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  1. The Complete Guide to Dumping Google

    Had enough of Google meddling in your affairs ? Rather...for splitting up with Google, here’s how to make sure...break. Get your data out Google Takeout is simple and...Image: Screenshot To give Google some credit, it’re after is called Google Takeout . Follow that Cache
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  2. Quora: Is Google Scholar Changing Academia?

    mobile big data, VR : Google Scholar turned the process...and i10 index. Note that Google didn’t invent the h-index...not really the fault of Google Scholar. It simply solved. 1009_Google More Google and other Silicon...networking assumption behind Google Scholar is so powerful Cache
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  3. Fired Engineer Claims Google Is Conducting a Wi...

    by management—and that Google is hounding other employees...Getty. James Damore, the Google engineer who was after...wrong and didn't stand for Google.” Damore, who opened up...” And he claimed that Google’s human-resources department...absolutely untrue,” a Google spokesman said.) Damore Cache
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  4. Google employee's anti-diversity memo prompts c...

    Sam Forgione REUTERS - Google executives over the last week that "Google’s left bias has created...venture capital firms. Google's recently hired vice...anti-discrimination laws," she added. Google engineering vice president...the company's culture. A Google spokesperson told Reuters Cache
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  5. TechCrunch - Google+

    Home Collections Join Google+ Send Feedback Help Region...Service - Maps Terms ©2017 Google Search Sign in About Search...TechCrunch Public   44m Google launches its own AI Studio...intelligence startups Google launches its own AI Studio...TechCrunch Public   1h commits $50 million Cache
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  6. Google Wants to Book Your Salon Services for Yo...

    Share Google added to its Reserve With Google service...announced a new Reserve With Google feature that would allow...platform. The feature, Google says, provides a shortcut...find a salon or spa on Google Maps or Search and click...With Google service. (Photo: Courtesy of Google) More Cache
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  7. FessConfig xref

    e.g. https: // */ String...e.g. https: // */...e.g. <br>...e.g. <br>...OIC_AUTH_SERVER_URL, "" ); Cache
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  8. Exclusive: Here's The Full 10-Page Anti-Diversi...

    Photo: AP Update 7:25pm ET: Google’s new Vice President of...issued her own memo to Google employees in the now-viral memo, “Google’s Ideological Echo Chamber...10-page screed against Google’s diversity initiatives...internal meme network and Google+. The document’s existence Cache
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  9. Google News, Videos, Reviews and Gossip - Gizmodo

    published a written by Google software engineer James...the now-viral entitled “Google’s Ideological Echo Chamber...the tech industry. The… Google fired a software engineer...Facebook, Amazon, and Google’s parent company Alphabet...weaknesses of each. In 2010, Google’s then-VP of Search Products Cache
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  10. Google Hit With $2.7 Billion Fine in EU Antitru...

    Passengers to Pray Google EU antitrust case Google Hit With Record...regulators hit Alphabet unit Google with a record 2.42-billion-euro...regulatory setback for Google ( googl ) , which settled...enforcer has also charged Google with using its Android...Commission found that Google, with a market share in Cache
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  11. Thrillist - Google+

    keys Region - - ©2017 Google Search Sign in About  Cache
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  12. Google's new Vision API is unbelievably fast : ...

    12.3k · 1063 comments Google's new Vision API is unbelievably...12.3k Misleading Title Google's new Vision API is unbelievably...literally nothing to do with Google. nothing to do with Google. permalink embed save...children) Which is why google would never do it permalink Cache
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  13. Google CEO Pichai cancels 'town hall' on gender...

    17, 2017, file photo, Google CEO Sundar Pichai delivers...keynote address for the Google I/O conference in Mountain...PALO ALTO, Calif. (AP) -- Google CEO Sundar Pichai staff that several Google employees became fearful...flare-up that has consumed Google for much of the week. Cache
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  14. - Google+

    Home Collections Join Google+ Send Feedback Help Region...Service - Maps Terms ©2017 Google Search Sign in About Search Cache
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  15. Google Robot factory raises sterile mosquitos, ...

    Reblog Share Tweet Share Google Robot factory raises sterile...the life sciences arm of Google’s parent company Alphabet Cache
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  16. Newsweek - Google+

    available shortcut keys ©2017 Google • • • Region Search Sign Cache
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  17. Google Maps adds 'Outer Space View' to Street V...

    Reblog Share Tweet Share Google Maps adds 'Outer Space...stunning ISS photos More Google's Street View has arrived...International Space Station via Google's Street View. It's the...hopefully not the last) time Google has taken its Street View...outside of Earth. SEE ALSO: Google quietly released a killer Cache
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  18. Google Is Suggesting Other Search Engines for R...

    Were 1996 Fortune 500 Google Is Suggesting Other Search...7:32 AM ET Back in April, Google and its main Russian rival...prompt when they launch Google's browser app, urging...The options are Yandex, Google and "As consumers...percentage points above Google. However, things are very Cache
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  19. TED - Google+

    available shortcut keys ©2017 Google • • • Region Search Sign Cache
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  20. How you can cut Google out of your life ... mostly

    Here’s how to go on a Google diet. More This week the...fine against ( GOOG , GOOGL ) in the body’s antitrust...princely sum, though, is Google’s more than 90% market...behind Europeans in our Google habits. StatCounter’s...numbers show we’ve given Google 87.7% of the total search Cache
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