgett (acting); Google's Kent Walker, also a...and Richard Sanlango, Google's head of law enforcement...gun and fire off a shot. Google has managed to mostly...Popken Twitter Facebook Google Plus Email Topics Business Cache
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  16. Pandora's Selena Station Sees Huge Spike After ...

    down anytime soon. After Google released a Doodle of the...award shows. RELATED: Google Honors Selena With Doodle...The Doodle released by Google was created to commemorate Cache
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  17. Facebook, Twitter and Google Reps Grilled By Se...

    Facebook, Twitter and Google were slammed by lawmakers...magnitude, is unacceptable." Google attorney Richard Salgado...appear to understand that Google is a platform as opposed Cache
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  18. Facebook, Google Halt Potential Ads Targeting A...

    advertisement Facebook and Google are taking aim at advertisers...them." In a similar move, Google announced Friday it had...audience. Sridhar Ramaswamy, Google's senior vice president...first reported Friday that Google's ad platform — the world's...will be approved, and Google removes ads that violate Cache
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  19. Google Hit With Gender Pay Discrimination Suit ...

    select another video. Play Google Hit With Gender Pay Discrimination...Discrimination Suit Google, which is already under federal Cache
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  20. Google Will Now Help You Check If You're Depres...

    Email Print advertisement Google wants to help you figure...which is working with Google on the initiative. The...treatment," she said. Related: Google Has a New, Smarter Way...disconnection." While Google may have good intentions Cache
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