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I love how Shane looks so serious yet the way he's standing it looks like peekaboo

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he's not even worth mentioning in this sub. let's just leave that trash where he belongs - in the dumpster. obviously, he's desperate for shane's attention because that would tantamount to him gaining more views, which translates to more moolah.

onision can drag shane all he wants, who btw isn't stopping him from doing any of his shit. that alone pretty much speaks volume. see, indifference does more damage than outright dislike. shane will never give that onision the satisfaction that he got to him. poor guy. lol

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We can't replace our trash with worse trash, that just seems disrespectful to the trash can.

If I make it to masters (highly doubt I will) I'd probably pass out from excitement ヽ(・‿・)ノ

That's.... actually kind of impressive but still extremely confusing and aggravating

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Support hero. Chad Ability 1- Adrenalin: Gives protein shakes to allies to increase damage and a small damage resistance that decreases over time like adrenaline. Ability 2- Flex: enemies have a movement debuff when moving towards chad. Ult- Dutch Courage: Chad gives alcoholic courage to all alies giving a soft lock on to enemies by all alies and gives huge damage resistance.

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My favorite part of all of that is the name Chad

My school isn't a common core type place.

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I had never even heard of common core until I moved out of Nebraska

teammate dies alone because of his own mistake

Says this in voice chat: "Sombra can you switch it's not working!"

Like, really?

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I have a feeling people will begin to blame supports less, and Sombra more for losses or their own stupidity. Or they'll both be blamed for nothing as often as the other.

Also a very good way to make Pharah waste her ult

REPOSITIONI...uh nope, little help here...

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I've got you!


While this may not be D.Va related (or at least completely) I feel most comfortable posting it to this subreddit because it could be seen by someone who would be able to help me or others in situations like me

I've been a high bronze-low silver (not impressive at all I know) and my friend keeps telling me to at the very least listen in to my team for callouts. While my top 3 most played in general are Sombra, D.Va, and Mercy (in that order) I play a lot more D.Va and Mercy in comp and occasionally I'll go to other healers like Moira or other tanks like Rein or Zarya.

The main reason I don't join the team chats are because I'm afraid of the toxicity that will come. Because I play Mercy and D.Va majority of the time, I feel like I'd be labeled as a stereotypical "girl gamer" who doesn't know how to play anyone else. Also before I get burnt for saying that, I know that isn't true at all.

I know this is partially the reason that the find a team feature was made, to help people find teammates that work well with them and who they main. It's just that you can never know if the people in that group will be really toxic. Another thing is that most comp groups looking for players are like "HAVE MIC MUST BE PLAT RANK OR HIGHER." And like I said I'm a high bronze to low silver. Then again it's probably some people trying to get boosted but I dont judge I just question.

Another thing is that I dont have a full out headset, I have echoey earbuds that when barely moved create an earsplitting static noise. While they still have something like a mic that I can talk through and I can hear people, I just dont want to deafen someone with static.

Tl;dr - I'm a low bronze-high silver tank and support main (in comp at least). I'm afraid of being stereotyped as a "girl gamer" who only plays the easiest heroes. I dont feel entirely comfortable with the find a group feature because of names and the rank limit placed. And I have cheap earbuds.

To add even more, I play on XBox 1, I'm almost level 240 (give or take), and I've only done one comp placement this season. I'm just putting this here in case for whatever reason anyone wants to make a group so I can feel a little more comfortable with comp in general. (Or even help you feel more comfortable with comp)

Thank you for putting up with this rant-like topic I felt had be let out somewhere and I couldn't think of anywhere better than here.

UPDATE: I talked in team chat for one competitive 3v3 match and ended up making 3 friends in the same night!


I mean I play in the Chinese server so it may be quite different from international ones, but I do hope my experience still apply😊

If u ask me whether team chat helps, I will give a resounding yes. As a Dva main myself, i believe Dva has one major advantage: her mobility. We either have to be very perceptive, know when to dive on that widow maker or when to peel for our dear Angela (Mercy mains are all angels! LOVE 💗), or we can rely on teammates to call out for the needs. The toxicity is not too much as far as I experience, may because I am a boi😅. Nonetheless, if you really gave toxicity, just ignore them: you have to enjoy the game, not to be affected by toxicity😊

I do hope my response will help, cos Dva is such a nice character and I hope people will get lots of enjoyment out of playing as her👍

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Even though your experience may be different than mine, I still greatly appreciate your positivity 😁👍 (I also completely agree about Mercy mains)

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I didnt even read all the other text but let me explain this to you how I would explain someone else. Its a "team game" that consist of both teams having 6 players on both sides. Having a mic is not required but having one and using it "appropriately" well help you out more as a team and may effect the outcome of the game at sometimes.

Ps: you dont need a mic to be Plat or higher come on now, we not gonna act like we never had that one player that had macros and key bindings for the communication list.

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I feel like this is how I would have wanted to hear it from someone so thank for explaining it in a more logical way than my friend. In response to the 2nd part, I do know mics aren't needed and I also have a key or 2 binded to the communication list. Also seeing group names like that are just somewhat funny to me.

Does this remind anyone else of fake snow being made?

These are adorable! I especially like the Laurens chibi

That's really pretty, I really like it. One point of criticism is that her hair and eyes should probably be darker, but I'm not sure how much you can/could do for that

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Thanks for the criticism, I'll make sure to keep that in mind for future pieces I make

Better Widow than about 80-90% of them 1. On point 2. Trying your dingdang best to live 3. Got a potg where it looks like you contributed to your team 4. Got a potg at all

At first I saw this and didn't see the kitten

hello friendo

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